Can I Make A Business Out Of This?

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MOOD: onigiri- in disguise(Trolling)
Quote Of The Day: “You’ll just end up hoarding them.” -Lili

I’ve always wanted to have my own little business, but I’m so chicken about it, that I never did anything about it other than think. When you’re a product of a single parent household, sometimes you mature early and also have a knack for hustling. You can’t help it. Its really hard to support a family on a regular single income, much less in my situation where reason A didn’t work and I was supporting our whole family on a part time OMX income! I honestly have no idea how we made it past that stage in life.

When I was in middle school, I had a good business reselling Sanrio stationary. I’d buy random things like notepads or stationary sets and then split them up and sell them individually. My business was so good I even recruited a sales person! My friend Jenny. Lol. Then in high school I made good money selling laminated Shinhwa pictures and stuff.

Recently I’ve been trolling on Poshmark and I kinda wanna go into reselling name brand handbags. They are making a killing on there! I have two outlets just about an hour away from my house. I could go rack up some stuff at deep discounts and resell it. Problem is Poshmark has a crazy ass 20% fee!! That’s really steep. I’m not sure I’m ready to pay that. I’ll have to think about it some more.



Random Thought Tuesday…

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Quote Of The Day: “You don’t know nothing.” -Bill

Blogging is starting to get stressful #icantkeepupwithlife

Lack of responsibility at work is making me lazy #slackerproblems

I’m living in thermals all winter #notafashionista

The hoarding situation at home is getting out of hand #gottakeeppurging

I think I’ve gained 10lbs #coldweatherpig


Freebie Monday

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MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “Guess what?? Bossman wasn’t here today!” -Juse

Bossman came in pretty early today but he didn’t have Phillip with him. At first I thought maybe it was too early for him, but then I found out he actually left Phillip in MS! I guess since all his inventory is there, it would make sense for him to stay there and work on that. So after staying just a few minutes, Bossman left. I thought he went to run an errand or something but then a couple of hrs later, Bosslady came and I was like oh yeah baby~! That means Bossman went to MS!! I felt so happy cuz I figured surely since he stayed so long there last week that he’d stay here this week, but nope. And to think I was dreading Phillip coming cuz I thought that I’d have to deal with him, but he’s been in MS this whole time! Muahahaha.

Its just gonna be me and Netflix today! Woot, woot!

Sundays Must Only Have 14 Hours

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MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Busy Bee)
Quote Of The Day: “The cats wondered where you went.” -reason A

The reason I don’t like running errands on Sundays is cuz I feel like the day is shorter. I know its like any other day, but in GA I feel like a lot of places close earlier on Sunday so it gives you less daylight hours to do things. Honestly I’m not an in and out person. So when I go to a store, I tend to spend AT LEAST 30 min. to an hour in there. I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing!! I could be in there just trying to get one thing! And I know some people that can run errands in like 5 places in an hour and I’m lucky if I get out of one store! *FAILS*

I think its because I feel the need to browse the whole store. As if its any different than it was the last time I went in there. I even do that for grocery stores. Its so stupid! The grocery store carries the same thing day in and day out! Lol. But anyways, so yeah. Today  I had to head to Wally World to get my Sunday paper, go to Great Wall to grab some groceries and Chinese shit for reason A, and then hit up a Korean store. By the time I got home it was almost 7pm. Ugh!

It was a real bummer we didn’t get any cleaning up done or assembling any furniture. We really gotta haul ass next weekend. >_<

Snowed In… Well Kinda…

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MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Freezing)
Quote Of The Day: “Look at the cats, I guess they don’t plan on moving.” -reason A

So how about a few hours after I got home last night, we checked outside and the snow was sticking!! We woke up to a white lawn! Granted it was only about a quarter inch or so of snow, I still got excited to see a sheet of white.

Although Sat. is always my errand day, I just couldn’t risk it cuz I didn’t know how the roads were lookin’ with the black ice. Ranjiba had to go into work so she texted me and told me that the roads were fine. We didn’t end up doing anything except for eat and watch TV. A perfectly good cleaning opportunity wasted. But reason A didn’t feel like doing anything cuz it was so cold! In order to clean we had to open up the side door, lock the cats in my bedroom and just keep that side door open so we could dump trash easier. But it is just too damn cold to keep the door open. We’ll end up letting all the heat out. So we just opted to bundle up as a family of 5 and be couch potatoes today. Lol!!

Brace Yourself For The Weather Atlanta!

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MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Freezing)
Quote Of The Day: “Are we going home early today?? I don’t want to be stuck on the road overnight again!” -Saira

Oh man. Towards afternoon time I got a little scared, cuz¬† I went to my car and it was obvious the temperature had dropped dramatically. It had rained the night before so we were all scared that we’d have crazy black ice. I really can’t be driving this long ass distance in that.

All my co-workers came and asked me if we’re going to get let out early. I didn’t know!! I was waiting on the word from Bossman. He didn’t say anything. Then later on in the afternoon the property manager and his boss came in to “talk” to Bossman about our building situation, so I thought we’d end up leaving at regular time, but then after they left he came and told me that we could leave at 4pm! Hey, I’ll take that!!

There were tiny snow flurries when I was driving home but it wasn’t anything to panic about. I took the “scenic way” home just to be safe. Lol. In weather like this, u need comfort food! So I grabbed a pizza on the way home and that’s what reason A and I had for dinner. I’m SOOO glad that tomorrow is Sat. If shit freezes over tonight, I’m good cuz I don’t have to get up for work tomorrow. Woohoo!!

Another Day Of Freedom + Netflix Binge

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MOOD: onigiri- cheering (Woohoo)
Quote Of The Day: “Why the hell did I not get Netflix earlier??” -Juse

Bossman and Phillip didn’t end up coming back today!! Woohoo! I got another freebie! I was so happy about that. It means I get to procrastinate and be a lazy bum for another day. Lol. I heard weather is going to get ugly tomorrow. They’re snowing pretty bad in North GA and if it gets any worse then we’ll get the butt end of it and it won’t be pretty either. I’m excited at the thought of seeing snow but I’m also terrified cuz of the whole Snowmageddon from 2 yrs ago. It took me 5 hrs to drive my usual 1.5 hours and I almost murdered someone’s mailbox and someone almost ran into me! We’re the South, we’re not equipped for that type of weather and folks freak out.

But I’m going to enjoy my day and I recently got Netflix. Yes talk about being late to that damn bandwagon. But I’ve been addicted to watching old ass shows that I grew up with like Rosanne. reason A hated that show! Lol. I watched it growing up but didn’t have much appreciation for it til now. I mean the witty dialog. Sure it might be a little redneck. But I think its pretty funny. Now if they only had The Golden Girls then I’d be all set. >_>

Juse Evaluation: New Sephora Press Full Coverage Complexion Brush

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MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Pleasant)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m having a damn good makeup day.” -Juse

I’m back with another beauty related review! Hopefully I’ll keep these coming. This time I think I’m ahead of the bandwagon cuz this is a pretty new product. I was browsing Sephora’s website the other day and came across this new foundation brush. I own a ton and I usually use a flat top brush like the Sigma F80 to blend in my foundation to get a full coverage but I thought I’d give this a try. Lets take a closer look.

When I zoomed in on it I was like whoa. What kinda shape is this?? Lol. I’ve seen a lot of brushes in my time and the oddest one so far has been the oval looking ones by Artis. I’ve been trying to get the Oval 7 for the longest but that damn thing is always sold out. The shape of this new Sephora Press Full Coverage brush was like a raindrop? Wide on one end and super pinched in on the other. Very interesting. I decided to order it on a whim. Lets take a look:






First let me apologize for the fact that I took the pics when the brush was dirty. But I had to use it in order to review it and I was in a hurry to run out the door so no time to wash and dry again.

Claims: All in one brush that will give you flawless and full coverage finish without absorbing too much product or wear down like a sponge.

Price: $36 ( or in store)

Bristles: Synthetic, short, dense, easy to wash, takes longer to dry, no shedding

Thoughts: As mentioned above. The brush is very dense. The handle is a polished black with a silver ferrule. It has some weight to it and definitely feels like a quality brush. I washed it before use and didn’t experience any shedding which is expected because the bristles are so short and dense. It took like 1.5 days to dry though. On Sephora’s website it says to dap onto face like u would a sponge and not to use a buffing motion. But to each their own I guess because I do used a buffing motion with it and the results were great! I have a big ass face, so if I were to use a dabbing motion with this brush like a sponge it would literally take me an hour to do my whole face. No way! I tried this brush with The Clinique 2 in 1 Foundation, Marc Jacob Remarcable Foundation, and the It Cosmetics CC Cream. It gave me a flawless finish each time! It literally looks airbrushed, and they’re right about it not absorbing excess product. I definitely felt like I only had to use minimal product for a full face. And that says a lot because I have HUGE pores around the sides of my nose and its hard to keep it from looking cakey. Of course it doesn’t do miracles so it didn’t make them disappear but the application was just so smooth and flawless compared to everything else I’ve ever used, like the Beauty Blender or the Sigma F80. The brush comes with a hard brush guard as all Sephora’s brushes do, so that’s pretty awesome. If you like full coverage but don’t want to look cakey then I’d definitely recommend this brush. Pair it with a full coverage foundation and you are golden. Highly recommend!

This Chill Though!

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MOOD: onigiri- sad (Awww)
Quote Of The Day: “Its too freakin’ cold for Muffin!” -reason A

Today is like the coldest day of this winter. I got up to go to work and it was 21 degrees! Good Lawd!! Honestly I loved it. I love the cold, the snow the whole 9 yards. But considering I have a long commute, I’d rather not experience these extreme weathers. Little Red is old and I don’t want her dying on me in this cold weather.

Usually Muffin and the babies are up and walkin’ around when I get up for work. All the lights are on, reason A is cooking in the kitchen and I’m making noises in my room so they just get up too. But when I walked out my room today, Muffin was still in bed!! reason A said that at night Muffin usually raises havoc, opens cabinets, steals stuff and then eats a little snack. But reason A said she didn’t even get out of bed last night!! Lol!! It was just way too cold for her to act out! Haha. I thought that was hilarious. The babies were up and walkin’ around. reason A said that even though Muffin is filled with all the energy in the the world, she isn’t sturdy.

How healthy and strong u are physically for a cat depends on their first yr nutrition and development. Considering Muffin was in such a bad hoarding situation where she was malnutritioned for that long of a period of time, she’s pretty much a weakling. We’ve been giving her top notch food since she’s been with us, but she’s already an adult now so what’s done is done. So in situations like this where weather is cold, the babies are fine but Muffin is sneezing and coughing and her body just isn’t holding up well. Poor thing.

When I got home from work she was still in bed, cuz its really warm. For her sake, I hope it warms up a little. I’m considering getting her a sweater, although I know she’ll raise hell. Lol.

Kill Bill #4121475847

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MOOD: onigiri- upset (Livid)
Quote Of The Day: “Why did you do an upgrade! We didn’t need one!” -Juse

Sometimes Bill can pull out the bitch in me. I rarely actually act on it but boy I tell u he brings out a rage in me like no one can. I think its just his “all knowing” attitude that pisses me off mainly cuz I am the one that has to fix shit when he messes it up!! I’ve always been a firm believer that its ok for u to be stupid as long as ur stupidity doesn’t overflow in to my daily life. But with him, it does! I am constantly wasting time, effort, and energy to fix things he jacks up!

I’ve mentioned before I think that he has a habit of turning off our server computer during work hours. Now why the hell would u do that? That is so damn stupid. I mean u know that’s how we all connect to the network and to the internet, why the hell would u turn that off! He’s always talkin’ about “saving power” and in his mind since no one is actually “sitting” at that desk and computer that means no one is using it. But all of our internet dies when he turns that off and so I have to go turn it back on and we all have to sit and wait for it to start back up cuz he wanted to save a few pennies! Com’on now! This isn’t like the bathroom light where you turn it off when not in use, the server is always in use when we’re at work! *FAILS*

I don’t know what it is with him and that damn server computer. He has an infatuation with it. So today all of a sudden he felt like upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, which currently is a free upgrade but for a limited time. I know its the cheapness in him. He just feels like since its free, he’s gotta download it. Well how about u just do that on your home computer! I told him our computers are old. The software on it is old. If its not broke, don’t fix it. But he thinks he’s all knowing so he decides to do the upgrade anyways, and guess what??

Right after he did it, our computers stopped working!! We type invoices and keep track of inventory with a software called Quickbooks. And we have a very old version that’s like 2010?? Which works just fine the way it is, but once he upgraded the operating system to Windows 10, the old ass Quickbooks software was not compatible so none of us could open it! What if a client walked in at that time?? We’d probably have to hand write that shit! I got so mad! I told him to revert it back to the old Windows 7 and he doesn’t know how to do it! He called me over and said “You do it, you do it”. WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO IT??? I wasn’t the one that did the upgrade against everyone’s suggestion!!

See what I mean? U screw up shit and then I have to wipe your ass!! So here I am all frustrated, hoping a client doesn’t come in, scrambling to Google how to downgrade. I texted Bosslady and complained about it. Cuz u just wasted 2 hours of my time doing the damn downgrade when we shouldn’t have had the upgrade to being with!! If you don’t know anything about computers then stay the fuck away from them! Why are you wasting my time??? Ugh!! I was so damn livid!