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Juse Evaluation: New Sephora Press Full Coverage Complexion Brush

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m having a damn good makeup day.” -Juse

I’m back with another beauty related review! Hopefully I’ll keep these coming. This time I think I’m ahead of the bandwagon cuz this is a pretty new product. I was browsing Sephora’s website the other day and came across this new foundation brush. I own a ton and I usually use a flat top brush like the Sigma F80 to blend in my foundation to get a full coverage but I thought I’d give this a try. Lets take a closer look.

When I zoomed in on it I was like whoa. What kinda shape is this?? Lol. I’ve seen a lot of brushes in my time and the oddest one so far has been the oval looking ones by Artis. I’ve been trying to get the Oval 7 for the longest but that damn thing is always sold out. The shape of this new Sephora Press Full Coverage brush was like a raindrop? Wide on one end and super pinched in on the other. Very interesting. I decided to order it on a whim. Lets take a look:






First let me apologize for the fact that I took the pics when the brush was dirty. But I had to use it in order to review it and I was in a hurry to run out the door so no time to wash and dry again.

Claims: All in one brush that will give you flawless and full coverage finish without absorbing too much product or wear down like a sponge.

Price: $36 ( or in store)

Bristles: Synthetic, short, dense, easy to wash, takes longer to dry, no shedding

Thoughts: As mentioned above. The brush is very dense. The handle is a polished black with a silver ferrule. It has some weight to it and definitely feels like a quality brush. I washed it before use and didn’t experience any shedding which is expected because the bristles are so short and dense. It took like 1.5 days to dry though. On Sephora’s website it says to dap onto face like u would a sponge and not to use a buffing motion. But to each their own I guess because I do used a buffing motion with it and the results were great! I have a big ass face, so if I were to use a dabbing motion with this brush like a sponge it would literally take me an hour to do my whole face. No way! I tried this brush with The Clinique 2 in 1 Foundation, Marc Jacob Remarcable Foundation, and the It Cosmetics CC Cream. It gave me a flawless finish each time! It literally looks airbrushed, and they’re right about it not absorbing excess product. I definitely felt like I only had to use minimal product for a full face. And that says a lot because I have HUGE pores around the sides of my nose and its hard to keep it from looking cakey. Of course it doesn’t do miracles so it didn’t make them disappear but the application was just so smooth and flawless compared to everything else I’ve ever used, like the Beauty Blender or the Sigma F80. The brush comes with a hard brush guard as all Sephora’s brushes do, so that’s pretty awesome. If you like full coverage but don’t want to look cakey then I’d definitely recommend this brush. Pair it with a full coverage foundation and you are golden. Highly recommend!

Juse Evaluation: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

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Quote Of The Day: “Honestly? Just the price tag.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

I am a concealer hoarder. I think I have a least 30-40 concealers and I’m always on the hunt for a holy grail one which I have yet to find. I’m determined there is one out there for me though! My quest has lead me to try out one of the most raved about concealers on the market, and I had high hopes because it is literally called the “Amazing Concealer” by Amazing Cosmetics.

amazing concealer

It had great reviews online and after testing out some at Ulta, I decided to get the small size and give it a try. Lets break it down right quick.

Claims: Full coverage, waterproof concealer that makes all imperfections disappear. Complexion perfection, high pigmentation with natural looking finish that covers everything from dark circles to blemishes. Available in 20 shades.

Price: Comes in two sizes either .2fl oz for $28, or .5fl oz for $42.

Formula/Consistency: Came in squeeze tube, cream formula but thick.

Thoughts: First off, I got this in the shade light golden which did seem to be a good match for me. I think I’m an NW15 in Mac for those who are wondering. The consistency is very thick which I do like. I feel like it offers me better coverage than thin runny concealers but with that said, this is not a good formula for the under eye if u ask me. I prefer to use this on blemishes, and for me it was mainly for the dark spots on my cheeks. I agree a little goes a long way so you could probably get away with just buying the .2fl oz one and using that for a while. The coverage to me was full, but honestly I was not wowed by it. I would say there are a lot of dupes or comparable products out there. It did set, although I have oily skin so I topped it off with a powder. I mean it was good but it wasn’t holy grail. And for the crazy price tag, it went back to the store. I just can’t justify the small tube I got for $28. For that price I could have got the Kat Von D tattoo concealer! I also could have went with the Tarte Maracuja concealer and honestly both offer about the same coverage. And its a way bigger tube!! So if the price tag is not an issue for you then I say go ahead, but if you’re looking for a more economical choice with just as good coverage I would go with my other two suggestions.

Dr. Phil Episode: Why I No Born Blind?!

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Quote Of The Day: “At what point in life did you think pouring drain cleaner on your eyeballs was a good idea?” -Juse

Oh man, I have been waiting on this episode! I heard about this in the news a few weeks ago and although it wasn’t the first of its kind that I’ve heard, but u still can’t help but cringe every time u hear another case of this. So apparently there is this woman who self diagnosed herself with Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Ever since she was a pre-teen, she has felt the urge to be blind. She said she just couldn’t bear the feeling of waking up every morning and being able to see. Um…


I’m not making light of this disorder, but it hasn’t yet be recognized by DSM-5, which is like the bible of psychiatric disorders. I took Abnormal Psychology in school and I’ve heard some crazy shit, but this might just top them all. Essentially it is a disorder where a healthy person desires to be disabled. Its just hard to wrap my mind around it but the point isn’t even that, cuz according to Dr. Phil, this lady doesn’t even meet all the requirements needed to diagnose her with this disease. *FAILS* So this woman Jewel desperately wants to be blind. She not only finds a community online where she can talk about these desires with but she also spends time “blind-simming” aka “pretending to be blind”. Well a crazy understands a crazy I suppose and she met a “psychologist” on this forum that told her if she wanted to, he would aid her in becoming blind.


Its like the blind leading the blind. (No pun intended). So Jewel goes to the psychologist’s house. Not clinic, but house and stays for a couple of weeks. Guess she’s just hanging out and seeing the world before she takes her own sight away. This may sound insensitive, but if u really wanted to go blind, you should have just gouged your own eyes out and called it a day. I wish there was a way for you to stay alive and donate your corneas but I think you gotta be dead for that. Anyways, in the very end, the “psychologist” blinded her by pouring drain cleaner on her eyes! I mean com’on now!! Give me a damn break. If you were going to do something that damn ghetto u could have stayed your happy ass home and did that! U could have got a homeless man on the street to do that for $10. Why the hell did u fly to another state to do that?? What psychologist in their right mind would bust out with drain cleaner?? You know both of them crazy cuz neither one of them saw a problem with this whole situation.

So in the end she did end up becoming blind. Problem is she sure didn’t seem super happy on the show. I mean if your life goal was to become blind then I need to see u on stage jumping for joy with a big smile on your face because you are officially blind! Call me ignorant to the disorder, but to me I think its just some deep psychological need for attention and to play the victim role, and they become so obsessed with the idea that they will get the attention and pity they crave if they were disabled that they’d seek out real life ways to make it happen. Psychological disorders just fascinate me. Insanity is like on a continuum. We’re all a little bit crazy. Some more than others. Lol.

Dr. Phil Episode: Grandpa Vs. Lung Girl

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Quote Of The Day: “So did she just go to the doctor and say I need a lung transplant and by the way I brought my own lung?” -Dr. Phil

So today’s Dr. Phil episode was kinda WTF. So this old dude who has been married for over 50+ yrs apparently had an affair in Mexico with a hotel maid. But come to find out that wasn’t even his first affair. He had a previous affair with a different woman in Mexico before the hotel maid and they have a 19 yr old daughter together. But that’s beyond the point. The issue at hand is hotel maid lady. Her name will change after we get to the meat of the story. >_> So I think he had the affair like 4 yrs ago in Mexico with her for 3 months. Then after he got back, they didn’t have much contact. But one day out the blue she calls him and says she has lung cancer and needs help. She said she’s friendless, doesn’t have any relatives or anyone else to turn to. So in summary he started sending her large amounts of money. When he depleted him and his wife’s join account he started asking his daughters (he has 7 not including one born to lady in Mexico) and also depleted a business that him and two of his daughters were running together.

After all that he started bumming money out of church members, other relatives and even strangers on the street? How does that work. Anyways, so he did that and sent all the money to her. So she told him that she used his money to buy a “lung” off the black market so she can do her transplant. Ok…. Dr. Phil was like so did she just show up at the hospital and is like “Doc, I need to do a lung transplant and I brought my own lung” and she had it in a little ice cooler? ROFLMAO. Please tell me why old man said yes!! Oh boy. Then she said that her body didn’t accept the “lung” so they had to remove it and replace it with a different one! But get this!! She said she kept the first lung so she could resell it! O_O And then… That’s not even the kicker!! The kicker is that she said it took 3 weeks to sell it!! so Dr. Phil was like so where did she keep this “lung” during this time? And Grandpa said that they have a machine in the Mexican hospital to help store it? Oh Lawd. Then she said she sold it to this man who’s wife needed the lung but he didn’t have anything to pay her with so he gave her his ranch. I mean really. So Dr. Phil was like “Oh so its like bartering.” Lol!! I give u a ranch in exchange for the lung. XDD

But wait, it gets better. She also told him that she doesn’t have money to stay in the hospital so get this, she lives on the damn hospital porch. So apparently if u can’t afford a room you can just camp out on their porch. I mean I know that’s a whole different country but com’on now!! Where do they do that at?? ROFLMAO. Then Dr. Phil said… Uh, you know Mexico has universal healthcare right? Nope. Grandpa just refuses to believe it. Dr. Phil also got a doc to come on the show and explain to Grandpa that scientifically speaking there is no way whatsoever for that lung to live outside the human body for 3 weeks!! Once it is removed it must be transplanted in 4-6 hrs! Literally Grandpa said he doesn’t believe it.


Its one thing for you to buy into a few lies but at this point, I just think there is something wrong with ur head. Its way pass delusional. It makes absolutely no sense and either you’re being the stubborn old fart that you are, and refusing to admit that ur ass just got scammed or u honest to God are delusional. Because of this, his wife is losing the house, his daughter already lost her house AND her car. I mean com’on now!! I would have just disowned his ass and put him on the street a long ass time ago. How about u go ahead and go to Mexico and be with the woman so u can not only support her financially but also emotionally huh? Wouldn’t that be even better?? Somebody please come throw this man in the river. I can’t even deal. -__-;;

Juse Book Club: YOU By Caroline Kepnes

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Quote Of The Day: “The problem with book is that they end.” -Joe (Caroline Kepnes -YOU)


I just finished my second audio book today. I am REALLY gonna miss having an Audible subscription. I think I have one more month to go on my trial. But even if I were to pay for a subscription, the 1 book a month thing wouldn’t cut it for me. I can finish 2 books in a month cuz of my long commute. I can probably finish like 6-10 chapters in one day in the car! Isn’t that crazy? So I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this book. I think it might have just popped up as a recommendation, and I decided to give it a try. I didn’t know too much about it before I listened but I was pleasantly surprised because this is right up my alley! Did someone say twisted sociopathic serial killer love story?? Uh, hell yeah!! I wish there were more books about this subject but I honestly don’t even know what to search! Does it fall under “thriller” or “mystery”? O_o

Without giving out too much in case anyone wants to read the book, basically it is a story about the typical book worm that no one would pay attention to who ends up falling in love with and essentially stalking like a mofo a girl who comes into the bookstore he works at. It was interesting because it is written as a narrative from the “psycho’s” point of view. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Santino Fontana’s reading. Also because he voices Frozen. WTF. The way he paces himself lets me feel the intensity of the psycho (Joe’s) feelings and thoughts. He’s freakin’ brilliant in portraying Joe’s character, his mental dialog, and his cool and calmness mixed with his obsessive behaviors. If you love a twisted love story, or if you love serial killers and everything about them like me, then you’ll love this book. I can’t wait to read the next book by debut author Caroline Kepnes.

Feline Food Friday: Fancy Feast Broths (Collective Seafood Variety)

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Quote Of The Day: “U gotta get the broth. U know she doesn’t eat it without broth.” -reason A

I’m starting a new series!! I love reviewing stuff, and now that I have fur babies, why the hell wouldn’t I review cat food too?? Lol. The new series is going to be called “Feline Food Friday”. I won’t review a cat food every Friday, but when I do it will be on Friday. Today’s review adds two more F’s because its Fancy Feast! Lol. Lets begin.

Panel Of Reviewers: Muffin (Female/1yr 6mo. old/DSH), Bagel (Male/5mo. old/DSH), Donut (Female/5mo. old/DMH)

Fancy Feast Broths (Seafood Flavors)


Ingredients: (For Tuna/Anchovies/Whitefish Flavor)


Of course I’m just judging on my cat’s reactions cuz I sure as hell didn’t take a sip of the broth myself. Lol. I think my cats have tried all the “seafood” flavors and they really enjoy it. The broth comes in either a cream or clear base and they like both. Things that taste good usually aren’t good for you, so not sure what all artificial stuff is up in there to make it taste good, but it definitely smells pretty pleasant upon opening the packet.

As stated before, broth is either a clear or a cream base. Its very smooth, not lumpy at all, and the solids are actually fish flakes or little cubes of veggie. I would say that its 50/50% soup and solid protein/veggies. You don’t get more of one than the other. The cats love the consistency! Broth is always a win and its good to have a little something substantial to go along with it. I think its a good balance.

Here comes the con of it. These are too damn expensive! The pack is only 1.4oz and it usually runs about $1.19-1.29. Which is way too expensive for something that is not an actual meal. This is just a supplement, like an appetizer, and plus the cost of actual food for the meal, you are looking at about $2-3 per meal per cat. That’s crazy. U can feed a person for that amount. Lol. However, I have seen coupons for it a few times in the Sunday paper although not anything crazy, I think after coupon the cheapest I’ve ever gotten them was about $0.56 a pack? Which was an awesome deal and I should have bought a damn pallet of it. This past week I got some at PetSmart because they were on sale for $1 a pack which is not great, but better than $1.29.

Final Thoughts:
Would I buy again? Yes, only because my little girl Donut demands this!! The first 4 ingredients are fish broth, tuna, anchovies, and “fish extract”. Whatever in the hell that is. So is it a healthy choice? Of course not. I would say it is a good treat to feed a couple of times a week as a reward. Or in my case when u have a picky eater, I just mix this in with legit food and pray she eats it. Lol. Good thing is there are no by-products and the first couple of ingredients are legit. Not cost efficient for those on a budget. I would steer clear if u don’t want ur cats demanding it in the future and u can’t afford to buy it long term. If I find a cheaper alternative in the future I will let u guys know. I would give it 4 out of 5 fishies! = WIN. I know they just came out with a chicken and other meat flavors but the reviews have not been very good. I didn’t get any in fear that my cats will dislike it. But if the manufacture would like to sponsor some I would gladly write a review on them.Lol.

(*I have purchase these with my own money, this is not sponsored and these are my honest opinions. For more info on this product please visit the manufacture website: Fancy Feast Broths)

Juse Evaluations: Fresh Off The Boat Sitcom

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Alright folks. By accident I stumbled upon a painful 15 minutes of the new sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” last night. So I thought it would be appropriate to do a Juse evaluation.


So I am actually a big fan of Eddie Huang himself. This sitcom was based off his memoir, about his childhood and life in a fobby Asian household. I am however, NOT a fan of this sitcom at all. Lets get into some details. I watched a lot of Eddie’s documentary series on Vice of him traveling and tasting foods of the world. That was really fun. He definitely has some ghetto in him and he cracks me up. Although my half ass Chinese isn’t nearly as bad as his, but the majority of Chinese folks that I have encountered around my age sound just like him. Its that Americanized accent pathetic Chinese where everything is pronounced in the same tone, and no noun, verb or adjective is used right. Lol. I find it rather endearing.

Since the sitcom was actually based off his memoir, I can’t say its bad, because its his life! If it was a purely made up script, I could say the writers sucked, etc. But since this was actually based off what he experienced growing up, then I can only say if I found it funny and worth watching or not.

Lets talk about some of the good things about the show, which I can only think of 2. One, I am happy that we have a majority Asian cast on a primetime TV show again. Last time I recall that happening for a primetime sitcom was actually when I was a kid, Margret Cho had her own show called “All American Girl”. I can’t remember how many seasons that show lasted but it was about a Korean American family therefore the cast was majority Asian as well. Second is, I am also proud that Eddie Huang has made it enough in his career to have his memoir made into a sitcom!! If it was me, I’d be pretty damn stoked about it.

Now lets talk about what I don’t like about the show and why its doomed for failure. First off. Eddie is Taiwanese. His parents immigrated to the U.S. and he was born here. = ABT (American Born Taiwanese) U already failed me when the whole cast is not some sort of Chinese. This is a pet peeve of mine about Hollywood. While I totally understand that is hard to find a good English speaking Chinese actor, u CANNOT get the same damn Asian actors to act ALL Asian parts! Randall Park who plays the dad along with a couple of other actors are Korean. Now, I love me some Koreans, but to know that he’s Korean and he’s playing a Chinese dad just doesn’t sit good with me. It feels about the same as going into a Chinese restaurant and seeing the staff is all Mexican. Oh shut up, you know its true. One second, dude could be playing a Viet, next second he’s playing a Chinese!! We CANNOT be any Asian out of convenience people!! But I know there’s nothing we can do about it cuz Russel Wong is the only Chinese male actor with good English and he’s not fit for the part. *FAILS*

Second thing I don’t like about this sitcom is the over acting. Especially the Mom’s part. I can’t deal. Everything about her is over exaggerated. Its too much of a sterotype, too fobby, and too fake. Sorry Constance! From having gone to a film institute for your further education, I feel like ur acting is more Broadway style than what’s fit for TV. That’s kind of like how when someone doesn’t understand u, you speak louder. Fool, its not that they didn’t hear u, its that they don’t understand! So if the joke is not funny, delivering it with more exaggerated facial expressions really is not gonna make it much funnier. Next, the kid that plays young Eddie is too damn ghetto. I am a ghetto Chinese girl. So I know they do exist. Lol. But he is too ghetto too soon! I thought I would find his character the funniest, but in reality I rarely laughed at anything he said. How the hell u hustlin’ the block and u live in the suburbs? That’ doesn’t even make sense. Granted Eddie himself is kinda ghetto, but I thought it was too exaggerated in the character.

Third thing I didn’t like, was the sterotype of fobby Chinese folks. I get it. That is the whole point of the sitcom. But instead of cracking up at how true it is, I just found it tasteless and embarrassing quite frankly. Chinese folks know some of the stereotypical things we do. Its one of those best kept secrets. I know I do it, u know I do it, but we don’t talk about it. Its like fight club. First rule of fight club, is to not talk about fight club. Lol.

Now lets talk about why its doomed for failure. Just like Margret Cho’s show “All American Girl”, this show will eventually die off. Lets think about it. There is no audience for this!! Americans probably will not become loyal fans, because some of this stuff is just odd and unbelievable to them! A lot of it is kind of like inside jokes between Chinese folks and American audiences will either be confused by it, baffled by it, or go WTF. O_o Asians are divided into two kinds. The fobby and the non-fobby. The fobby won’t watch it cuz its too Americanized! Its like Chinese sterotype humor served with a quarter-pounder and a side of fries! They won’t get it! The non-fobby audience, like me and my Chinese friends won’t watch it religiously because we’ll just find it painful, bland and embarrassing! So what are you left with?? This is why the viewership according to ABC statistics actually dropped from the pilot to the first episode!! Its gonna continue to drop because although all us American raised Chinese folk or folks like Eddie can related to it, we’re not enthusiastic to see it played out on TV.

So I think this will get canceled in a few seasons unless they already signed up for like the whole damn book, which I don’t know how many seasons that is, but Juse deems it a FAIL. Good try, but no.

Google Play Battle Of The Apps: Rocket Player Vs. TTPod

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Today’s post could potentially be very long. Lol. Bossman is not back yet! Woohoo!! This is the longest he’s ever been in Mississippi. Usually he only goes for a day or 2, but he stayed for 3 days this time!! XD Anyways, so like I had mentioned before, when he is gone, I totally get my groove on and listen to music like a mad woman. I think I have listened to at least 30 albums in the past 3 days. XD

So the more I listen to music, the more picky I get about how its organized. I am very anal about it, and I like things the way I like it, and it doesn’t bother me at all to spend the whole day “organizing” something. XD I finally decided that the best way to manage my music is still through iTunes. I hated to have to do it, but I built a new iTunes library. Here’s how it kinda looks now:

new itunes library

Sorry its small, but you get the point. >_>

So the problem comes when I have to import and play the music on my phone. I love my phone cuz it has excellent sound quality, and since I got the larger memory card upgrade, I have been loading a TON of music on there. All this time, I’ve been using a music player on my phone called TTPod. I was so happy when I found it cuz I thought it was freakin’ awesome!! Especially the function of the lyrics automatically popping up for songs that are playing. But there is one downfall with it, and that is there’s no cover flow. I LOVE cover flow, so I kept searching for another app that had it.

After testing out more than 10 music players in the past couple of days, it has occurred to me that there is just not a music player that fits all my wants right now. I did find 2 cover flow apps, but they were either incompatible with my phone, or weren’t working right, so I gave up. But recently I found the next best thing! So let’s analyze the apps! Sorry for my readers who aren’t tech nerds! Lol.

google play apps

So the app on the right is TTPod. That’s the one I’ve been using since I got my phone, which is slowly approaching a year. The app on the left is Rocket Player, and I just downloaded that this week, and have used it for about 3 days. As of right now, I have the free versions of both of these, and honestly they work just fine and I don’t see the need to pay to own the app. Lets talk about what I like and dislike with each app, with screencaps! XD Lets start with TTPod.


This is basically the main screen. This is what you see when you first open the app. I like having a home screen. I like having a “favorites” option, and all the other folders. I don’t however like having the playlists just end up all on the main page. It makes it look cluttered. I would rather have an icon that said “playlists” and see them after I clicked on it.


This is what you see when you click on the “Albums” icon on the main page. As you can see, they are listed in alphabetical order. This I like. You can easily find albums by using the letters on the right hand side to skip to a letter. But the downfall and what I hate about this app the most is there’s no cover art!! You can’t see thumbnails of the album cover!! Sometimes I only remember it by album cover! Nooo!! >_<


This is what it looks like after you actually click on the album you want to play. It will list tracks according to track number, and the hearts on the left are for putting the song on your “favorites” if you click it. Simple enough. You can also add a song to a playlist by clicking the little tick mark on the right side of a song.


This is basically the last screen. There are many functions of this app, including streaming music, downloading, etc. I won’t get into that, cuz I rarely use those anyways. This is the play screen. You can see the album art here, but there’s no button to go back to the track list from here!! Noo!! That’s stupid!

So my overall review of the app is about a 7 out of 10. I really like it, but I had to deduct 3 points for the no cover art issue. I NEED cover art!! Lol. Now lets move on to my newest love, Rocket Player.

rocket player1

Tada!! Here is the so called “main page” of Rocket Player. Technically there isn’t a main page, it picks up from the last page you left it on. But finally!! Cover art!! I really wanted cover flow, but unfortunately the 2 cover flow apps that I found didn’t work good. I’ll settle for the no animation cover art for now. Its still better than none. >_<

rocket player2

This is the “artists” page. Pretty self explanatory. I like how it tells you how many albums that artist has.

rocket player3

Another main page, of the “genres”. As you can see, I only do it by language, not by actual genre. Ahaha! I just need to know what language music I’m in the mood to listen to. =P

rocket player4

Amen! This player has a “playlist” page! And this is actually the bread and butter of this app!! I love this app simply for 2 reasons, one there is album art, and two; you can build playlist in your iTunes and then import them here!! Yes!! I hate building playlist on the phone cuz I keep having to go back and forth between albums, and the screen is small, its hard to organize, etc, but if I can do it in my iTunes on computer and just sync it, it makes it SOOO much easier! Amen again! Lol.

rocket player5

This is the “now playing” screen. The little cross out symbol will delete the song you clicked on out of the “currently playing” list, but not actually delete the file.

rocket player6

Last page of the app, the actually play page. As you can see the basics are the same. There is cover art, and the controls on the bottom. The differences are that the cover art is way bigger on this app. Also, in order to favorite something, you give it how many ever stars in the center of the page.

I give this app about a 6 out of 10, cuz it lacks a lot of functions that TTPod has, such as streaming music, and option to download. Now, my complaints about this app are basically 2. One, when I click on genre, it doesn’t pull up all “albums” under that genre, rather “songs” so that sucks. Defeats the purpose of organizing it by genres then. *FAILS* Next complaint would be the theme. OMG. Its so damn ugly!! Ugh. And this is actually improved, cuz it is default red and it was way worse. I had to download this silver one, but they only have red, silver, blue or purple! Auhhh!! My TTPod could be customized with your own picture or you can download from hundreds of themes! I loved my wood grain one! So super sleek. Booo!! I do find myself reaching for this app more now though. I’ll keep ya’ll updated if I find something better than these two! XD

Juse Evaluation: New Milani High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula Polish In “Pink Express”

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Quote Of The Day: “Are you serious? That’s one coat?” -Intern Canton Cook

Alrighty ladies and gents, Juse has not done a product review for you in a long ass time, so I got one for you today. This time it’s a makeup item and it’s now a holy grail item! Let’s get started.

So for those of you who can’t tell by the “Nail Expo” tab on the top of my blog, I love nail polish. Lol. I love doing nail art as a hobby. Reason A hates the smell of nail polish and she swears by me doing my nails so often I am slowly accelerating my own death. >_> So one day she decided to just throw out all my nail polish. No joke, I think it was over 200 bottles of brand new nail polish. *SOBS UNCONTROLLABLY AT THE THOUGHT* But anyways, that’s just me on a tangent. So point is, ever since then, I would only wear “pink” nail polish, so that its subtle, and if she doesn’t pay attention then she won’t notice. Lol!! Shit you gotta do. SMH. But I’ve always been out in search of the “perfect” pink for me. I like opaque cream colors, but have never been able to find one that is not so sheer you can’t see, or so dark that you can see it from a mile away. >_< Many pinks, including the ones in OPI, Essie and Sally Hansen are pearl finishes. I have my previous love, Essie’s “Pink Diamond” that I wore for a long time, but it was a pearl finish in a medium pink. Essie has some really pretty cream pinks but they are all very sheer, even with 2 to 3 coats. That is no bueno, cuz it’s a pain in the butt to take off if I have to do more than 2 coats to get color payoff. >_> This was ’til I saw a makeup guru that I follow on Youtube had recommend this new Milani nail polish in a cream pink and I had to try it!


So there’s nothing special about the packaging. I had Milani nail polishes before, and they’re all shaped the same. It’s an oval/round bottle with a tapered bottom.

Folks, this nail polish is da shit! I’ve used a lot of polishes in my day, in respect to drug store nail polishes, this is pretty top of the line. In my opinion, it beats out China Glaze, Essie and OPI, so let’s talk about why. As everyone knows about cosmetic items, they usually have a lot of claims and delivery very little. Same story with nail polishes. I only own one Essie nail polish, but I was rather disappointed in the color pay off. Maybe if I tried a darker shade, then it would be more opaque, but for the “Pink Diamond” one I had, I had to do 3 coats to get the color like the color in the bottle. For $8 a bottle, that’s a no bueno. They have great color selection, I’ll give them that, but not so good color pay off. This Milani nail polish with its new formula  is freakin’ awesome! On the bottle it says, “High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula”, and folks believe it or not, both claims are true! One, it is dry to the touch in 60 seconds. Two, it is true to color and 100% opaque in ONE COAT!! WHAT?? One coat? That’s unheard of! I was like wow!! And it is such a gorgeous pink! Very subtle, but very opaque! Love it to death! Usually fast drying formulas have shitty colors or its watery or whatever, but this is very creamy!

I believe I got this bottle for $5.49 at CVS. That’s an alright price. Of course you can get Sinful Colors for $1.99 at most places now which is a damn good deal and they have nice color selection, but they don’t have the pink I’m looking for. For that “perfect pink” I am willing to fork out more money, but Essie didn’t have the one I’m looking for either, so I was content with $5.49, and thought it was reasonably priced.

This is now my holy grail pink, I love how opaque it is with one coat, I love how it’s a fast drying formula, so I can do base coat, color, top coat and be done in no time! And cuz its only one coat, everything dries faster! Woohoo!!

Oh, and side note, my nails are growing in very nicely! Lol. Now I’m obsessed with looking and taking pictures of my own hand. How effin’ self absorbed is that?? Lol!!

Juse Evaluation: Viber (Android App)

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Quote Of The Day: “If you send me another high res pic of your mushroom, then I won’t be able to read the news anymore cuz you ate up all my data. >_>” -Kenny

Today we’re gonna talk about a new discovery of mine. As you all know, I recently went from a Blackberry to an Android. Although I’m late as shit to jump on this bandwagon, but now I’m on it full force. Lol! You can’t blame me, I was a Blackberry girl for almost 5 years. Lol. So anyways. I can’t rave about all the new apps I’ve discovered that have made my life so much easier, but today we’re gonna talk about one me and Kenny discovered today called Viber. This will technically be a review, but without my usually “4 P” format.

So Viber is actually pretty popular, and has been around for a while. I recently discovered it on Google Play (This is also available for iPhone), and downloaded it. It basically is a free way to call and text anyone who also has Viber on their phone. From what I can understand it is to any country, any person as long as there is wifi/internet connection and they have this app. When you download it, it will automatically detect who has Viber on their phones already and lists those first. It also allows you to invite others via email or text to join you on Viber. You can call directly through the app without dialing any code or digits or weird combos of something, just simply hit call through the contact list in the app. Simple as that. The app is super duper easy to navigate, and its basically fool proof. There’s only 5 menu pages.

The “Messages” page, is where you can text one person or a group of people like a chat window. This will do both sms and mms which means text or photo messages. Me and Kenny tested it out today, as you can see. I sent him a pic, and he got it just fine. We were chatting online and on text in this app at the same time, and the response time was like regular text messaging. There was no delay.

The “Recents” tab is basically your call log. It will show both Viber and non-Viber calls. It will be indicated by the different color arrows. Viber is purple, so that means it was placed through Viber. All other calls show up green in my situation, missed or ignored calls show up red.

The “Contacts” tab is basically just that. It lists the contacts that are available to you via Viber. You can also select to let all your phonebook contacts to show, but by default, only Viber ones show. The “Keypad” tab is like duh!! It’s the damn keypad. Lol.

The “More” tab, as you can see is just extra stuff. Software info, and settings which you can adjust the wifi, notification, etc. You can also do your invites via this tab, and deactivate your account. So as you can see, it’s very easy to navigate! Lets talk about what I like and don’t like about this app.

I’m Diggin’…
What I do like about the app, of course is the concept. I love how you can use this app to text and call anyone around the world for free. WTF!! Phone companies must hate this app!! Lol. This is ESPECIALLY useful for those with family or friends overseas. Of course, Kenny is like 16000 miles away from me, so we definitely fall in this category. International phone calls can be super expensive!! Before me and Kenny’s phone bills would be through the roof!! We’re talkin’ hundreds of dollars every month! Then we decided to bust out with phone cards. But I’ve always hated phone cards for 2 reasons, even if they’re really cheap. (Sometimes almost only $0.01 per minute). One, I hate how you have to dial all those digits. The phone card I use to call Kenny is from DianHua China, and its really inexpensive at $8.98 a month for 1000 minutes. This doesn’t include texting though, only minutes. But there’s like 3 sets of numbers I have to dial to make a call. The access number, the customer code, and then the phone number. Ugh!! Although I have it saved in my phone to avoid 2 sets of numbers, I still have to dial his number and it’s a huge hassle. With this app, you can just dial straight from the contacts, and just hit call on their name like if you were calling local. Second, is I hate that when you make a call with a phone card, sometimes it doesn’t come up your number or name on the other person’s phone. Like when I call Kenny, with the phone card, sometimes it’ll show up an odd number and sometimes it’ll show up as unknown. He misses the call sometimes cuz he doesn’t know who it is so he doesn’t pick up. When I call a second time, he’ll assume its me. That is so damn frustrating. I talked to T-Mobile about it once and they told me its cuz the call is “re-routed” through so many loops instead of the usual just straight calling, so sometimes their networks can’t “grab” the correct number before the other person picks up. *LE SIGH* But with this app, you and the other person will ALWAYS see who is calling you because they must be a Viber user and in your contacts. Hell yeah! Another thing  I like about this is it has multilingual support. I have the English version and Kenny downloaded the Chinese version and they work seamlessly. XD I suggest anyone who has a smartphone and relatives or friends overseas that needs to make international calls download this app!! Two thumbs up from Juse! Lol.

What I’m Not Diggin’…
So onto the things I don’t too much care for with this app. Since it is basically VOP, that means you will experience some issues. For example, delay in transmission, static or echoing. I did experience a tiny tiny bit of delay in transmission but it was almost unnoticeable. I also heard a significant amount of echoing which was a little annoying. But when I took the call, I was in the restroom, so I’m sure that didn’t help the situation any. But with that said, I have to admit, of all the VOP softwares I’ve used, this is the best one so far. I used Skype before, and it was such crap!! The delay was horrible, and it was super choppy and we found ourselves repeating every other sentence we said. Ugh!! In comparison to that, the clarity of Viber is impeccable. Viber prides itself on their call quality, as it is mentioned in many of their reviews and descriptions. Another thing I don’t like is how there is no further “detailed” call log. When you click on a person’s name in the call log, instead of giving you info on the last call you made, in regards to duration of the call, etc, it just dials that person’s number, and I have to hurry and hit cancel. I wish it would give you details about the call when you view it in the call log. Other than that and the echoing, I don’t really have any complaints!! So compared to the pros, this is definitely doable!!