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Why U No Use Your Brain!!?

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Fuming)
Quote Of The Day: “Why the hell am I having a problem with u reading a damn date???” -Juse

Over the weekend, Kenny was suppose to get his expenses together along with some other paperwork and we were suppose to go over them today. Did that happen? No. However, I did feel like I wanted to knock his teeth out by the end of our conversation. When I first started dating him, I always boasted about how smart he was. But after we got married, its like he threw his damn brain cells in the trash or something. He is so retarded sometimes I can’t deal with it!! I find myself having to repeat myself over and over and over again. His biggest problem is he only talks but doesn’t listen. Even if he’d really stop and listen to me one good time, I swear it would make both our lives much easier.

But today I felt like I wanted to stab my own eyeballs out because apparently he can’t read either! I told him, read this line, and he just doesn’t. Why are you asking me the same questions over and over again? I told u to read the directions, why are u not listening?? I feel like pulling all my hair out! Ugh!!! I can’t even describe the frustration. -__-;;

Dazed & Confused + Where To Go From Here

MOOD: onigiri- crying deeply (Distraught)
Quote Of The Day: “Well if I don’t respond to your calls, its probably cuz I’m homeless.” -Juse

Today was a rough day. And I know I say that often, but I don’t think I’ve had an emotionally tolling day for a while now. My heart feels heavy and I’m stressed. I think this is God’s way of reminding me what tough times are like. Its his way of reminding me not to get too comfortable with being drama free and not having any worries. I feel like life has given me a free pass for the past few months, and I’ve enjoyed it. How life can be rewarding and fulfilling and happy. But now we’re back to the reality of Juse’s life and its filled with drama. I’m not sure I’m ready to welcome it back.

Right now I’m just kinda in a state of shock, and numbness. I feel the need to cry but I’m not sure I have tears at this moment cuz it hasn’t hit me yet? I also feel disappointed. I feel like I need someone by my side right now to console me but there isn’t anyone. Maybe losing a job is something easy to overcome for some, but for me it seems like a mountain I keep climbing but I’ll never get to the top. I feel like I need words of encouragement but I haven’t heard any. I basically just feel very alone right now.

Change is good people say. It is good I guess. I don’t mind changing jobs. Honestly I am a little excited about it. But I can’t help but to worry because I don’t have a cushion to fall back on. I feel helpless as pathetic as that might sound. I feel like I’m working so hard to try and improve my life, but I keep running into obstacles. I honestly don’t even know what the hell I’m trying to say right now. At one point during the day, I felt tears coming on. I wanted to hide in the restroom and have a good cry. But I couldn’t even do that.

Can Someone Take My Place Please? This Wife Needs A Break!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “Can you just answer my question please!” -Juse

I swear Kenny makes me wanna pull my hairs out. Sometimes he sucks at communication so much I feel like I’m talkin’ to a wall. I know I’m a long-winded person. So just imagine that me being as long-winded as I am, if I think he’s beating around the bush then other’s might just wanna kill themselves to get out of the misery!

I ask him A and he’ll give me B. I feel like we’re not even on the same damn page. I even tell him, do not tell me this and that, tell me exactly what I am asking you for. I’m trying to wrap up his paperwork and he is just making it so difficult. Granted I don’t understand how his government operates but I’ve always thought he was smart but either his IQ dropped right after we got married or I was just blind from the get go but he is not and never was with the program!! I remember a phrase that Unnie use to say all the time, “Help me help you.” I am trying my best to help you but can you please meet me halfway? Maybe I need a vacation. Can someone go on hiatus from being a wife? I need to do that.

Costco In The Rain Episode

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “Girl, were you not on a budget?” -Juse

I really can’t deal with the rain. The only time I want to deal with the rain is if I was sitting in a cafe, sipping on some bomb ass coffee and looking out the window while I’m listening to depressing music. That would be awesome. But other than that, I hate the rain. I hate driving in it, I hate running errands in it, I hate having wet clothes, or looking at wet trash! Its suppose to rain all damn week. Ugh. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if it didn’t always have to rain right at 5pm!! That always seems to happen!

reason A told me to stop by Costco on my way home and grab her some flour. Now you’re thinking, u can get flour anywhere right? Why do I have to go to Costco for it? How cute. Ya’ll are thinking a normal 5lb bag of flour. But we go through so much damn flour with the dumplings and bread and everything else, we get the big ass bag from Costco! I think its a 20lb bag?? So crazy. But it really is cheap so I guess. >_> Then we’re also out of almonds and I needed to grab some more water.

I had the foresight to take an umbrella in with me in case it rained when I came out but I did not know that it was gonna rain like the damn Amazon when I got out! I was about to check out at the register when reason A called and said it was pouring outside. I saw and was like oh shit. Guess my ass isn’t gonna be leaving right away. I had a big ass bag of flour with me! U know that can’t get wet! And they don’t give u bags at Costco. U have to grab a box and make it work. But I can’t put that big ass flour in a box! Finally I grabbed one and covered the top of the box. Then I decided to just grab a hot dog and a soda and sit and eat. I was starving and I needed to stall some time.

When the rain calmed down I decided to make a run for it. Let me tell u that juggling a big tote, a pathetic umbrella and all groceries was NOT cute. I looked a hot mess, my pants were wet, my shit was falling all over the place, arg!! Never again!!

Because I Can’t Remember Shit!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “Why for are you staring at me. >_>” -Juse

I’d really hate to see myself in old age. I’ve always had bad memory but I feel like its gotten worse over the yrs. Like right now when I have to do back track blog posts, I can’t remember anything I did yesterday or a couple of days ago. If I don’t jot it down on a post-it then I just don’t remember.

So for the past week, I’ve been needing to bring 2 things to work. And literally I tell myself I needed these for work the next day, yet I never seem to remember. So a week has passed and I still haven’t brought them to work! Lol. One is new batteries for my little mini fan that sits on my CPU and blows up at me. It takes D batteries and I have some at home but always forget to bring it! Two, is rubber bands. I need some damn rubber bands at work to tie some shit and its been 5 days and I still haven’t brought them! This just frustrates me. Sometimes I’ll go to a room and not remember what I went there for. I’ll go to a grocery store and forgot the “one item” I went in there to buy. I’ll be in the middle of telling a story and without interruption, I’d lose my train of thought mid-sentence! What the hell is wrong with me? Am I not exercising my brain like other Chinese folks by playing mahjong or do I have early dementia going on?? *FAILS*

Throat Hurts, But Why U No Have Common Sense??

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “My throat hurts!” -Juse

So last night we had Korean cold noodles for dinner. It was awesome. But I think we put too much spicy oil in it or salt or something but anyways, the soup made my throat swell up just a little bit this morning. I was coughing and it hurt to swallow. So when Kenny called, I told him my throat hurts. I was coughing throughout the phone call.

Maybe my expectations are just too high or he’s really that clueless, but common sense would tell u that when a person’s throat hurts, the last thing they need to do is be talkin’ and straining it more. As a good caring husband I expect u to say, “Well lets not talk on the phone anymore so u can rest ur throat” or something to that respect. But no!! The man kept talkin’ and kept expecting me to respond and when my voice was horse he said, “speak up” cuz he can’t hear me! Really?? U insensitive son of a b!tch…

Finally I just got fed up and told him my throat hurt too much to talk and he was like oh… ok, and we hung up! Like is ur brain filled with spider webs?? Where is your common sense??

Amazon Prime Day… Why U No Keep Promise?

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “Lol at Amazon getting everyone excited about Prime Day and then showing up like that clearance table at TJ Maxx” -Anil


If there was ever a business fail that can be recorded for 2015, this one might take the cake. I recently got Amazon Prime. I did the 30 day trial period for free, and honestly that 2 day free shipping shit is addicting!! Lol. Once u have it, its hard to go back to your usually snail mail. I also have been doing a shit ton of reviews for random products on Amazon and the Prime just made it that much easier. When I first heard about Amazon Prime Day I was like oh snap! Does this mean I can get big ticket items at rock bottom prices?? They advertised it as deals better than Black Friday. U know how many people get trampled on Black Friday over a $5 toaster?? Lol. If I can avoid the lines, then this is the way to go folks!

I tried Googling to see what might be on sale. I didn’t see any leaks so I thought I’d just wait patiently. While I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, I checked on Amazon to see what “great deals” I might have to snatch up quickly before they were all gone by the time I woke up and got on the computer. Folks… I felt cheated. I felt cheated of my “excitement” Lol. But then I figured maybe it was just hard to browse everything on the phone? I gave it the benefit of the doubt. But after a whole day of watching the site, here is my conclusion…

Uh… WTF Amazon?? Why did u waste mine and everyone else’s time?? No one wants thermal socks for 40% off. One, there were no “deep discounts” as promised. I didn’t see TVs going for $100 or something. It didn’t even beat any of Walmart’s regular prices. Second, NOTHING good was on sale. It literally was like a garage sale. Like Amazon trying to get rid of shit that it couldn’t sell for the past 10 yrs. Like random things u find at your grandma’s house. Like those things that u get gifted and u want to regift it but you don’t wanna have bad karma. Yeah, to say that I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. A little bit of me was actually mad that I was anticipating garbage. Lol.

With that said, I did purchase a Kindle. Not sure if I’ll keep it but it was $30 off, and I figured since I really am trying to be more “well read”, maybe having a Kindle will help encourage that. Other than that, yeah… U fail me Amazon. And I had so much love for you. Lol. I guess they won’t pull that stunt again. I heard that Walmart had a solution for that. They had a better sale and ended up snatching up lots of customers. Good job Wa-wa! Lol.

Kill Bill Reason #421547487

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyance)
Quote Of The Day: “Stab stab” -Juse

Well this week has been going by super fast. Not sure if I’m excited about that or not. I was super upset the other day when Bill told me that he was requesting another 2 weeks off. Right before Memorial Day, he took 3 weeks off to visit his ailing dad, but also because he just had another grandchild. I mean I guess. But the other day he told me that he’s taking another 2 weeks off cuz this time his son came to visit him! Give me a damn break!! Can ya’ll just all live together so we don’t have to deal with this shit? Did u not just see him last month??

It pisses me off when things like this happen. Like smokers who think they are entitled to more breaks than non-smokers. Why can’t you smoke during ur lunch break?? And why do ur “smoke breaks” not count towards ur regular breaks cuz they take just as damn long!! They did a study and said all that time added up is like an extra few days a year!! That’s ridiculous! Or those parents (please don’t shoot me) that have childcare issues. If this is not ur first rodeo then get ur shit together. U know ur work schedule. Get u some help during those hours!

Now back to Bill. Why the hell do I have to pull like quadruple duty back to back cuz u have a son?? Can I get a damn son so I can keep requesting time off so we can visit each other?? Ugh!!


MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (Rage)
Quote Of The Day: “Hello? Hello?? Can u hear me??” -Juse

If ya’ll remember a while back, there was an ad campaign for Verizon Wireless that was super successful that coined the phrase “Can you hear me now??” Where the Verizon test guy went to difference places asking that question. Well, I definitely feel like I have to yell that shit out every freakin’ morning!! See, this is why I am always so pissed and hostile so early in the damn morning!! I spend like 30 minutes picking up and being hung up on while saying “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me??” Kenny calls me on WeChat or on QQ Messenger, and honestly because that’s VOIP, the quality is not that great. Well I don’t know if its his phone or mine but we have crazy connection issues!! Basically he can’t hear me and I’m over hear screaming my little tonsils out! So after about 20 or 30 seconds, he doesn’t hear me so he gives up and hangs up. So then he calls back to back like that like 7, 8 times!! I’m driving, and here I am looking down every other minute to pick up his “new” call which he just hangs up again after 30 seconds!! And he wonders why I’m always so hostile in the mornings like a raging b!tch, its cuz I am one!!

Sometimes I just wanna tell him to stop calling me! I hate picking up calls like that. Its wasting my time! I get so frustrated. I just wanna listen to my  morning radio, sip my coffee and drive. Ugh!!!

CATS Not FBI Kick Down My Door + Mr. Asshole

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “Why are you saying dumb shit?” -Juse

I didn’t sleep well last night because the cats kept trying to kick down my door. I could hear reason A outside yelling at Muffin to shut the hell up. Its one thing for you to run around and raise hell but when u start meowing we have a problem cuz my ass has to get some sleep before work tomorrow, and you’ll wake the neighbors!

Then even worse, the cats came trying to kick down my door again 4:20 this morning!! They woke me up cuz they were basically throwing their bodies against my door so the pounding woke me up, I looked at the time and it was like 4:20am!! Seriously guys?? I was annoyed and I heard Muffin meowing up a storm! Arg… So I got up super early today and I was pretty disoriented. How do I know this?? Because I went to my car ready to drive off and had to go back in the house 3 times cuz I kept forgetting shit!! First I forgot my bagel for breakfast, then I forgot my nasal spray, then I forgot my phone and bluetooth. Auhhh!! reason A was like “are you ok to drive like this??”

Then last night, the phone mount in my car broke, so now I can’t mount my phone. Kenny calls and I am digging for the damn phone in the purse. I finally get the phone and pick up but he was having some connection issues, and on my end I kept saying “hello? hello?” and I could hear him but he couldn’t hear me. I got SOOOO annoyed!! He hung up and called again like 5 times! This is all happening as I’m trying to drive.

We finally get through and I’m pretty pissed off already, because of the lack of sleep and my crappy morning so far. I told him about how I woke up extra early cuz of the cats and how they kept banging on the door. And he busted out with “well u should have shut the door” I was like, are you even listening to me?? If the door wasn’t closed then why would they bang on it? They’d just walk right in! Then he said “well that’s ur fault, u should have gotten them to get up later” I was like??? Please shut the f@ck up. I am not in the mood to deal with ur stupidity. How the f@ck do u control what time a damn cat wakes up?? At this point, I wanted to choke the hell out of Muffin and Kenny both. Ugh!! He could tell I was getting snappy. I just can’t deal with his ignorance sometimes. For once in ur life, can u show me some empathy please, u insensitive asshole!