The Purge Must Continue!

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Working Hard)
Quote Of The Day: “Well we can’t throw away these videos, they helped us through some really hard times.” -reason A

I told reason A we have to do something today. We can’t let another perfectly good day go by without doing any cleaning. At this rate, we’ll never get everything done! By the time we finished eating, and were ready to work, it was already 3pm. Ugh. We locked the cats in my bedroom and started tossing shit again.

See, this is why we can’t have a washer and dryer. The damn laundry room is FILLED up to the brim with boxes! We went through some of them today. Many of the boxes were filled with old VHS tapes. Yes! The good ol’fashion video tapes! We have a shit ton of them cuz I use to record Korean shows.

Then we had a shit ton of DVDs. I’m the queen of bootleg, so I have a pretty extensive collection. I’m considering getting a media center later on and putting everything in there. But that will be the “organization” part of this cleaning. We’re still very much in the purge phase. I thought we could get a lot accomplished, but it looks like we didn’t even make a dent. But eventually all this will add up. We finally gave up around 7pm cuz it was getting dark so we couldn’t just keep the doors open. I guess we won’t tackle this again for another 2 weeks, cuz next weekend is Chinese New Years so I know we won’t be cleaning then.


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