Groceries, Done. Taxes, Done.

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “OMFG. U have got to be kidding me.” -Juse

Today was definitely get shit done day. My ass did not wanna get up all early to head to my accountant’s office, but if there’s two things u can’t avoid it’s paying taxes and death. I honestly didn’t know if my accountant’s office would be open. She’s Viet, and they celebrate our new years so I thought she might closes this weekend? But I decided to go anyways, cuz this is her busy season so she should be open.

I get there and see a line of folks! Dang she’s packed. I should have got there earlier. I ended up waiting an hour. Her clients are a mix of Asians and Americans. There was this one old Chinese woman who was in line before me and how about right in the lobby/waiting room she decided she wanted to listen to some Chinese holiday music so she started blasting it on her cell! I mean like a speaker! Everyone was listening to it. Who the hell does that?? No one wants to hear that shit! That’s your shit! There was a family of ghetto folks there in line and they were just cracking the hell up. They’re probably making fun of her wanting to make those dumb ass “ching chong ching” noises. Ignorant mofos. But she’s bold as shit! She didn’t give a hot damn if it was disruptive or not! I had to listen to that for an hour! FML.

My taxes are usually super easy so I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I did forget to bring my health coverage document with me, but I later scanned it to her.

Afterwards I thought it was pointless to head back home and then come back out so I just went ahead and did all my errands in one trip. Had to go pick up the Sunday paper from Wally World, then off to the grocery stories. I picked up some really fresh snow crab legs, and other random things for tomorrow’s dinner. I also got a bottle of champagne. We were ready to go!


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