Don’t Everybody Panic At Once!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “^%$#@!*&^!!” -Bossman

First let me start off by saying I slept like a baby last night. Yesterday was SOOO exhausting. Without having to write everything that happened, in summary it did get ugly between Bossman and Phillip during our meeting yesterday. I mean it got very ugly to the point where Bossman left the meeting and we had to go grab him, but he refused to come back! It was really awkward relaying that message to Phillip. Regardless of how upset u are about it, we’re all adults here and what’s done is done and u just need to talk it out. Storming off resolves nothing and only leaves awkwardness.

We didn’t wrap up stuff yesterday so today we continued the meeting. They had discrepancies regarding the splitting of payroll costs. One doesn’t wanna pay for employees whom are not working for them full time. The other thinks they should pay because that was what was first agreed upon. I can see the point of both sides I guess.

But Bossman scared the shit balls out of me when he suddenly busted out in a rage on the phone and was yelling and slamming the door at the same time. I got so scared for a second I almost ran into the men’s restroom by accident. *FAILS*

At first I thought he was yelling at Phillip but it ended up being a whole different situation. Regardless it startled me. In the midst of us trying to resolve the expenses for the new entity, they had an issue with funds in the company bank account and some funds that were suppose to come in didn’t and essentially that caused a lot of checks to bounce and Bossman had a cow, and it was SOOO hectic for a few hours.

In the end they did resolve the bank issue, but we didn’t continue the meeting with Phillip so I’m not even sure what they plan to do with that. We’ll probably continue it tomorrow.


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