Crazy Man + That’s It? You’re Leaving?!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified(Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “What if he bit me?!” -Juse

So had a traumatic situation driving into work today. I was about half way to work when we had a little stall in the road and traffic on both ends were a little backed up due to a red light. It was just 2 lanes. One going and one coming. Suddenly out of nowhere a half naked grandpa walked into the street waving his arms around. At first we didn’t think anything of it. When traffic started moving u could see folks trying to drive around him cuz he obviously was not gonna get out the way.

Scary part came when I just passed him and through my rear view mirror I saw him starting to randomly pull on people’s car doors! I was like WTF!! That’s some scary shit! I immediately locked my car door cuz I have a habit of not doing that, and had my door been one he randomly pulled on then I’d be a dead chicken cuz it would have opened right up! Who knew what he was trying to do! Get in? Pull me out?? Then he started to bang on folks car windows, the whole thing freaked me out. Thank goodness traffic was starting to move so I drove further and further away but kept looking in the mirror until I couldn’t see him anymore. How scary is that?? Oh  man. I sure learned my lesson. >_<

The other big event that happened today was that Phillip left! I thought he was leaving tomorrow, but apparently not! The whole morning he sat around bored as heck. I wondered if I should have made small talk with him but I opted no to cuz I don’t know. I’m not good at starting convos, although I can usually keep one alive. Then around noon time, he started packing up. I thought it was odd he was packing up for “lunch” but then he came around to say his goodbyes and I was like what?? You’re leaving??

I was puzzled cuz uh… Last time we had a meeting, nothing got resolved! I thought we were gonna have another meeting to try and rectify the issue and resolve it. I wonder if that means that Bossman continued “talking” to him after we all left work and they resolved it themselves? Not even sure! But he didn’t see upset or anything and Bossman didn’t speak of it for the rest of the day. Hum, not too sure what that’s all about. >_>


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