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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Is she slower than me? I’m actually pretty bright if you teach me well.” -Lili

Lovin’ American music at the moment. I go into these phases, and I listen to a ton of Chinese, or Korean or Jap music, and now once again, it’s American. I have got to say that I sure am lovin’ the large memory card! Now I’m hoarding music on it. Lol. Juse currently listening to:


Neako- These Are The Times Album

Folks, this album is the shit! Lol. I liked the whole album. There were no songs I skipped over, and it was legit. Never paid much attention to Neako before, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out in the future. This is his official studio album, although I know he got a shit load of mixtapes out there. I gotta go and find me some. Not really sure how old this album is cuz I forgot to look when I was changing the tags. *FAILS* Don’t think it’s that old though. >_> I’m gonna recommend this it Intern Roger, cuz he likes him some Kanye, and for some reason, I think he’ll like this album. Lol. Some of my favorite tracks are Levitate, The Trip, I Made It All, I Am, and Just Like I Thought.

Happy Listening!

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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “You need to start buying the stuff now cuz I don’t wanna fight people for meat.” -reason A

Friday folks!! Thank you Baby Jesus!! Lol. I’m usually not much of a pop music a fan but this album just dropped  not too long ago I believe, and since I’m trying to expand my horizon when it comes to music, I’ve decided that I’m gonna listen to anything I can get my hands on. Juse currently listening to:

mia rey

Mia Rey- My Moment (Chapter 1) Album

I believe this is the only album she has out right now, other than a mixed tape. She’s a Miami based Puerto Rican singer I believe. I have to admit she has a nice voice. I’m just not much of a fan. But there are a few good tracks on this album. Some of my favorites are Sprung, Breaking Up, Circles, and You Are (Feat. Raekwon).

Happy Listening!

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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “You know my brother is getting inaugurated today right?” -Kenny

Don’t have too much time to post so I decided to bust out with a “currently listening to”. Yes its my way of cheating, you got a problem with that? Lol. So I am still continuing to listen to music in the mornings, and although I’m like a freakin’ year late with this, currently listening to:


Outasight- Nights Like These Album

I freakin’ love this album folks!! Lol. He might be my new favorite white rapper. Lol. He also has a mixtape that I managed to track down but haven’t had a chance to listen to. I think I’ll listen to it today while driving home. But this is a very easy listening album, and had me bopping my head. Lol. Some of my favorite tracks are Nights Like These, Tonight Is The Night, Ready Set Go, Perfect Words, Shine, and Let’s Go. That’s basically the whole album. *FAILS*

Happy Listening!! XD

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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Breaking a nail while lifting a big ass heavy bag of rice is a first Asian problem. -_-;;” -Juse

Been downloading and listening to a shit load of music! Lol. So mad the other day that the Bluetooth ran out of battery and I didn’t have my charger with me. Ugh! Now I start carrying it at all times, like le celly charger. Lol. Do forgive me cuz most of these albums are old. But considering I haven’t downloaded new music in forever, I’m all late. *FAILS* Currently listening to:


Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re Up Album

I believe this comes in a two disc set, but the second disc is just basically the original Roman Reloaded, so I just bypassed that and only listened to disc one. Honestly I like the Re Up better than the original album. *FAILS* Now, I know with Nicki Minaj its either you love her or you can’t stand her, and for those who are Lil’Kim fans or whatever, probably hate her to death, but I love me some Nicki!! Lol. I even love her b!tchy ass attitude on American Idol! Lol. She’s feisty and got a big ass booty! Even if it is fake. What’s there not to love? Lol. You guys know the rule. If I like half the tracks or more then it’s a win. Disc one has 8 tracks, and Juse likes 4 of the 8. In other words, it’s a win. Lol. Some of my favorites are Freedom, High School, I’m Legit (Although I hate Ciara’s part *FAILS*), AND Va Va Voom.

Happy Listening!

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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “There were 7 types of flues and I had all of them!” -Intern Jon

Just finished up listening to another CD folks! Slowly moving down the row! Kenny should be proud of me that I’m finally making an attempt to listen to all the damn music that I be hoarding like a rat. Lol. Currently listening to:


T.I.- Trouble Man Heavy Is The Head Album

This is not a bad album. Not sure if I like it more than his previous one, but then again he didn’t get very good reviews for the last one while I actually thought it wasn’t bad. *FAILS* Always rather liked T.I. so if he keep his ass out of jail then maybe he can actually make more music. Lol. Funny part is, he goes in, Wizzy comes out. Wizzy goes in, and he comes out. Damn. SHM. Lol!! Some of my favorite tracks on the album were, Who Want Some, Hello (Feat. CeeLo Green), Addresses, and The Introduction.

Happy Listening!

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MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Stop downloading stuff you know you’re not going to listen to.” -Kenny

Ever since I’ve gotten my Samsung Galaxy S3, I’ve been making good use of the huge memory and awesome sound quality. I’ve been trying to listen to all my music that I’ve accumulated over the years, its SOOOO MUCH damn music. Chinese, Korean, American, Japanese. O’man! So I’ve decided to not let it go to waste, might as well share what I’m listening to. Sorry if it seems like I listen to the same damn thing over and over again. Lol. Its cuz mainly I only listen to Rap or Hip-Hop. Yes the little Chinese girl listens to Rap. Shuddup. >_> Juse is currently listening to:

big boi

Big Boi- Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors Album

Cartson recommend this album so I had me a listen since I’ve always liked Outkast. Though I’m more of an Andre fan than a Big Boi fan. >_> I think this album is alright. Wasn’t too many highlights for me but Cartson swears its da bomb diggity album, so I guess it just depends on the person. Some of my favorite tracks? Raspberries (Feat. Mouche & Scar), Shoes For Running (Feat. B.o.B. & Wavves), In The A (Feat. T.I. & Ludacris), and Objectum Sexuality (Feat. Phantogram). That’s 4 out of 17 tracks folks. Lol. My standard is, if I like half or more of the tracks then I consider it a good album. It didn’t make the cut for me, but it’s an alright album.

Happy Listening!