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Wish Me Luck Folks, I’m Going In!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Panicking)
Quote Of The Day: “So Kenny passed his interview and he’s coming soon.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

I thought about this long and hard, and when I do that I tend to actually come up with some good plans. After analyzing my situation, and running this idea by Lili, I think this is going to be my master plan.

I am going to tell reason A today. I figured its much better to give her as much advance notice as possible so she can have time to let this thought sink in. Kenny is really coming. I told Lili that my crutch in this situation is going to be money. reason A loves money. Not cuz she’s a gold digger or money hungry but because she feels insecure. I mean just imagine. You’re in your old age, you don’t have a retirement plan, you don’t have a spouse to lean on, you don’t own your own house or any assets, you don’t have medical insurance, and you only have one daughter that is your whole well being. So of course she feels threatened by Kenny’s presence. She thinks I’m going to be all about him and kick her to the side. I know she’s terrified of that. I can understand that.

One thing she doesn’t realize however is no matter how much she drives me crazy and how much sometimes I just wanna take my own life so I can relieve myself of her, in reality I love her more than she knows. I will never choose someone else over her, when it comes down to it, that is a fact. Now the cats, that’s another story. Lol.

The plan is I’ll tell reason A that Kenny sent money. I’ve been telling her this for yrs when in reality its always been my own money that I “say” he gave her or me. Its just to make her feel like he cares and that he is contributing to this household like a man should. She’ll ask me why he sent money and I’ll say well he passed his interview yesterday and he’ll be coming soon and so he sent money so we can spruce up the place, and add some household things. Then when she asks me how soon is “soon” I’ll say around May. That way she can be like oh ok, that’s still a while away. I think this is the best plan. The money can be a distraction and I can tell her we can use it to go buy furniture which should make her happy immediately. Hopefully this plan works. And if it doesn’t I just have to brace myself for this uphill battle. I mean I chose him and these are the consequences that come with him, so I have to deal with it.

Suddenly Epic Sick!!

MOOD: onigiri- dillusional (Dizzy)
Quote Of The Day: “Maybe its food poisoning.” -Juse

Today was epic no bueno. Last night I finally gave reason A a summary of what’s going on at work. She kinda knew a little about us getting a letter from the lawyer and stuff, but I didn’t tell her we got served by the court marshall and I didn’t tell her that next Tues. was our deadline to answer to the court basically. I wanted to keep it to myself because I knew it would stress her out and honestly, she can’t help me with any of it so why have her all worried about it anyways. I have to admit it was very stressful keeping it all balled up inside. I felt like Kenny wasn’t being very empathetic and I couldn’t tell reason A so I knew I was bound to have a breakdown of some sort. Of course it stressed me out to tell reason A about it, and she was stressed out hearing it.

I woke up pretty early this morning and was going to grab a bite to eat then go back to bed. It was raining all last night through this morning. Its that time of the month so I already felt like crap plus the rain = double crap. reason A was up and moving around and so were the cats. I had this pounding headache and didn’t know where it was coming from and reason A said that she had burned something on the stove, and maybe it was the smoke that gave me a headache. We each had a sandwich and I was about to go back to bed when all of a sudden, like a storm hitting reason A got ridiculously sick! We didn’t even know what it was! She started vomiting like crazy and having to literally run to the bathroom every 2=3 minutes. I panicked. She’s never been one to vomit. So at first I thought it was food poisoning?? But I ate the same stuff she did and I was fine! Granted I didn’t feel good but I definitely didn’t feel like vomiting. Then we thought maybe it was the smoke?? It was really bad. She felt weak in the knees, dizzy and kept throwing up. I was so sleepy and tired but every time I heard her make a run for the bathroom I got up to see if she was ok. In the very end I think I was so exhausted I just fell asleep. She said she threw up yet another time but I didn’t even know it cuz I was knocked out by then.

I fell in and out of sleep and finally got up around 5pm. reason A was fine by then and I was feeling like I was about to pass out. How the hell did we get so sick so fast? reason A said it was from stress. I kinda figured so because I had been “holding it in” all week and I knew my body was tense and now that its the weekend, my body totally just lost it. I had so much to do today, errands to run but I could barely get out of bed so needless to say nothing got done. The cat’s didn’t even have lunch. Ugh. I’m just glad we’re feeling much better now. This is really not the time for us to be sick.

Little Red Double Whammy!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Aggravated)
Quote Of The Day: “You know if I won the lotto right when we got married, it probably would have split us up.” -David

Oh man!! Please don’t tell me that I am having one of those bad luck streaks again. Ugh!! So yesterday I told Bill that I’m going to be a couple of hrs late this morning cuz I needed to take my car to the shop and then get a rental. He being the nosy person that he is immediately went to “inspect’ the damages on my car and then brushed me off. I’m like uh, did u not just take 2 mornings off to take ur car to the Honda dealership? Why is it ok for u to get ur car fix and not for me to get mine fixed? I got pissed. First of all, u are not paying to fix my damn car, its none of ur damn business how big or small the damages are, and if I want to fix it or not. Second, I am not asking for ur “permission” be late, I am simply telling u that I will be a few hrs late. Since u are forever taking personal time off and double vacations I think its only fair that I get off for the few hrs that I need.

But when I walked out this morning to head over to Maaco, please tell me why I had a flat tire!! I was like auhhhh!! Really life?? Are you really doing this to me?? So I started to get stressed out. Bagel was not helping the situation by raising hell this morning and getting into all kinds of mess. I seriously wanted to beat him up. Since tire was already completely flat, I had to address that problem first. So I headed to Kauffman Tires. I’m so happy I got my tires at Kauffman because they do free tire repair and if they can’t repair it they will replace it and its usually free if u have the warranty or prorated. I got there right when they opened but there were 4 people ahead of me! WTF! But good thing was they had me in and out in about 45 minutes and it was no charge! Whew! One problem down, 2 more to go.

I drove to Maaco and they took my car in. I asked him if there are any extra “fees” and he assured me it was the flat $225 they quoted me for. Hopefully they stick to that, cuz I hate surprises. They said that I will definitely be able to get it by Friday but they think they might could even do it by tomorrow. We’ll have to see. They will call me. Next thing was to rent a car. I called Enterprise and I already had a reservation set up through the insurance company. I waited like 15 minutes and they came to pick me up. Good thing it was also down Buford Hwy and was only about 5 miles away from Maaco.

When I got there, they told me they didn’t have a compact car waiting for me and that I’d have to wait while they go get me one from another lot. I was like OMG, how long is that gonna take?? They wanted me to wait on a Hyundai Sonata? But I guess that took too long so they ended up giving me a new VW Jetta. Its push button start! I was excited. Lol. I did end up getting the extra $15 a day insurance they offered and that will be out of my own pocket but I have a damn acorn tree in my yard and I cannot afford to have the car dinged up and me having to pay for that. The $15 covers all things exterior so even if I get dings or scratches I should be fine. After a stop at Wendy’s to grab lunch, I finally made it to work at noon. OMG!! I’m worn out! Today was traumatic. Lol.

Little Red Gets Hit In The Ass

MOOD: onigiri- crying deeply (Nooooo!!!)
Quote Of The Day: “I just got rear-ended.” -Juse

So I had a nightmare last night. I don’t think I’ve had one in a while. And I remember it very vividly. In summary, I had a dream about me forgetting to lock the door and then a robber came in and stole everything. Yikes! Definitely a bad and scary dream. I woke up with a bad feeling. reason A always says when u have a nightmare that means something bad is about to happen. Not necessarily what u dreamt about but it will be something bad. I soon forgot about it though and went about my day.

When I was driving home from work, it started to rain. In matter of fact, it started to pour! I was on the highway and there was a period of time where I couldn’t see shit! It was kinda scary driving in that. Then when I’m about 2 exits away, the rain suddenly subsides a little. It was just sprinkling. We’re in bumper to bumper traffic cuz folks can’t drive in Atlanta when it rains, and all of a sudden BAM!!! I feel a strong hit from behind! I already had my foot on the brakes but I slammed my foot all the way down to prevent myself from bumping into the car in front of me. For a split second I was in shock. I had been driving so smoothly for a few yrs now that I became oblivious to the fact that accidents do and will happen at anytime. I almost felt my heart stop for a second. I was in shock! Did someone just hit me? No way. This is NOT happening to me again!! This is my 4th time getting hit! U have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! Alas, the world plays a cruel joke on me and again I got rear-ended. I immediately turned on my emergency lights and pulled to the shoulder and so did the other car.

It turned out to be some rich lady in a white Audi that rear-ended me. She came out and handed me her business card. I saw my bumper and thank God it didn’t look serious. I did immediately see chipped paint though. I asked if we should file a police report and of course she immediately said she didn’t think so. Her ass would probably have gotten a ticket (for following too close) if I did. She promised me she would inform her insurance right away so that I could get my car fixed. We exchanged info and went our separate ways. Turns out she’s the head of I.T. in Cricket Wireless?? Whoa!! Can u give me a job? Lol. I should have blackmailed her with that. Damn it. Wasn’t thinking fast enough. I just really hope she’s an honest person and will not let me down cuz I didn’t call the cops but since I didn’t hit the person in front of me and its just an accident between me and her, then hopefully there is no denial and paperwork should be simple.

Mental Breakdown @ The Red Light + I Passed By Two Dead Bodies

MOOD: onigiri- scared (Shocked)
Quote Of The Day: “I passed by two dead bodies!!” -Juse

Had to make a Costco trip after work. They close pretty early, and ya’ll know I’m far as shit from home. reason A wanted me to pick up some water, almonds and rotisserie chicken for dinner. Other stuff I’m not so much worried about but the chicken I was worried about! They don’t make fresh ones after like 6:30, 7pm?? But I know I won’t get there til 7pm! I don’t know if I was PMSing or what, but just the fact that I had to beat the clock to go get chicken stressed me the hell out!! Traffic was really backed up on 285, and it was even worse on Buford Hwy. I kept watching the clock tick thinking I’m not going to make it in time to grab a fresh chicken. That sounds so damn petty now that I’m writing about it but at the time, I was stressed. I think traffic does that to me. Traffic makes my blood pressure go up. I feel stressed. I decided to detour and then I got stuck in traffic at the detour!! I couldn’t take it anymore and at the red light I just let out the loudest scream I could! Literally just having an episode at the red light!! I was screaming at the cars, screaming at the lights! I was mad at everything and everybody! I felt like crying. Why was there so much damn traffic today?? The one day I need to go to Costco! Auhhhhhhh!!!!! I can’t believe I basically had a breakdown over some damn chicken. -__-;;

When I took my detour it was down a small road in a subdivision pretty close to my house. I’d say about 3 streets over. When I finally passed all the congestion I saw a house to my left that had a bunch of police cars there. The whole house plus the yard had the yellow caution tape. I saw forensics there too with ice coolers?? I just thought maybe there was another drug bust. They’re forever doing drug busts in my area.

Well the news came on right before I went to bed and come to find out they found 2 dead bodies in that house!! OMFG!! Are you telling me there were dead bodies in those coolers?? I passed by 2 dead bodies! *DIES* The landlord of the house hired some dude to come mow the lawn and apparently dude could smell the foul odor from outside the house and he stopped a police officer that happened to be patrolling the area. According to the neighbors, they haven’t seen anyone coming or going from that house for 4-6 weeks now and their car hasn’t moved at all from the drive way. So they’ve been dead for almost a month! *FAINTS* I can only imagine what it smelled like considering this sweltering heat we having going on right now. *GULPS*

The Kitchen Fountain + Kill Bill Motives

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “Cuz he made me just wanna cough up blood!!” -Juse

So I had a traumatic even happen today. I haven’t been in deep sleep in what seems like forever. The kind where you’re dreaming and you know its time to get up but you just can’t. Well reason A came in and woke me up. It kinda startled me because I do have my alarm set, and she never comes in my room like that. She called me out to the living room very quietly. I was literally getting up and walking but mentally still asleep. She said come look at this. I thought to myself, uh oh. What is it?

Well come to find out, the pipes under our kitchen faucet were leaking! It was leaking in multiple places, and she had like 3 buckets under the sink catching all the water. She said she didn’t sleep all night! She said she didn’t have the heart to wake me in the middle of the night, plus there was nothing I could have done at that hour, so she just stayed up so she could empty the buckets throughout the night! Poor reason A. >_<

So it was around 6am at this time. She told me there was no way I could go into work, and asked me to call out. I don’t know why I’m always reluctant to do that, when God knows I deserve a damn break! So I did. She couldn’t communicate to the plumber the problem and she had to keep her eye on 3 cats. It was just too much for her to handle. I called the emergency maintenance line for management, and they said leaking might be a big issue, but its not life threatening so they’d have to wait til normal office hours which start at 10am. *FAILS*

So we hide the cats in my room, and I told reason A, we need to clean the kitchen, its just too wack lookin’!! Honestly that’s the only crazy looking place in the house now. We cleaned everywhere else in the house besides the kitchen before cats came. But after cats came, we were so overwhelmed that we never go to the kitchen. Literally can’t even see the counter top. So reason A did a quick clean and it made a world of difference!! I was like wow! Who knew kitchen could be this clean! Lol. Too bad its hard to maintain cuz of all the cooking we do.

I think plumber came around 11:30am?? Not bad at all!! They changed out our pipes and installed a new faucet! We were excited! And we got everything done before noon time so we were super happy!! New pipes mean we should be drama free for a few yrs. Lol.

I took a quick nap after feeding the cats and headed out in the afternoon to do some shopping. I kept thinking its rare that I get a weekday off, I shouldn’t waste it by staying home and just napping my life away. I should go do something! I hit up a few stores, and came back with random loot. But around 4pm, Bill called me. I knew there would be problems because Friday, 2 checks have to be cut. He doesn’t know how to cut a check with the new software. I was ready to help! I had my laptop with me and everything. I can remote desktop from my laptop and basically do everything from home. The only thing I would have needed him to do was to feed the blank checks through my printer, and I could type it up and print it from home.

Well he wanted to do it himself, so I tried my best to walk him through the process, but he was so clueless!! I kept telling him what button to press, but he said he couldn’t find that button and I told him the color of the button, where it was on the screen, what the button said, everything!! Finally I got so frustrated I just started yelling into the phone!! I told him multiple times, I can just print it for him if he feeds the checks, but he refused! He was determined to do it himself, but he couldn’t figure it out! U are wasting my time! I could have printed it 100 times by now! I was almost coughing up blood at this point. -__-;;

Finally after me asking about 3 times, and 30 minutes later, he finally got it. I was so damn exasperated at this point. I’m just glad he got it over with. Whew!! So there goes my super eventful Friday. Lol.

I See Dead People Aka Bag Monster

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “I think he has temporary memory loss!!” -reason A

I didn’t get any sleep last night. I’m on my second cup of coffee as I’m bloggin’ this. -__-;; We had a traumatic event with the cats last night. It started off with Muffin’ dry heaving. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to sneeze or cough but she had this heave thing going on and nothing was coming out her nose or mouth. Then she got really quiet. She’s never quiet! I was thinking, did she lose her voice? No clue. But that wasn’t even the traumatic event.

I had a fairly large reusable bag lying on the floor. I usually keep it in the car but brought it in with me last night cuz I had lots of crap to bringing in. U know cats get excited about boxes and bags so they were all jumping in and out of it playing. The kids stopped playing and moved on to something else, so Muffin was playing with it. One thing about cats and bags u have to be careful of is the handles. They can get wrapped around the cat and become a choking hazard.

Muffin ended up being entangled in it. Good news is, it was around her ankle, not her neck. Thank God! But bad news was it freaked her out and she busted out running throughout the house with the huge bag attached to her ankle! It was hitting everything and knocking over everything and she was so freaked out by it she wouldn’t stop running! We tried chasing after her to get her loose, but she wouldn’t stop! All while we’re running through the house chasing her we totally didn’t notice that she had frightened Bagel so much that he had ran onto my desk and was squatting and shivering!

We had no idea how long he had been sitting there shaking, but we finally got the bag off of Muffin’s ankle, and she hid under the sofa. When reason A found Bagel, he was shaking uncontrollably! We immediately grabbed him, hugged him and tried to bring him into the living room. He ran for his life!! He was soooo scared of the hallway and the living room cuz that’s where this “moving bag” was flying across the floor attacking him! He didn’t know that was Muffin running! He literally looked like he saw a ghost. He kept staring at the hallway. Eyeballs wouldn’t even move, and he couldn’t walk. We got freaked out cuz we didn’t know he if he was paralyzed, blinded or what. I waved my hand in front of his eyes, and they didn’t even move. I put his favorite snack in front of him, not even a blink. I was like OMG. He’s traumatized!! We wrapped him up in a blanket and just kept talkin’ to him quietly, and petting him and he just kept shaking.

He attempted to walk, but his legs buckled, so we just let him lie down. He just stared straight like he was in a daze?? I don’t even know how many hrs went by. We turned on all the lights for him to see that there’s nothing there, but it was useless. Finally Donut and Muffin came over to give him “cat reassurance” and he looked at them like he didn’t know who they were!! reason A said, “Did he just get temporary amnesia??” He looked like he didn’t know anything. I told her we just need to keep giving him reassurance, maybe he’ll come around. So he didn’t sleep a wink for 7 hrs. Just shaking. Finally I just passed out around 4am. reason A didn’t sleep at all.

When I got up for work, he was standing up by himself. I talked to him and he did turn and look at me, and I think I heard him give a small meow. reason A said he was staring the whole night. Poor boy, he got the shit scared out of him. I told reason A to continue to talk to him, and pet him today and try to get him to eat something, and eventually he’ll be ok. Might take a couple of days though. OMG!! I think reason A wants to murder Muffin now for scaring Bagel so much. But its not really her fault either?? She was also frightened, but she is an adult so she took it better than Bagel, since he’s still a baby. At least we didn’t have to go to the vet!! Whew.

FML Moment x 3!!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “Can you imagine the half fob teaching the full fob?” -Lili

So all hell in weather is suppose to break loose today. I think everyone is so terrified from Snowmageddon last year, that the weather folks, government and everyone else is on high alert. This year, they’re working the “better safe than sorry” method. Governor announced on the news that government agencies will be closed in anticipation of the bad weather and he recommends all employers let out their employees at 2pm.

Of course working for the Scrooge like I do, I took my ass to work. Morning honestly wasn’t bad at all. I saw wet pavement but nothing crazy. They said snow would start around 10am? The whole morning Bosslady was texting me like crazy. How odd is it for ur boss to be texting with u? Lol. But then again, I’m ok with it cuz I’d rather do that then for her to come or to have to talk to her on the phone. XD So around noon time, a couple of my co-workers came and asked me if I had seen the news and heard what the governor had said. I said I know but I don’t know when or if we’re leaving early! I don’t make that judgement call. Bossman was still stuck in MS where there was a huge snowstorm and he couldn’t get back.

I was texting Adriana, Lili and Bosslady at the same time. I actually use a software so I can text on the computer and don’t cramp up my hands. Sometimes the screens for each person gets confusing. I sent Lili a text message (or so I thought) complaining about how others are asking me if we’re getting off early and my ass doesn’t know cuz I don’t make the decisions, Bill does!! But how about I accidentally sent that to Bosslady! Auhhhh!! Oh man. Thank goodness I didn’t curse or say anything offensive!! Whew!

She of course thought that was meant for her and it ended up working in my favor cuz she thought I was getting upset by the situation so she called Bossman and told him about our bad weather warnings so he okayed us to go home at 2pm!! Woohoo! I think this is the earliest we’ve ever been let out. I guess Bossman felt our pain cuz last year he was stuck on the road for 8 hours! I was stuck for 5. One of my co-workers, Saira, didn’t get home til the next day!! Oh the madness! I’m glad government has learned their lesson and is taking a proactive approach so none of us die on the damn streets!

When we were getting off around 2pm, it was starting to sleet very hard. I took the local road home because the rebel in me thought that going out shopping in this weather was a great idea! Lol. Its rare that I ever get to get off early so I was like heck yeah! Time to worm it up! But many stores were closing early as well. I called around and found that Target would be open so I went to a few places. First was The Container Store. I was looking for large container for dry cat food, but I didn’t find one I liked but I did find this little thing!

can dispenser
Lol!! How cute is that? Its a cat food can dispenser. Lol. I think I need a second one for larger cans, but right now the kittens will be on a kitten diet and that’s the small cans of kitten food so this dispenser is perfect. The food took me forever to find cuz I didn’t find them at PetSmart last time I went and I ended up finding them at Kroger today. There is only 2 flavors, so it worked great for this dispenser.

Then I went to Target to get more cat litter cuz of the great deal they’re having on all pet supplies. This will be my second time hauling cat litter. Usually the Tidy Cat litter is $12.99 for the 8lb tubs, but after this deal plus coupons combo they’ll be like $4 a jug!! That’s huge savings! Gotta save when I can! But I totally had a traumatic event at Target. -__-;; Usually my traumatic events happen at the register. I either get a newb or an asshole cashier that can’t get my coupons to scan correctly and it causes a traumatic even cuz I’m holding up the line, sweating and they can’t seem to get my transaction to work. This time folks. It was worse than that.

So I get to the cat litter place and I need 3 jugs for the deal. There were only 2 jugs left on the bottom shelf. Now these are the light litter but its still 8lbs! So for my 3rd one, I had to get one from the highest shelf. I could reach it if I tipitoed. So I got on my tip toe, and reached up for the jug. But I couldn’t reach the handle of it cuz it was so high so the jug ended up tipping over, and I don’t know what was up with this jug but the lid wasn’t screwed on tight and so the whole jug of cat litter spilled on me!! Like I totally made it rain cat litter!! Can you imagine me frantically scratching like a damn cat myself trying to stand the jug upright so it would stop pouring and it just kept pouring!! Like the whole freakin’ jug poured on me!! I had litter in my jacket, in my shoes, all over the floor, shelves, I’m just glad I didn’t have my mouth open or I would have ate some!! OMFG!! I was freakin’ out!! So after I finally got the jug upright, I ran like the wind!! Thank God no one saw me!! How embarrassing is that!!

I looked all around like a freakin’ thief!! But I needed another jug of litter!! Ugh!! So I kept circling that shelf and looking around to see if anyone can see me!! Finally when the coast was clear, I ran up to it, jumped up like Cat Woman, grabbed a jug off the top shelf (yes, same damn shelf) put it in my cart and ran like the wind!! I was SOOO embarrassed. Even though no one saw me but OMG!! I’m sure it was on the surveillance camera. Great. Now loss prevention gets to look at this Chinese lady make a fool of herself on replay. *DIES* I guess the right thing to do would have been to call an associate over to clean the mess, but I didn’t. I was mortified. I hope they understand. I just checked out and ran like crazy. I hope they don’t all go look at the video and then forever label me as Cat Litter Girl. Auhhhh!!! Way too embarrassing. #killmenow

So after that, I headed to Walmart. I had to go look at cat beds. I DID NOT know that cat beds were that expensive. I’m thinking like $10-15 and they’re like $25-35! WTF!! So I thought if someone has it cheap its gotta be Walmart. I really didn’t wanna order it online, and have to wait for it although they are cheaper on Amazon. I go to the Walmart in Doraville, cuz I pass by it. I park and go to the door and realize there’s a line formed outside the door. Uh… What’s going on? O_o I got in line too but I didn’t know what was going on. They weren’t letting people into the store. Now mind u we’ve all braved the weather to get there!! I’m sure I was the only person there trying to by “non emergency” things.Then I hear one lady tell the other lady in line that they’re not letting us in cuz they don’t have enough employees. I was like WHAT?? I’m thinking that can’t be it. But then the store manager comes out with a police officer to explain the situation and how about the store manager basically said that it was true, they are not letting people in because they don’t have enough employees!! We are talkin’ about Walmart!!

Manager said most of his employees have gone home, and for loss prevention reasons, they are limiting how many customers can be in the store at one time! They simply don’t have enough employees to keep an eye on customers I guess!! They must thing we’re just gonna loot the place. So the police officer was watching the door and not letting folks in! The manager said that the officer was in charge, she was directing traffic and that its all in her hands!! I was like O_O In my 32 years of life and as many times as I’ve shopped Walmart, this sure was new to me! Manager said that he was trying to stay open although he didn’t have many employees cuz he knew folks had to buy stuff (emergencies) and he would try to stay open as long as he could. I was like dang. So eventually the officer let in all people with kids, cuz they don’t want the kids to be standing in the freezing cold, but all adults had to stand outside. I was like uh… this shit is for the damn birds, I’m gone! So I left. Pretty amazing. Lol. I would have just closed the store down. Its not even worth this hassle.

I ended up going to another Walmart, but unfortunately after all that drama, Walmart didn’t have anything I needed so I left empty handed. Their beds were expensive too!! Ugh! But I did LOVE having the extra time after work to shop. That was awesome. Here goes the litter inventory so far. I think I got enough for two asses for a while. Lol.

cat litter

reason A Has An Epiphany

MOOD: onigiri- staring (Whoa!!)
Quote Of The Day: “It was just hard for me to accept that all that is gone, and now I have nothing.” -reason A

So last night me and reason A didn’t go to bed til 2am. We stayed up late talking which we haven’t done in a really long time. Obviously this cat thing is bringing us together. Lol. So we were talking about all the things we need to clean before we can bring the cat home. I told her I only had two goals. One, to be able to eat on the dining table. As crazy as that sounds, we have a dining table and don’t use it!! We eat on the coffee table, mainly cuz its in front of the TV and we always watch TV as we eat, and two cuz the freakin’ dining table is covered with crap! Like who has a dining table only to put crap on?? I would really like to eat on it like normal people do!!

Second thing is I’d really like for us to consolidate the two bedrooms that we use as storage rooms into one so reason A can have a bedroom!! It is absolutely ridiculous that we’re two people in a 3 bedroom house and she’s sleeping in the living room. Uh…. It just doesn’t make sense. So I told her we need to make everything, that means junk and my worm stock fit into one room. She can’t still be sleeping in the living room when Kenny gets here. That is NOT normal. I wanna try my best to make the house somewhat normal looking for Kenny. I’m using the cats as a good motivation to get it done.

So as we’re talkin’, reason A suddenly had an epiphany. She’s always told me the story of her childhood and how she came from a well off family. My grandpa was a really poor man when he married my Grandma. Grandma came from a good family and they were 100% against her marrying him. Although they were well off, there was a lot of family drama and Grandma wanted an escape from all that. More importantly, Grandpa didn’t have any living parents or siblings or any other family. It was almost like he was an orphan! So Grandma knew that she would be the center of his world and she could finally have a peaceful family like she always wanted.

Grandpa was a born businessman! He was great at it, and with his great eye for business opportunities, he became successful really quick! Grandma was always a housewife, and she ended up having 11 kids! reason A was the youngest. Maybe that explains why she’s not independent and not good at housework, etc.She’d always been babied and taken care of. So anyways, so Grandpa was the first person in the city he lived in to open a jewelry store! Back then they were called “gold stores” cuz that’s basically all they sold. The family was really well off! reason A would often tell me stories of how lavishly they lived, and how they had all these maids help taking care of the kids, etc.

Grandpa died at an early age. I think he was only in his 50s? reason A was 8 yrs old at the time. All the other kids had grown and left the house so it was just reason A, Grandma and my Uncle left. She said even then, they still lived lavishly cuz Grandpa left Grandma with lots of gold. She recalls how the house looked, how Grandma had the place spotless, and all the grand decorations and things, etc. Of course, I’ve never seen any of it, but I knew it was true. Well times change and money runs out so eventually things became more “regular” but they were still living “well”.

I don’t remember too much of what reason A was like before Grandma passed, but as attached as they were as mother and daughter and as much as Grandma babied her, I’m sure her passing had a great effect on reason A. She’s always told me stories of these great things and I just couldn’t understand why someone who grew up in such lavish houses, and impeccably clean homes could be… For lack of a better word… such a “slob”! I just didn’t understand!! I always thought slobs were just always slobs! That’s why u can’t change them! Ever since I could remember, she’s always been like this! I’ve never seen a super clean reason A! (I mean house not her personally).

The epiphany came when reason A realized why she acts the way she does. She said, deep down inside, she’s sad. She’s sad that she use to have all those things and now she has nothing. She feels like a fallen star! All the riches and things she grew up with were taken away from her (government) and it wasn’t because of bad or immoral business practices that caused them to become poor but the government who said, no one is allowed to have money, no one is allowed to be rich!

She looks at the life she use to have and the life she has now, barely making it in a foreign country, living in what she considers subpar conditions, she’s kinda in a “well screw it”, state of mind. She’s like, this is a crappy place, its not worth me putting effort into it or clean it or maintaining it or decorating it! That’s when it occurred to me. Yes, yes that is probably why she acts like this! She’s just unhappy that she’s not living the rich life she thinks she should be living, but guess what?? U’re in your 60s, u just need to accept that fact that this is ur life now! Sure it would have been great if our family was still rich, hell I would have loved to have been born with a rich Grandpa too, but things happen! I’m sorry that u fell from ur riches, but that doesn’t mean u have to pity urself for the rest of ur life!! That’s what she’s doing! Pitying herself!

So suddenly through the adoption of this cat, she has a new zest for life I guess. Not only does she want to clean up the house, she also wants to do some simple decorating!! I was like wow!! Of course I’m all for it! I want a real home!! One I am happy to come home to! As I was talkin’ to her. I said “I don’t even dare hope that we have some gorgeous home, but I just really want a clean and comfortable one! Sometimes I come home from a long and stressful day at work and I see the piles and piles of trash and mess everywhere and its just so disheartening.” Then how about I started to tear up!! OMG. Like just thinking about it was upsetting enough to bring me to tears. I mean think about it. As much shit as I go though at work, is it too much for me to ask to come home to a CLEAN home?? I don’t have to have great furniture or fancy electronics, I just want it clean and clutter free!! A place I feel comfortable and not like I just stepped into a war zone! I sympathize her but I can’t empathize her cuz I’ve never had any of that so I don’t know what it feels like to lose all that. To me, this is the best home I’ve ever had, so I really wanted to do it justice! I thought she would feel the same cuz we’ve come a long way. I had no idea that all this time, she was resentful of what she had lost and not what we currently have!

She said she finally has snapped out of it and realized this is not how she wants to live the rest of her life. She doesn’t wanna die in buried trash! She said we don’t have to spend a lot of money, but we can fix the place up and make it cute and homey! I was like YES!! YES!! AMEN!! I don’t know if she will follow through with it, but it did sound like she realized what her problem was. I’m really hoping she does go through with it and we can finally have a “home”.

One Drama Down, One More To Go! + Curtains Finally Up!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “What are you a vampire?? U can’t go out in public or be looked at??” -Juse

So I thought today was going to be pretty easy. After our outrageous drama episode it seemed like me and reason A made up. Today’s goal was to finally hang up the two sets of curtains that we bought yesterday. Well we got up around 11am, and reason A said she was going to make breakfast. So I’m sitting on the sofa, and she suddenly comes over and sits down. Then just out of nowhere (literally nowhere) she’s like “Is there just no other place u can go to buy ur Sunday paper other than Walmart?” I was like what? She told me to never go to Walmart again! I only go there like once a week to pick up the Sunday paper. There is a RiteAid and CVS close to my house and I have tried multiple times to go pick up the paper there (most drugstores do have the Sunday paper) but these two never seem to have it!! I remember one time, I wasted a ton of gas driving around to different drugstores when I could have just taken my ass into Walmart and be in and out in 5 minutes with my damn paper!!

So apparently yesterday when we stopped by Walmart to pick up the paper some ghetto lady gave her a “look” I don’t even know what she’s talkin’ about! Unlike her paranoid ass, I am too busy looking for what I need to buy and then going to the register to check out to be looking all around and seeing who is staring at me!! I mean I understand that while out in public u need to be vigilant for safety purposes but my ass is not that paranoid!

The thing that pissed me off was, ur in public. And unfortunately, u can’t prevent folks from staring at u. What are you a fugitive?? Why are you so scare of people looking at u? Looking at u doesn’t cost u a damn penny. I don’t understand the problem. When I go get gas in the morning, I even have annoying guys trying to greet me. What the hell do I do, just ignore it and move on, cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!!

She just kept going on and on about this is like the 3rd time she’s notice someone give her the “look” and I’m like how about u just stop going out!! Just stay in the house where no one can give u a damn “look” and be the paranoid hermit that u are! I unfortunately cannot stay home and be a hermit like u cuz I have to work, I have to buy groceries or we’re both gonna starve. Its like WTF!!

She pissed me off SO MUCH that I started to get emotional. Lili always asks me why I don’t just ignore her. Cuz I can’t! So I started yelling at her! Right before this started I got a call from Bossman telling me that our Bank of America Merchant machine has a glitch and all our bank funds have not been deposited into our account, so first thing Monday morning I need to address this issue because he won’t be here. Then we have the whole payroll issue, and I didn’t know if we were gonna get our checks in time. So I have all these REAL things to stress about that actually are DIRECTLY related to me and here she is having this long rant about some stranger that she saw for less than two seconds giving her “the look”? WHAAAT???

I started yelling at her and I was like why the hell are you wasting TODAY‘S time talking about something that happened YESTERDAY with a stranger!! U are probably NEVER gonna see that damn woman again in your life! They’re a stranger!! What don’t understand about that?? So what she gave u a look? U don’t know her, that was yesterday and now look, u’ve wasted 3 hours of today’s time, when we could be eating breakfast, hanging curtains and doing all these productive things but none of this shit is done cuz u wanna sit here wasting ur life and mine talkin’ about some “look” a woman u don’t know gave u! U HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!

I told her, here I am stressed up to my damn neck in work shit, and I don’t even complain about it cuz I ain’t got time to! I just simply take it all in, come up with a game plan and deal with it! Why are you stressing me out for no damn reason?? Literally that stranger has no affect on my life, other than u talkin’ about them and wasting 3 hours of my f@cking life!! She got quiet, and then she said… Well yeah, that makes sense now that u explained it. I’m gonna go make breakfast. I was like WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS ALL THE FUCKING TIME??

I didn’t get to take a nap like I wanted to, we only ended up hanging up one set of curtains instead of both like we had planned, and I was running late going to bed! This is my life!! I mean, its slowly being wasted away by her!! I can’t deal with it!! Auhhhhh!!!