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My Marriage Come To Jesus Moment Pt 2

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Quote Of The Day: “I might always voice it but I always think it.” -Juse

Kenny told me more in detail about his frustrations at work. I surprisingly did feel some empathy for him today where as the usual me would have told him to grow a pair and keep it moving. He’s basically in the same type of situation as me. A co-worker has left, so he’s basically taken over that position as well as do his own, without any type of compensation for the extra workload. Welcome to my life!

The reason I didn’t empathize with him before is because I do this shit day in and day out and I’ve been doing it for yrs! I also in addition to doing that (I’m doing 3 positions now, he’s doing 2) have a 70 mile commute everyday. And I’m a girl! So I figured if I can handle my shit and not complain on a daily basis then why the hell do I have to listen to you complain? It felt like I was more of a man than he was and I just was not wanting to hear it. But reality is I need to empathize. As his wife, I need to be there for him emotionally. I’m glad he told me more in detail of the problems at work. Since his manager quit, he has been kinda taking over that position as a pseudo-manager until they make a decision as to who is going to replace him. Problem is, no one knows if they plan to promote from within, go ahead and promote Kenny or hire someone from outside for the “manager” position. He also doesn’t know how long he’ll be having to handle this manager workload. His superiors haven’t said anything about promoting him or compensating him for doing this position. So he’s literally just like me. Added workload, no promotion and no extra pay. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. And just because I’m in that type of situation doesn’t mean I want others to be in that situation too.

I could tell he was stressed and he hasn’t been sleeping well if he sleeps at all. That can’t be healthy. So I finally told him to go to bed early, and rest his eyes even if he doesn’t sleep. Any kind of rest is better than none. So after he went to bed I decided it was time for a little encouragement so I designed him a card. I haven’t designed him anything in a long time. I think the last time was his birthday, which was about 6 months ago. It was just a very sweet letter telling him that I support him, will be here for him if he needs to vent and some words of encouragement and that I might not say it all the time but I am always supportive of him and rooting for him. Sometimes people know you’re there for them but they also just need to hear u say it u know? I emailed it to him so it would be the first thing he sees on his phone when he wakes up in the morning. Hopefully that will get his spirits up a little. =) #goodwifeyattempt Lol.

My Marriage “Come To Jesus” Moment

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Quote Of The Day: “I think this is my coming to Jesus moment.” -Juse

So this actually happened in two parts. I had the slightest feeling of it the day before yesterday but today was the actual ”come to Jesus” moment for me in regards to my marriage. For the past I don’t know how many months I have had nothing but negative feelings about my marriage. To be completely honest and forthcoming, I had many thoughts of regret. I felt genuinely unhappy and totally regretted ever getting myself in this situation. I found myself jumping at any opportunity to vent and complain about Kenny and my marriage to Lili. I hated that! But I felt like I had so much balled up frustration that I needed an outlet! Poor Lili has been having to hear me complain about Kenny day in and day out. At first I was so positive about this relationship. There were so many that doubted me, doubted him, doubted us and I was determined to make it work, I was determined to prove all of them wrong. But somewhere in this long journey, you lose your focus. You start to as Min use to call it “major in the minor things”. You start to nitpick and he is the type of person that doesn’t communicate well via words or writing and I’m the type that can’t get my words out verbally when I’m emotional, so it became a big disaster.

I really had to stop and ask myself, what about this man drew u to him? What made u say yes to marry him, what do you love about him?? I know I didn’t just pull him from a bag and was like you’re the one!! I needed to remember that things that I loved about him. The things that set him apart, that made me happy at one point. Its there!! I know its there I just have to remember it. In the past 2 yrs it has gotten buried in the rubble of long distance, miscommunication, lack of empathy and emotional toll from the both of us. I thought about the good memories we had together and instead of focusing on how I feel like he doesn’t care about me, I tried to think about all the sweet and very subtle things he’s done for me. I have to admit, it did put a smile on my face. As I was driving and thinking, I suddenly felt like I missed him. For a split second, I thought I found what I was looking for. It put me at ease, and gave me a little hope for the future. For that split second it did bury all my worries. I think that was my coming to Jesus moment.

Schooling The Rookie, On Long Distance Relationships…

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Quote Of The Day: “I can’t deal with a man that’s scared of bugs!” -Intern Canton Cook

So the other day, Intern Canton Cook was telling me about her “love history”. She only told me about the last 2 BFs but that covered a good 8 years so that was good enough. Both were long distance. This of course sparked my interest cuz I have been there done that. She knows the basics of me and Kenny so we talk about it occasionally. I’m sure there are a lot of folks who have experienced the whole “long distance relationship” (LDR) before, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But you have to have a lot of trust and faith in your partner.

On many occasions she’ll ask me things that annoy me. Once she asked if I’m ever worried that Kenny would cheat on me since I’m so far away. Honestly that hasn’t even crossed my mind. I NEVER had a trust issue with Kenny, which is super weird considering how psycho and obsessive I am!! I am one of those girls yo Momma warned you about! Lol. I don’t know why, but I trust him so much that that’s never an issue, or never even crossed my mind. On the other hand, Kenny use to have many trust issues with me, cuz I tend to “stray” when I get bored or lonely. But in the end, my heart knew where to take me so I just followed.

Another time she also asked me “Do you think your BF pretends like he’s single over there?” I was like “What?? Of course not!” And I wasn’t even saying that cuz I’m in denial or anything. It’s because I know his friends, family and co-workers all know he has a GF… Well now fiancée in the U.S.! Cuz everyday he sneaks out of the office at the same time, to call and wake me up! His co-workers tease him about it all the time saying we’re too mushy! Lol. That’s another thing I never questioned, is his character. I know he’s a man of morals. He doesn’t even cross the road when the light is red! Com’on now!! Lol.

Next thing she asked me is, “So have you guys ever broken up or thought about breaking up??” No!! WTF! Lol. I can honestly say in our 4 year relationship that subject has never came up. EVER. It’s not really a belief, or anything like that, it’s just that we are genuinely invested in this relationship. The both of us. When you put that much effort into nurturing a relationship, why would you constantly weaken its integrity by bringing up that subject?? Reason A always told me, that no matter how mad you are at each other, never ever break up with someone cuz you’re upset. Never ever bring it up unless you are ready to walk away permanently. Because every time you say it, it hurts the relationship. It’s like a crack in a vase. Too many cracks and the vase will eventually fall apart.

But anyways, enough of my rambling, back to Intern Canton Cook. She said EX-BF #1 is what we’ll call him, was from Shanghai. She was in Canton at the time. I think she came here when she was 19? Not sure. Anyways, so they are many providences apart. Similar to states but bigger. More like regions. They had to fly back and forth every chance they could get to stay in touch. Of course it was stressful. But they broke up cuz one time when she was in Shanghai visiting him, he placed her in a hotel. Then later that night, he went home to “have dinner” with his Mom and left her at the hotel alone! What?? That’s an asshole. Why are you not having dinner with her? She’s only here for a few days! Or you could take her home to have dinner with your Mom! Why leave her at the hotel while you go home to “have dinner”? So when she asked him “Why didn’t you just take me home to have dinner with you and your Mom?” His reply was “Well now… You can’t force your decisions on me.” She was like “Uh… screw you…” Ahaha…

Now EX-BF#2, was a Hong Kong guy. This one is similar to me and Kenny cuz she was in the U.S. at the time and he was in Hong Kong. Super long distance relationship! She only got to meet him like twice during their 4 year relationship. She beat me cuz I’ve only visited Kenny once. Lol!! She met him online. So once again, similarities!! Man… So when it first started, she said everything was kool. They’d talk online everyday, video chat, talk on the phone, but not as much. But after 1st year, things started to not be so close. They would talk less, he was a very private person and wouldn’t tell her anything. Many thing she’d find out about him through his Facebook. Can you believe that?? She felt like a “regular” friend to him rather than a GF.

When she questioned him about all this, he busted out with “You’re suffocating me. I need my space.” When she said that, I busted out laughing. You need space?? You guys are over 8000 miles apart and your excuse is you need space?? WTF is that?? Yet another asshole. Amazing how she stayed with them for 4 years each. There goes 8 years of her life wasted. She replied to his thought with “Well, I’m not just a regular girl now am I? I’m your GF! I should have the right to ask you some personal stuff. You should let me know who and where you’re hanging out with. I am in this relationship cuz in the end, I am looking for the person I can spend the rest of my life with.” And with that, he broke up with her. Lol!! Guess that was NOT what he was looking for.

This leads me to my experience. Intern Canton Cook doesn’t know all the details about me and Kenny. Like with most people, I prefer not to tell the details. I feel defensive about it, and its kinda like I want to protect Kenny. I don’t wanna get judged cuz I’m about to marry a man I met online that I’ve only met once in real life. Ahaha. It sounds SOOO scary when I say that!! If someone else told me that I’d be like “WTF is wrong with you??” So Intern Canton Cook said to me 2 things. One, “Its almost impossible to get it right on the first try!” Second, “Meeting guys online is a total fail, cuz of the distance!” I just stared at her and chuckled a little.

First of all. Technically Kenny is my first steady BF. I know, I know. Sounds crazy at my age. But although I’ve “talked to” many many guys. I never really “went out” with them. Kenny is the first one that I am legit dating!! I told Kenny that his is my first love! Lol. I actually feel kinda lucky to get it right the first time. Although the “searching” process was a pain up my ass, I am forever grateful that I did find him in the end. Second, me and Kenny have a HUGE distance barrier. We’re half way around the world! But distance has never been a deciding factor, or a barrier that we saw as a big issue. It’s never caused so much strain on the relationship that we considered breaking up. So this lead me to want to post a few “pointers” from the OG to rookies about how to have a successful long distance relationship.

My theory has always been and will continue to be “If your relationship starts off with distance, then distance will not be an issue, but if your relationship has distance later on, then distance will become an issue.” And this is true! Because if you’ve always been face to face, then suddenly being apart is very difficult. You are use to communicating face to face, so it’s hard to devote yourself to other means of communication. Second thing is, whomever said “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is on some shit, cuz my quote is “Distance does not create more fondness, it only creates distance!” This is true because out of sight, out of mind. I’m not saying you need to be glued on him like peanut butter, but you do need CONSTANT communication. Let you be top of mind for him. He’s constantly thinking of you! That’s very important!

Another super important thing for long distance relationships is “communication”. Any form of it, phone, video chat, text messages, online chatting, sending email, sending pictures, send packages, etc. DO ALL OF IT! You can never have enough communication cuz guess what?? Even with all of this combined it will not make up for the fact that you guys are not “together”. So there’s no such thing as too much! Everyone thinks its odd or silly that I take a picture of everything. No matter where I go, who I’m with, I am CONSTANTLY taking pictures. There is a reason for this. It’s because I want to share it with Kenny. There is not any life experience that I don’t wanna share with him. I send him pics of everything! Breakfast, dinner, a random ice cream cone! Everything! This makes him feel like he is a part of my life. With all this distance between us, you have to constantly let the other feel your presence! So even though Kenny’s never been here or hung out with my friends, he knows all of them, what we do, everything!! It makes him feel connected, and accepted.

Another thing is status. You have to know each other’s status. For me, Kenny is always VIP. Sometimes the small things are very important. Like when I go somewhere, or take pics, I always make sure that I send him the pics FIRST before I blog about it or post it on my Facebook. Why?? Cuz he is the hubby!! He should always know FIRST! He shouldn’t have to find out about my whereabouts from my Facebook! How disrespectful! He shouldn’t have to see my pics along with everyone else and all my “regular” friends. That is because I respect him. I respect that we are on a different level, and he should get treated as such. I know he appreciates it. It makes him feel important, which he is.

When I first started dating Kenny. I had many doubts. I, being in the U.S. knew what I had to deal with, but I wasn’t sure he knew what the hell he was getting himself into. I asked him “Are you sure you wanna date me? You know I won’t be and can’t be the typical GF. Are you emotionally ready to be in a relationship where you are always lonely? When you look at other couples on the street, holding hands, watching movies, having romantic dinners, and then you think about yourself and I’m nowhere to be found, and it seems like you don’t have a real GF at all, what will you think? Will you want to give up? Will you think this is unrealistic??” And his reply was “Who said you’re not real? You are real flesh and blood and I know it. Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks? We will eventually be together right? We can go do all those things once we’re together!! I won’t feel lonely cuz I know you’ll be there. I’ll be able to talk to you, connect with you, that’s the most important part of a relationship, not all that superficial stuff! Loneliness is not about not having someone next to you. There are plenty of couples that live together, but hate each others guts. The distance of the heart is way more crucial than any physical distance. As long as we love each other, that’s all that matters!” I can’t lie. I was pretty moved by that. That’s how I knew he was the one. ❤

Honestly the funniest thing about me and Kenny’s relationship is that for our first year of dating, we never video chatted. So we dated a WHOLE YEAR without seeing each other. I mean, I saw one pic of him, and he had one pic of me!! HOW F@CKING CRAZY IS THAT?? Who the hell knows who I was really chatting with? Of course he did end up being him, and I was me, but that was SOOO risky. Later on we joked about it, especially since we video chat every chance we get now, we have no idea how the hell we lasted the whole first year without seeing each other! Ahaha. Mainly cuz I was shy and he was scared to piss me off I think. ROFLMAO!

But in the end, we are a successful couple. I told him when I get old I should write a book about us cuz it is rather story like. Not that I’m bragging, but it does take a very strong individual to do such a long distance relationship. I’m very grateful that we are each other’s motivation and support when the other was weak. Sometimes its not about the struggles you have to face, but about if you have enough motivation to keep you going. We are each other’s motivation.

I told Intern Canton Cook some pointers, but I seriously doubt that she’ll want to date someone so long distance anymore. Especially how the last 2 failed. I think she’s 27 this year? Like any Asian parent, her dad has been bugging her. Its one thing to have a steady BF just not married yet, but if you’re not even dating, then I’m sure her dad is freakin’ out. Honestly I think at the 3 year mark is where I draw the line. If he hasn’t brought it up, or you guys haven’t discussed it at all, I think you aren’t heading down the right path. Relationship specialist say that if a man wants to marry you or sees you as his potential partner, you will find him often discussing his “future” with you. He discusses it with you cuz he can picture you as being part of it. That is a sign. If he’s always only living in the present, then that should tell you something.

Obviously Canton Cook is still “looking”, and I don’t have any bad wishes for her. Although when I told all this to Kenny, he said “You’re looks can only get you so far. She’s obviously lacking in the inner beauty department.” Cuz Kenny thinks she’s dumb. Ahaha! Anyways, so yeah, that’s my little 2 cents about long distance relationships! And that now I can say that I’ve proved all doubters wrong, and I didn’t tell Canton Cook, but me and Kenny are examples of how it can be done. Maybe not for every one though… But definitely for us! Lol.

My Heart Misses You…

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Quote Of The Day: “I’ll wipe your tears away.” -Kenny

So this might sound pathetic, but I cried myself to sleep last night. I REALLY missed Kenny. I know some of you are like “Oh com’on! That’s so childish!” Well guess what?? You have no right to criticize unless you also have a loved one half way around the world and never find yourself missing them this much! If you live with or are in reaching distance of your loved one then you’ll NEVER understands how it feels to be this far apart. You just won’t. I am a pretty happy person, or at least I try to present myself that way, and really try to internalize it, but I can’t help but fall into these deep depressions! I miss him. I miss him SOO much and I feel so helpless at times! What I wouldn’t do for just a hug from him. For him to hold me tight and pull me in close. I often times think about our last moments together at the airport before I was about to board the plane. I couldn’t describe the feeling! There were so many words caught in my throat. I just kept crying, drenching his shirt. I wanted to say “I love you”, I wanted to say “take care”, I wanted to say “I’ll miss you”, but none of the words came out! All that came out was snot and tears. *FAILS*

What I wouldn’t do to be with him right now. (*Sobs)

Happy Birthday Pookie Bear!! ♥

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Quote Of The Day: “Oh well! She’s just gonna have to deal with it cuz I’m hanging out with my birthday boy!” -Juse

Today is Pookie Bear’s Birthday!! I got up bright and early to video chat with him!! Had to make sure I was looking super cute even though weather was chilly!! Lol. On days that I video chat with him, I almost always cam-whore. >_> I rather like these pics, if I do say so myself… XD And why is it that I look more and more Korean? Like for real. Lol. Even Kenny teases me about it. Every time I send him pics of myself, he’s like “Hey! Who’s this cute Korean girl?” Lol!!



But enough about me, today’s all about Kenny!! Like I said, I woke up super early this morning, so I could video chat with him. We were cracking up the whole time. I miss him so much. The feeling only gets stronger after we hang up and say bye. To watch his face disappear from the screen is really really sad. Almost makes me break into tears. >_< I could sense that he didn’t wanna hang up either, but it was almost his 3am, and I wanted him to get to bed.

Like always, I post a Facebook message wishing him happy birthday and then make him a birthday card, which I just finished in the nick of time yesterday. Whew! Let’s take a look.

2013-03-26 09.44.37

I always try to post something funny, cuz “humor” is what me and Kenny bond on the most. Lol.

birthday cards

Annnd, le birthday card! I think it’s cute, right?? He liked it and even said thank you this time! Lol.

Here’s to wishing that my Pookie Bear has a great birthday! Yays! Happy Birthday Honey! And I also wrote in my card, that I really hope this is the last birthday that we’ll have to spend apart for him, of course there is mine later this year that we will also spend apart. And although I doubt he’ll be able to come as early as next March, but if things all go as planned, he will be able to come next year, so lets keep our fingers crossed folks!! >_<

Happy Valentine’s Day Pookie Bear!! <3

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Quote Of The Day: “You can’t talk horny to horny people, it’ll only make them more horny.” -Juse

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!! And definitely Happy Valentine’s Day to my Pookie Bear! Lol. I wonder if he gets embarrassed when I say that in public. *FAILS* XD So having Valentine’s Day on a Thursday is kinda of weird. Although Kenny doesn’t have to work, but its still New Year’s celebrations over there so he’s all over the place. If there’s one thing he’s got, that would be a shit load of relatives!! Every time he calls, he’s at a different relative’s house having dinner! Man!! Since it’s a weekday, there’s not much we can do. I talked to him a little bit last night, and since they’re 12 hours ahead of us, it was already his 14th. But I was soooo sleepy last night I could barely keep my eyes open so although he wanted to talk some more, I had to head to bed. >_< We’re gonna make up for it this weekend though when he gets back home, and we can video chat! Yays!! Miss him so much! ❤

Like every holiday, I always design Kenny something. Like a card. Its actually rather challenging to create something new every year, yet not be repetitive. It is from the heart, and although he never says anything about it, I’d like to think that somewhere deep down inside, he appreciates it. Lol. Here’s this  year’s card!

valentine's 4.0 mini

I usually go with a bear theme, because that’s my pet name for him. Kenny always tells me that Mr. Teddy (the life sized bear he gave me one Christmas) is subbing for him. That’s how the name came about. Kenny = being with me vicariously through Mr. Teddy. Lol. Its actually rather cute, we speak about him as if he’s a live human! When we video chat, he’ll occasionally make me show Mr. Teddy on the camera so he can see how he’s doing. I k now it might sound childish to some of you, but I find it rather endearing. Lol.

Although Valentine’s is on a Thursday, I am still thankful, cuz last Valentine’s was when I was at the expo!! That was horrible! I was busy and out of town and we didn’t get to do anything for Valentine’s! I think I even cried about it. So I’m glad we’re spending it at home this year. ❤

Kenny has been trying to keep me in the loop now since he got the hint a couple of days ago that I felt neglected due to how busy he was for New Years. Lol. He’s been sending me lots of pics of different places he’s been to. He even sent me a pic of some random chicken crossing the street when he went to visit a distant relative out in the boonies! Ahaha!

I told him I got my tax refund back and I’m filling out the paperwork for my citizenship test and he was super excited. When I was talkin’ about it, he was all ears! Lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that attentive before. *FAILS* Then he said “Probably by this time next year when Chinese New Year’s rolls around again, I’ll be spending it with my wifey instead of here. =)” And I took me a second to process it, because when he said that it just made everything seem so real! Although I doubt it will be that fast, cuz it will take at least 6 months AFTER I get my citizenship and file his paperwork right away in order for him to come, so we’re looking at about 1.5 years at the fastest, but still, it’s all coming to fruition and I’m both anxious and nervous!! Gahhh!!

Crossing The Line

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Quote Of The Day: “I understand you told me all that, but I believe I can do whatever he does even better, and by you telling me all that does not in the least bit change my mind or my feelings for you.” -Chris

I can’t wait til Runa gets back. I don’t know if we should go for dinner or drinks but I definitely need someone to talk to right now. I feel so lost and confused! Kenny told me not to drink when he’s not around, so maybe we can just talk about it over dinner. Right now I can’t figure out if I am attempting to stray or just really really wanting to make new friends. I thought to myself it if it is appropriate to make new friends of the opposite sex after you are already in a serious relationship, in my case, engaged. If Kenny suddenly told me one day that he met a new casual friend and she just happened to be female, I honestly think I’d have a problem with that. I am a jealous prick and yet I expect Kenny to open up his mind to the idea that I can have as many male friends as possible??

Lili told me that her hubby is very stern on insisting that once you are married, you should avoid contact with the opposite sex other than your spouse. Like hanging out with friend of the opposite sex, etc. He said, because they will tempt you to stray, and it makes sense!! I haven’t done anything wrong yet I feel guilty just cuz I’m talking to another “guy” as a friend!! Should I just stop being friends with him all together?? Does it matter if he likes me? If he likes me then do you think that means I should stop being friends with him, in case he tries to make a move on me?? But he knows I’m engaged!! Its posted all over my blog! He knew from day one that I’m engaged to be married and at first I think I even remembered him congratulating me! I thought I could just make a new friend!

But now he has to go and complicate shit!! Is it really true that there is no such thing as platonic relationships?? WHY?? I would love to have him just like a brother! Someone I can just hang out with and nag and talk to, but he has to complicate shit by telling me he’s falling in love with me!! Auhhhh!!! Now he says he wants to come visit me or have me go visit him. O_O (*Gulps) As much as I would love to visit Colorado, especially during this time so I can go skiing for the very first time, I just don’t think that move is kosher. >_> But now he’s saying he wants to come to Atlanta to visit and hang out with me?? Uh… How am I suppose to approach this? Like a friend? Like an admirer? What?? Why are you complicating shit!! Auhhh!!!

Resisting Temptation…

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Quote Of The Day: “Every person should have two lovers. One that they love, and one that loves them.” -SRS

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, and there is some part of it that is not fulfilling, and the opportunity arises, then you tend to stray. Straying actually might have its advantages. One, is that it helps you boost confidence. Often times when you’re with someone for a long time, they no longer remember to shower you with gifts, or compliments. You might feel less loved or neglected. Suddenly having a new admirer makes you feel confident again, sexy or attractive. Second thing is it might make you realize what you’ve taken for granted. Comparison can make or break a person. With this extra person that suddenly came along, you might realize just how much you love your mate and cherish them, because in the very end, they are the ones that are here to stay forever.

I believe in destiny. I really do. I think God has it all planned out as to who I should be with for the rest of my life. I feel like if you’re really meant to be with that person then everything with that person will “feel right”. If during the process of being together, someone else comes along. It can only mean one of two things. One, God is trying to intervene and prevent you from marrying or being with the wrong person. Or two, this “distraction” is like a challenge to test how faithful and honest you are to your significant other. It is temptation to see if you will stray, it is temptation to see if you will betray. And in the end it is suppose to be a lesson learned and make you realize just how blessed you are to have that person and through thick and thin and all kinds of bumps along the way, you guys are meant to be together.

I am blessed with someone who really loves me. I know he’s faithful, I know he’s honest and up front with me, and I appreciate all of that. But what I can’t figure out is if I need to be locked away in his closet or something cuz the heart fears temptation and my heart fears it the most. I really really need to pray about this. Dear Lord, please give me strength!! >_<

Missing My Pookie Bear <3

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Quote Of The Day: “Why is it that I am reporting your country’s news to you?” -Kenny

I’m been talkin’ to Kenny less than normal this week. He has this super funky work schedule now, and 3 days out the week, he has to work a full day shift. WTF is that?? Like he’ll do a 10 to 10 or something. Those are unholy hours! Ugh. So because he has to get up super early to start his long day, on the days that he has an all day shift the next day, he just goes to bed right when he gets home instead of hoping online to talk to me. I feel neglected. -__-;; I know the boy needs sleep but I’m a female, therefore I need my daily dose of affection. >_< And I know this is not his fault. But I don’t care. Since I’m a woman, I don’t have to be reasonable. Lol.

We’ll probably video chat this weekend, but still, I need to spend time with le Hubby during the week too!! We do still talk every day, but I think we only chatted online 3 of the 5 nights this week. We talk every morning though on the phone when he calls to wake me up, and we also talk when he gets up in the morning for work and he’s eating breakfast or commuting. So true, if you consider that then we’re not missing anytime cuz we use to not talk when he’s getting ready for work in the mornings. Ugh. Again, I don’t really care. I’d talk to him 24/7 without sleep if I could. So do I sound like the stalker wifey? Lol!

Its Friday, so can I get an Amen? And tomorrow, Bossman is leaving for Vietnam. He’ll be there for a little over a week, and be back on the 18th. Blah!! He needs to go for longer. >_> I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner and this year is almost ending!! OMG. In general I’ve had a good year, although I’ve had hiccups like I always do. I’m still very thankful for all that I’ve accomplished this year which is nothing, other than get engaged. ROFLMAO!! But hey!! It’s a huge accomplishment cuz if you do it right, then you only do it once in your life!! XD

The Proposal 3.0: Final Chapter – Put A Ring On It!

MOOD:  (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “So does that mean you’re officially engaged?? OMG” -Lili

So as of today… Juse is OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! Auhhhhh!!!! (*Runs around butt naked in joy) XD Lol. Ok, might have to reconsider the butt naked part cuz I do have a lot of wobbly bits. >_> But anyways, it’s true! It’s true!! I can’t even believe it myself! If you ask Lili about what I seemed like after we got the ring, she would say that I didn’t seem excited. Lol. In reality, I was just in shock!! I think she was more excited than I was. Lol!!

First let’s talk about the plan. As you all know, Kenny recently started a new job. He had been out of work for a couple of months. It started around my birthday actually and it was rather depressing. But I continued to be supportive and let him know that we can take our time finding the next job and that it was ok. He proposed official for like the second time on my birthday. I felt myself struggling internally about these “makeshift proposals” because this is not exactly what I had pictured as a little girl about how this should go. >_>

But to make a long story short, good things come to those who wait, and honestly; we’re making good timing!! It’s only been 3 years!! I think we’re on a pretty good schedule! Lol. Today was the day!! The day I got to pick out and take my ring home!! OMFG!! *Hyperventilates* You guys just don’t know. It felt like an eternity in making this happen and I can’t believe it actually did!!

Lili volunteered her time to help me in the endeavor and she was just as excited cuz she was there from day one!! So me and Kenny’s love story unfolded right in front of her, and I guess as cheesy as it sounds, in some way, it’s rather magical!! Lol. We started our day off early at around 10am. Lili and I met up and started en route to all these jewelry stores! At first I was excited, but it never occurred to me how difficult it would be. I can totally understand why it takes months sometimes to choose a ring. I’m trying to knock this out in one day. Whew!!

After researching a long time online, it was time to visit each store and look at the real deal. Sometimes it’s hard to vision how something would look unless you actually try it on. For example, according to the online measuring method, I always thought my ring size was 8.5. I even thought to myself, damn I have chunky hands!! Lol. Cuz on most of their websites, they said the average woman’s ring size was 6.5. *FAILS* That meant I had obese hands. WTF? O_o So all this time I thought to myself that I would probably have to get my ring resized cuz they wouldn’t have something that big so that meant I wouldn’t be able to take my ring home today. #depressing But when I got to the store, and got officially sized, how about I’m a size 7! FTW!! I don’t have obese fingers after all!! Just slightly chubby ones! Lol. Most of the rings I tried on fit just fine, there were only a couple that must have been Lili’s ring size or something cuz they were tiny. XD

I don’t know how many rings I tried on, and I think we went to 7 stores. With the first 3 stores, I tried to get Kenny’s full involvement. I really wanted him to pick one out with me, but honestly it was hard. I sent him the pics of the first couple of rings and he didn’t really have much of an opinion. *FAILS* He was just kinda like “Whatever you like Honey!” which is great and all but can I get some input here?? Damn!! Men! Ugh. So at the 3rd store, we had saw this ring I rather liked. But Lili insisted that we should shop around more, so we left and decided to have lunch cuz we were both starving and tired. The lady helping us was very nice and super patient although I was quiet most of the time and Lili did all the talkin’. Ahaha! Maybe they thought I was mute or something. *FAILS*

After lunch we hit a few more stores, and saw some we rather liked, but it’s hard to find that “perfect” one you know? Poor Lili, I’m sure her legs were falling off. What I didn’t understand is how she could do all that talkin’ and not be thirsty, while I’m talkin’ less and over here chugging water like a dolphin! *EPIC FAIL* So towards the end of the night, it was decision time. We were hitting about 6pm, and by this time we had been walkin’ around for about 7 to 8 hours!! Auhhh!! Man time flies when you’re indecisive! Lol.

I’ve always heard that when you see the perfect ring, you’ll get that “feeling” and I was like “Uh, yeah right.” But I guess it is true, because after browsing for all the rings, we ended back up at the 3rd store, and I wanted to get that ring! Here comes the destiny part. So we came back to that store, and chatted for a while with the lady and just as I was wrapping up the transaction and she was boxing my ring, a young couple comes in. The lady immediately greets them and says “So you guys are back!” They nodded and then said that they were back to get that “ring that they had liked”, and I saw the lady hold up my ring box to them and say “I’m sorry, I just sold it.” I was like O_O!!! ARE YOU EFFIN’ SERIOUS?? They were talkin’ about my ring!!

Lili was like “What’s going on?” Cuz she sat behind me and couldn’t really see what was going on, and I told her, “They came back to buy my ring!” We were both like wow!! The young couple ended up staying and browsing for other rings, while the lady told me that right after me and Lili left to go “have lunch” (and also really to browse other stores of course) that this young couple came in. She said they had picked out my ring and one other ring they liked, but of course like me, they were a little hesitant and didn’t buy right away. She said the ring was destined to be mine!! Cuz had I came back even just a few minutes later; she would have sold my ring to them! Auhhhhh!!! I thought this stuff only happened in movies? *DIES*

That’s how I knew this was “the ring” cuz the story is way too crazy!! When we left Lili told me she felt relieved that I got it cuz she would have felt so guilt if it ended up being sold to someone else cuz she was the one that dragged me out the store and said we should continue browsing elsewhere. So without further ado, here’s le ring on le chubby finger, and le me! XD Lol.

I really do like it a lot and I even got the matching wedding band for it!! How great is that?? Now I’m all set! Just gotta find Kenny something. Lol. When we walked out, Lili asked me how I felt, and if I was excited, but I don’t remember what I said. Maybe I didn’t say anything. Lol. I think it didn’t really settle in with me at the moment, but in reality my little heart was thumping a mile a minute!! Woohoo!! Raise your hand if you’re engaged!! Me!! Me!! Me!! Lol.

When I got home I contemplated about when I should announce this cuz technically I guess engagement would start today cuz I’m wearing the ring starting today, but he actually proposed on 8/05. *CONFUSED* But you know these days, nothing is official unless its Facebook official!! So tada!!!

Lol! It’s true, the immature, silly, and melodramatic little Juse that was; is now all grown up and well on her way to be married off! Muahahaha. Lol. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes and friends who are genuinely happy for me! And especially thanks to Lili who ended up spending the whole day with me slaving over rings! Lol. It was mission accomplished AND we finally got to hang out again after all this time!! OMG!! The last time we got to hang out like this was in college. *EPIC FAILS* But thank you, thank you for takin’ charge because obviously I was stuck in the “Uh…” mode for most of the time. Ahaha! *Virtual Hug* =)