Snowed In… Well Kinda…

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Freezing)
Quote Of The Day: “Look at the cats, I guess they don’t plan on moving.” -reason A

So how about a few hours after I got home last night, we checked outside and the snow was sticking!! We woke up to a white lawn! Granted it was only about a quarter inch or so of snow, I still got excited to see a sheet of white.

Although Sat. is always my errand day, I just couldn’t risk it cuz I didn’t know how the roads were lookin’ with the black ice. Ranjiba had to go into work so she texted me and told me that the roads were fine. We didn’t end up doing anything except for eat and watch TV. A perfectly good cleaning opportunity wasted. But reason A didn’t feel like doing anything cuz it was so cold! In order to clean we had to open up the side door, lock the cats in my bedroom and just keep that side door open so we could dump trash easier. But it is just too damn cold to keep the door open. We’ll end up letting all the heat out. So we just opted to bundle up as a family of 5 and be couch potatoes today. Lol!!


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