This Chill Though!

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Awww)
Quote Of The Day: “Its too freakin’ cold for Muffin!” -reason A

Today is like the coldest day of this winter. I got up to go to work and it was 21 degrees! Good Lawd!! Honestly I loved it. I love the cold, the snow the whole 9 yards. But considering I have a long commute, I’d rather not experience these extreme weathers. Little Red is old and I don’t want her dying on me in this cold weather.

Usually Muffin and the babies are up and walkin’ around when I get up for work. All the lights are on, reason A is cooking in the kitchen and I’m making noises in my room so they just get up too. But when I walked out my room today, Muffin was still in bed!! reason A said that at night Muffin usually raises havoc, opens cabinets, steals stuff and then eats a little snack. But reason A said she didn’t even get out of bed last night!! Lol!! It was just way too cold for her to act out! Haha. I thought that was hilarious. The babies were up and walkin’ around. reason A said that even though Muffin is filled with all the energy in the the world, she isn’t sturdy.

How healthy and strong u are physically for a cat depends on their first yr nutrition and development. Considering Muffin was in such a bad hoarding situation where she was malnutritioned for that long of a period of time, she’s pretty much a weakling. We’ve been giving her top notch food since she’s been with us, but she’s already an adult now so what’s done is done. So in situations like this where weather is cold, the babies are fine but Muffin is sneezing and coughing and her body just isn’t holding up well. Poor thing.

When I got home from work she was still in bed, cuz its really warm. For her sake, I hope it warms up a little. I’m considering getting her a sweater, although I know she’ll raise hell. Lol.


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