Can I Make A Business Out Of This?

MOOD: onigiri- in disguise(Trolling)
Quote Of The Day: “You’ll just end up hoarding them.” -Lili

I’ve always wanted to have my own little business, but I’m so chicken about it, that I never did anything about it other than think. When you’re a product of a single parent household, sometimes you mature early and also have a knack for hustling. You can’t help it. Its really hard to support a family on a regular single income, much less in my situation where reason A didn’t work and I was supporting our whole family on a part time OMX income! I honestly have no idea how we made it past that stage in life.

When I was in middle school, I had a good business reselling Sanrio stationary. I’d buy random things like notepads or stationary sets and then split them up and sell them individually. My business was so good I even recruited a sales person! My friend Jenny. Lol. Then in high school I made good money selling laminated Shinhwa pictures and stuff.

Recently I’ve been trolling on Poshmark and I kinda wanna go into reselling name brand handbags. They are making a killing on there! I have two outlets just about an hour away from my house. I could go rack up some stuff at deep discounts and resell it. Problem is Poshmark has a crazy ass 20% fee!! That’s really steep. I’m not sure I’m ready to pay that. I’ll have to think about it some more.




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