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DIY Face Scrub: Olive Oil, Honey, & Sugar Scrub

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If you folks didn’t know, I am an undercover makeup guru. Lol. I do however admit that I don’t take very good care of my skin. With old age, we really have to start paying more attention to your skin, and try to age gracefully. Asians usually age better than a lot of Westerners naturally. I don’t know why, but we tend to look younger. Maybe it’s just the genes. But our current lifestyle does not help us in the skin department any way, shape or form. Women tend to work more now, that means we have less time for self pampering. We also have to be out and about more. That means a lot of sun, and a lot of driving. Driving ages our skin, because we are exposed to the sun AND a ton of pollutants in the air and on the road that gets soaked up by our skin and is really toxic.

So that means the less chemicals we put in our skin the better! Of course I was pretty oblivious to this when I was younger too. Just piling random shit on my face. Lol. Now we try to keep stuff to a minimum. Especially now that its summer. The more you pile on, the more likely you’ll wanna smack yourself when it starts to melt off your face when it’s hot. Ahaha. Ok, ahem… Back to seriousness… >_> With that said, there are a ton of skincare products on the market that have great claims, but when it all comes down to it, they are all just chemicals. Some have more natural ingredients in them than others, but they all have to some extent, some chemical compounds, whether it be for color, or texture or as a binding agent. There are actually lots of foods and natural ingredients that are also good for our skin, why not just use those? Hence the DIY mask! There are a ton of recipes for DIY masks, that you can probably search online. I have tried a few in the past and I’m venturing out to try more nowadays.

Ones that I’ve tried in the past that are good would be the Aspirin Mask (2 full strength uncoated Aspirins, crushed up with warm water and applied to face for 15 minutes and rinsed off), The Oatmeal Honey Mask (Ground up Oatmeal flakes, mixed with 100% real honey to a paste and use as a face scrub/mask) and the good old fashion Egg Mask (Just one egg white, applied to face, wash off once dried) These are good for smoothing, whitening and tightening. Now we are on to trying a new one!


This is the Olive Oil, Honey Sugar Scrub! It’s an exfoliator. We need to exfoliate once in a while (I do it 2 times a week, but if it’s too harsh for you try once a week) because we have dead skin. Without exfoliation our skin could potentially look very dull won’t have that healthy skin glow. It is also good for good blood circulation in the face, because you do use small massaging motions while exfoliating and it generates better skin cell turnover. I’ve always used regular store bought scrubs, from ones with tiny microbeads which didn’t seem to do anything for me, to the harsher ones like apricot scrubs. I went to the store to rack up these ingredients and today I tried this scrub! Olive oil is super healthy both eaten or topical, its moisturizing without pore clogging. Its good for skin and hair and is a beauty secret of many Italian women! Lol. Honey has mad health benefits, and our skin just loves it. Sugar is a natural, nonabrasive item that makes the perfect texture for exfoliation that’s not too harsh and also has benefits for the skin. All three natural ingredients, no coloring, no preservatives, your skin soaks it up! Woohoo!!

Always make your DIY masks/scrubs/creams/sprays in small batches to maintain freshness because they don’t have preservatives, so they don’t last as long as those that are store bought. Make enough only for one or two uses, and make sure if your scrub has perishable ingredients that you store it in the fridge after use. I mixed brown sugar, olive oil, and honey until a thick paste consistency. I use about a half dollar sized amount for my whole face (I got a big ass face) but use the amount that’s right for you. Slowly massage into your face in circular motions with a gentle hand. You don’t wanna rape your face with the scrub. Lol. As I was using it, I could feel how great the texture was. The brown sugar is like the perfect texture for a scrub!! Store bought scrubs are either too harsh (too gritty) or those darn microbeads that are too gentle and do nothing for my skin. I concentrate my motions around my nose, cuz I have blackhead problems, then around my chin where I get most oily. After you exfoliate, then rinse it off and your face will feel as smooth as a baby’s butt!! Lol. No joke! So everyone go pamper yourselves! Lol. I’m gonna do another DIY face scrub soon! Stay tuned! XD

This post is way longer than I intended it to be. *FAILS* XD

Chillaxing + Burning Ear + Mini DIY

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Honestly had a pretty decent day today! I was running a little late but like a boss I got into work and clocked in right at 7:59am! Pretty damn epic. Lol. Bossman isn’t here, which automatically puts me in a good mood! We also got paid on time today, so it was great! I spent the whole day downloading and listening to music. XD

Yesterday after work, I went to go meet Earlene. I had to pay her back $100. Now I only owe her $200. Why is it taking me this damn long to pay back $400? OMG. It’s been like 2 years. Honestly, I feel really bad about it, but I am poor!! I just don’t have $400 out of one check to pay her back with. Ugh! I know she’s not doing so hot right now either, so I have to hurry up and pay her back! Gahhh!

My ear infection is killing me. I don’t even know if that’s what it is, I mean I didn’t get water in my ear or anything, I have no clue what’s causing the problem. It’s a little sore on the outside, and burning hot on the inside. I admit that its way better today than yesterday. I guess all the damn aspirin that I’ve been eating is helping reduce the fever.

So I have a mini DIY/Life Tip to share with you guys. One pet peeve of mine is having lipstick or lip gloss impressions on glasses and cups. I just can’t stand it and it’s a pain in the ass to wash off. I don’t like wearing “no smear” or “long lasting” lip products, cuz they are very drying. I usually wear a colored lip balm and a gloss over it. That’s why I use a straw anytime I can. But I don’t have straws at work, and plus I drink out of a mug. So to prevent my lip gloss from getting on the rim of the mug, I stick a piece of post it on the edge where my lips touch the mug and that way, at the end of the day, I just peel off the post it and mug is clean!! I just need to wash it like regular and I’m good to go!

Here is my little post-it! Isn’t it adorable!! A mustache! Gahhhhh! Cuteness! Lol.

2013-05-01 16.43.30

Juse DIY Project: 2013 Planner!

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Alright ladies and gents! After much anticipation, I’m finally reveling the new Juse 2013 planner!! Woohoo!! First, in case you guys missed it on a previous post, here we go. Every year I design my own planner. The planner is not 100% homemade though. I usually buy the Executive Weekly/Monthly Planner by Day Minder. It’s about $26 I think, which is rather expensive for a planner, but considering I use it all year, it’s not bad I suppose. Problem comes when last year it became very hard to find. I did eventually find one, but I knew it was probably getting discontinued soon or something. Nooo!! My beloved planner!! I literally cannot fall in love with another format, or another type. As many cute ones as there are out there, it’s the actual inside of the planner that I can’t seem to love. This is the only planner that I like from head to toe.

The planner usually comes in all black, since being the DIY Juse that I am. I can’t settle for a plain black planner. That’s when I decided to do something about it and start designing my own covers. Let’s take a look at some past planners shall we?

2013-01-15 18.35.31

These are planners from ’09, ’10, ’11, and last year. As you can see, designs will vary, colors are dramatically different every year, and it just depends on what I’m feelin’ at the time. The design consists of creating 4 covers. The front cover, a matching back cover, and two inside covers. So when I’m finish and attach all my covers, the only black you can see is around the rim. Always had this, and always loved it. Now the reason it’s necessary for me to have a planner is cuz my work is hectic. Let’s take a look at the hot mess.

2013-01-15 18.39.46

Now do you see why I need a damn planner?? I’m writing all up the margins and shit!! Lol. I’m sure they make an app for this but I like to look at my whole week in spread format like this on some good ol’fashion paper. As I complete each task, I highlight it. That’s how I know it’s done. Because I like colors, simply typing this up on the celly is not satisfying enough for me. Then I can’t highlight or use Post-Its or flags. Lol.

This year I decided to tackle the whole design from beginning to end. I opted to use a mini 3 ring binder as my planner. One, I can insert extra pages if I need. Two, I can take out or switch up info more easily. Three, info that I need to keep year in and year out, I can just have it laminated and take it out and reinsert it for the next year without having to rewrite it over each year. The mini 3 ring binder I got, I had from a long time ago, just never used it. You can purchase it from any major office supply store I believe. I think mine is made by Avery. It’s a 1 inch binder and approximately 9×7” in size, but it holds 5.5×8.5” paper. Which is the size of about a regular sheet of paper folded in half horizontally. With my planner, I opted to increase it to 6” instead of the standard 5.5” because I like my paper wider and I like more writing space. Let’s take a look at the process and the final results shall we?? There are 4 major components to this planner. Lets take a look at each of them.

yearly view

First you need to create a year-at-a-view page. Every planner regardless if it’s monthly, weekly or daily needs a page like this so you can reference yourself and make future plans.

month at a view

Next you need to design your monthly views. This is how my old planners were formatted and I liked it so decided to still go with this option. Although the planner is a week-at-a-view, I have a starter page of a month-at-a-view at the beginning of each month. That way, it serves the purpose of a divider between each month and an at-a-glance view to put things in perspective.

planner spread

Then, you need to design the actual planner pages. This didn’t take me as long to draw as I thought it would. I love it!! As you can see, when the binder is spread open, you see the whole week in front of you. The top is left blank so I can just mass print it and fill in the months myself. Then one page has half the week while the other side has the other half. Weekends don’t have work duties so less space is left for it. Within each day, the little box on the top left is used to write the date in. I rounded off the corners so it gives it a simple yet cute look!

The final section is for “notes”, that’s basically just where you divide it off, and put some notebook paper in or memo sheets in case you need to jot something down that’s not really schedule related. Then I had to design the front cover, back cover, and spine. Afterwards, I put the binder together and it looked great! Let’s take look.

2013-01-15 16.33.28

2013-01-15 16.41.07

Complete planner side and front view.

2013-01-15 16.38.09

2013-01-15 16.38.37

Front and back cover close ups.

2013-01-15 16.33.54

2013-01-15 16.34.12

Right when you open the planner, the first page is a laminated hard piece of cardstock. Eventually I will change it out for something with a design on it once I can get to the office supply store. But this will do for now. This is needed both as the first and last page of the binder. It serves as a “page lifter”. This is because with round 3 ring binders, when you close it, the top and bottom pages of the planner might get stuck in between the rings and tear, this will assure that the actual pages have protection and they slide effortlessly when you close the binder. That’s a pro tip! Lol. And you’re welcome! XD Also as you can see, I have tabbed the months off. I should have used pink tabs, but I didn’t have any at the time. *FAILS*

2013-01-15 16.34.47

Year-at-a-view page.

2013-01-15 16.35.20

2013-01-15 16.39.18

Month-at-a-view page and close up.

2013-01-15 16.36.06

2013-01-15 16.36.32

Week-at-a-view and close up. As you can see, the small detailing makes it very cute but subtle. XD

2013-01-15 16.37.04

2013-01-15 16.37.25

Here’s the notes section. The first divider page that I’ve tabbed off, and then the actual pages. Aren’t they cute? just simple notebook paper really with a watermark background. Took me less than a minute to whip up. I didn’t have too many. I think I did 20 pages? I can always add more later if need be. Ah, the advantages of a 3 ring binder. Lol!

2013-01-15 16.37.45

Here’s the very last page. Like I said before, its a laminated sheet of cardstock like the one in the front serving the “page lifter” purpose. Here’s another pro tip. Cuz its laminated, you can stick a few Post-It notes and flags or tabs and stuff on there, so you can just pull it off and use when needed!! They don’t affect the stickiness of the Post-Its at all cuz the lamination is slick, and it doesn’t leave a mark when you peel and stick or re-stick! Neat right?? You’re welcome again. Lol!!

2013-01-15 16.40.35

So tada!! That’s my new planner folks!

I had a lot of fun making it although it was a pain in the ass at the beginning but definitely fulfilling watching it come together. The worst part had to be hole punching this b!tch cuz I didn’t have a mini 3 hole punch so I was using a single hole puncher, and punching a few pages at at time. It took FOREVER!! And my hand was cramping afterwards!! OMG. Must invest in a mini 3 hole punch if I can find one. Lol~! Hope Juse has inspired you to create something this time, and remember that DIY rules!! Hell yeah!! Lol.

Juse DIY Project: Revamped Post-It Notes!

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Although I was slacking off most of last week, I have managed to get inspired, and do some DIY. I’ve been making mad DIY Post-It notes for the past few days. I love me some Post-Its, but sometimes they are just so plain. True, the color selection makes it a little more interesting, but I need more visual stimulation people!! I’m really particular about my Post-Its. Being the anal person that I am, I don’t like writing crooked. But, I don’t like buying Post-It notes with lines though however; cuz the lines are subpar if you ask me. >_> I like my lines thick and dark. I can’t stand “barely there” lines. Theses aren’t panties folks!! I need my damn lines! Lol. So I’ve opted to draw my own! Same thing like the index card tutorial I did (*please search for that post yourself, cuz my ass is too lazy to post the link here… >_>) But you basically measure out your Post-It size in Photoshop, which a standard one should be 3×3″, then draw lines in the width of your liking, and repeat.

Trick is, how to print on a Post-It? Cuz you can’t feed it through the printer directly. Unless you don’t want your printer anymore. I’m just sayin’ >_> So my trick is, open up a word document. The margins are automatically set to 1″ on all 4 sides. Use the draw tool, to draw one line horizontal, and one line vertical, hitting right at the 1″ margin line. Make sure the ends meet at the corner. I use the top left, but you can use which ever one you feel comfortable with. I don’t know why the hell you wouldn’t use the top left, but maybe you might be weird. >_> Then print that out on a cardstock or sturdy sheet of paper. The end result should be like an upside down L on the top left corner.

I usually try to make my horizontal line a little bit longer, this way I can print 2 Post-Its at one time. Saves me time. After you print out this guideline, then you can create your re-vamped Post-Its! In Photoshop, create a blank document that’s the size of your Post-Its. In my case, they are all standard 3×3″ squares. Then put whatever design you want in it. Save the document as a .jpg. Then in a Word document that has 1″ margins, just copy and past your image! It should automatically go to the top left corner. Take your blank Post-It note, and stick it right up to the corner of your guideline sheet, and refeed it back into your printer. Print the Word document with the image on it, and BAM! Your end result should be the revamped Post-It! If your printer doesn’t have an alignment issue, then your image should fit on your Post-It perfectly. If your printer has alignment issues, then just move your image on the Word doc, a tiny bit to whatever side, and you should be fine!!

Here is my collection so far!!

I think I like the Marilyn Monroe one best. Its very chic. Lol. Doing or not doing the lines is optional of course. If you don’t mind writing crooked or you write straight naturally, I say just skip it! Now tell me this isn’t the cutest thing ever!! Lol. The possibilities are endless. Now you might ask, afterwards where do I put all of them? Do I stick them back into a stack like it was before? Of course not, you can do whatever you want with them, but I usually get a laminated piece of cardstock that I use as a board, and stick them all on there until ready to use. You can basically stick them on anything slippery and it won’t ruin. So have I inspired you today? Now go run and make some cute stuff!! Lol.

Juse DIY Project: Mini Money Summies + Budgeting Tips

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Ladies and gents, the Bossman is back. O_O;; That means “less” fooling around. Lol. But before he could make it into work today, I still managed to squeeze in some personal time. Today Juse has a DIY project! Its very similar to the one I last did with the homemade index cards but with a spin. For this project, you will need some 10 up perforated business card paper. Technically you can just do it on any cardstock paper, but trust me, the perforated paper makes life so much more easy, you’ll see why in a second. You’ll also need Photoshop or some kind of photo editing software. Lastly you need a printer. That’s it folks! Lets get started.

The idea for this DIY came from my previous experience. I have done this before, and decided that in order to stick with my budget, I need to start implementing this again. Of course this will not work for most of you, but hopefully it will work for some of you or inspire you to do your own twist on it. This is to help me budget. When you have too many credit cards or bank accounts to keep up with, I like to have something that will help me see everything in summary and at-a-glance. This helps when I’m at a store shopping and I need to quickly figure out which card I need to be using so I don’t overdraw any account, or over charge any credit card. But checking balance on every card is kinda a hassle, even if you have an app on ur phone for each one. Wouldn’t it be great to just kinda see it all in a glance? O_o Hence our DIY project today. I dub it the Mini Money Summie! Lol.

Basically you take the cards or accounts that you have, list them on one sheet of paper, and at the beginning or end of each month, you just write down on the sheet how much you are able to spend from each account or card, and keep it in your wallet. This is why I said use the business card sized cards, so that it fits in most if not all wallets man or woman! Smart right? Lol.

Financial people recommend that you need to have no more than 30% owed on each credit card. That is the ideal amount. That means that if you have credit limit of $1000 on one of your cards, you should spend no more than $300 of that amount on average. If maintained at this rate, it helps build your credit way faster. Contrary to popular belief, charging a lot on your card, and then paying it off in full each month doesn’t help you build credit. They want to see that you can control your spending to limit ratio, and pay on time while maintaining debt over a long period of time. Yes they are assholes. Lol. But we tend to splurge when we have credit cards handy and its hard to keep this in mind at times. This is why I say go ahead and just tell yourself, that you only have 30% of your actual credit limit for each card and pretend you don’t have the rest. Unless you have a huge purchase that must be made of course. >_> Also, for your checking accounts, you know how much are allocated to what bills, and what is disposable income. Write only that amount on your summie sheet, so you don’t over spend.

Personally this works pretty good for me. If it’s not for you then just read this for the hell of it anyways. Lol. Ok, for me, I have 3 bank accounts that I manage on a regular basis. One checking, one checking back up, and one money market kind of account. Then I have 3 major credit cards that I use on a regular basis. Maybe I shouldn’t be sharing all this public info. Lol. But what the heck ever. I don’t give a damn. >_> I have found that 6 is basically the max you can fit on a business card sized card. Of course if you’re only manage less than 6, then that’s even better, and if you’re managing more than 6, then you’ve got too many credit cards! Lol.

First you take your letter sized sheet of 10 up business cards, and measure out your margins. The business card sheet needs to be the size of a regular sheet of paper before tearing off the cards. We don’t want to jam the printer with odd sizes. I think it’s pretty standard. I did mine horizontal, aka landscape. So I measured, the top and bottom (left and right if you’re holding the paper upright portrait) its 0.75 inches. The other two sides are 0.50 inches margin. Then go into Photoshop or your software, and create a letter sized blank canvas. Which is 8.5×11 inches. (Mine is the other way around since its landscape). Then use the internal ruler, and draw lines where your margins hit. What’s in the center is your workable space. Then create a separate blank document that is the size of a business card. The standard one is 2×3.5 inches. This is where you are going to do your designing. On the 10 up canvas, I just took a cute desktop wallpaper and stretched it across the canvas with a bleed passing the margins to make sure there is no bald spot. Then on the business card sized canvas, you just type out your account names, and draw lines after each one. Simple enough? I had some extra space on the sides, so I put some cute icons there. After you finish designing, you copy and paste the whole image onto your large canvas 10 times. Make sure that you don’t take the background with you, only the transparent design, so that your wallpaper on the large canvas will show through. Then you simply print it on the 10 up business card paper!

Depending on how accurate your printer alignment is, this should come out near perfect, the first time. If you know your printer is notorious for being crooked then I suggest you print a sheet on regular paper and hold it up to the light up against the business card paper, to see if everything matches up correctly, cuz business card paper can get kinda costly. Here’s the finished product!! Isn’t it adorable? It’s a full sheet, and if you designed and printed it correctly, all you have to do is bend back the margins and tear! Muahaha.

Now the point of this is to keep up with it. Write what you can spend from each account/card you’ve listed and stick it in your wallet!! That way when you’re at the store, you can take it out at the cashier and take a quick look before you pay!

Juse DIY Project: Cutesy Index Cards. =) + Artist Insights

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For those of you who don’t know, Juse loves some DIY. If I didn’t like creating stuff, I wouldn’t be in design and advertising. Any chance I get, I use it to design something. It might not always be in the same realms, but my mind is always churning. As you can see by my bentos and nail porn pages here, I try designing in all aspects. Although designing on paper and computer is what I do for a living, creating shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be limited to only those forms.

Sometimes inspiration has to be acquired from many different aspects of life. It really just depends on what inspires you. There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of “creating” something yourself; regardless of what it is. It reminds me of that feeling you had as a kid, and you came home from school with your first stick figure drawing. Although it wasn’t a DaVinci, but you thought it was a masterpiece!! Lol. You would run to your parents showing off the hideous scribble of crayon and pencil and present it as if it was worth a million dollars. The reason for it is cuz you created it; with just a blank canvas and your imagination. The only misfortune of many years of formal education is that we learn conformity. Not only do we learn conformity, we limit our imagination. This is why kids have much more imagination than adults, because they haven’t yet been brain washed and trained to think logically or reasonably. They simply; think. Period.

As someone who creates, we simply never allow ourselves to “fully grow up”. Sometimes we escape into our imagination and regardless if it’s filled with meadows, gumdrops and unicorns or scary things like monsters, ghosts or twisted gruesome blobs we allow ourselves to reach deep inside and pull those out; holding them in our hands for the world to see. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. Just like how we presented our first drawings as a kid. It matters more what we think of it. Because a creator is not validated by the opinions of others, but by what they believe is the motivation to continue their creations. No matter how crazy the art, or form of art and regardless if there are a million who appreciate it or only a hundred; every piece of art ALWAYS has at least ONE admirer, and that is… its creator. I know this is all really deep shit, you’re welcome for the enlightenment. Lol. XD

Once you see what I created today, you’ll probably be like WTF?? Did this girl just give this long ass lecture about “creation” and “art” and all this fancy stuff cuz she made a freakin’ piece of paper?? Ahaha. Folks, if that’s what you think then you just totally missed the point. The point of it is, that I’m simply explaining how it “feels” to create. It could be something as small as an origami or something big as a statue, the feeling is the same.

Since I was ridiculously bored, I decided to make something. Nothing too involved cuz who the hell knows when I’m gonna suddenly get busy. Just something fast to kill a few minutes. For those of you who don’t know, I am a hoarder. Yes, I am obsessive compulsive about things I hoard, not to the point where I need some help like the TV show, but I admit that I might have more than the “average person”. Lol. Two things that I seem to drool over all the time are pens, and post-it notes. *DIES*

I don’t know how you guys make out your grocery lists, especially with so many gadgets and stuff these days, but I still write mine on a sheet of paper and stick it in my wallet. I suppose you can just put it as a note in your phone, message yourself, or even do a voice recording but something about making a list that gets me very very low key excited. Lol. #weirdfetish In all honesty its cuz I like to write things down, one it is a reinforcing factor to help you remember it, and two is cuz I’m narcissistic and I like looking at my own handwriting. Ahahaha. O___O;; True story.

But anyways, so I usually write it on a post it, and these are the preferred kind:

The long ones with lines so I don’t write crooked cuz crooked handwriting freaks me out. #dontjudge >_> Uh, yeaaah. Lol. But the problem with this is that since it’s a post-it, it sticks to my wallet, and that gets a little annoying. I always end up sticking some tape to cover up the sticky part of the post-it, so it doesn’t stick. I guess I could write it on a plain index card, they’re the same size, and have lines but index cards are so boring to me!! And the lines are more narrow. -__-;; YES.I.AM.VERY.ANAL. You’re probably reading this wondering what the hell does it matter, cuz after you come back from the store, you’re probably gonna throw away the list anyways, so just write on scrap paper!! Um… NO!!! Lol.

So today I decided to make my own “non-sticky post-it notes”. Wait, is this an oxymoron? O_o I guess its more like a homemade index card. It’s rather simple. Measure up how big you want it to be. Make a blank canvas of that size in Photoshop or whatever software you design with. Then draw lines to your liking in width, take a shortcut, grab a desktop wallpaper background that you like, print that out the size of the sheet of paper, then print your lines on top of it, and trim! Woohoo!!

I know. It is apparent that I am bored. Shuddup. -___-;; But aren’t they the cutest!!? Lol.