That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Not Lady Like

MOOD: onigiri- upset (FAIL)
Quote Of The Day: “Well shit. Maybe u need to sit with him and watch too, so ya’ll can both learn. Lol.” -Juse

As I mentioned before ever since June left, I have been enjoying my freedom. I’m the only one in the main lobby now and I can do whatever, eat whatever and no one sees unless they pass by me which is not often. But now that Phillip is here, he’s sitting in June’s spot which is right next to me and its been super inconvenient.

Besides having to eat my damn lunch like a ninja, I also have to be careful about one very bad habit that I have had ever since I was a kid. And that is………………… clearing my throat. Honestly I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve been doing it since I can remember. My biological father had really bad asthma. I’m lucky I didn’t get that from him, but I do have a sensitive throat and everything irritates it. I feel like I constantly have to clear it.

As if that wasn’t “manly” enough, I also do it very loud! And I have to do it before I answer any phone calls. I can’t tell if its a habit now or really like I can’t speak clearly if I don’t. But since the office is so quite, its really obvious when I do it! I don’t care if Bill hears me cuz he farts all the time anyways, but its odd doing it in front of Phillip! I feel SOOO unlady like. Ugh! But my throat is so scratchy if I don’t! I try to let out a small cough to help relieve it a little, but I REALLY needed to clear my throat. So I just did it really loudly once and I think I startled Phillip. He turned to look at me.

facepalm-cat copy


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