Kill Bill #4121475847

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Livid)
Quote Of The Day: “Why did you do an upgrade! We didn’t need one!” -Juse

Sometimes Bill can pull out the bitch in me. I rarely actually act on it but boy I tell u he brings out a rage in me like no one can. I think its just his “all knowing” attitude that pisses me off mainly cuz I am the one that has to fix shit when he messes it up!! I’ve always been a firm believer that its ok for u to be stupid as long as ur stupidity doesn’t overflow in to my daily life. But with him, it does! I am constantly wasting time, effort, and energy to fix things he jacks up!

I’ve mentioned before I think that he has a habit of turning off our server computer during work hours. Now why the hell would u do that? That is so damn stupid. I mean u know that’s how we all connect to the network and to the internet, why the hell would u turn that off! He’s always talkin’ about “saving power” and in his mind since no one is actually “sitting” at that desk and computer that means no one is using it. But all of our internet dies when he turns that off and so I have to go turn it back on and we all have to sit and wait for it to start back up cuz he wanted to save a few pennies! Com’on now! This isn’t like the bathroom light where you turn it off when not in use, the server is always in use when we’re at work! *FAILS*

I don’t know what it is with him and that damn server computer. He has an infatuation with it. So today all of a sudden he felt like upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, which currently is a free upgrade but for a limited time. I know its the cheapness in him. He just feels like since its free, he’s gotta download it. Well how about u just do that on your home computer! I told him our computers are old. The software on it is old. If its not broke, don’t fix it. But he thinks he’s all knowing so he decides to do the upgrade anyways, and guess what??

Right after he did it, our computers stopped working!! We type invoices and keep track of inventory with a software called Quickbooks. And we have a very old version that’s like 2010?? Which works just fine the way it is, but once he upgraded the operating system to Windows 10, the old ass Quickbooks software was not compatible so none of us could open it! What if a client walked in at that time?? We’d probably have to hand write that shit! I got so mad! I told him to revert it back to the old Windows 7 and he doesn’t know how to do it! He called me over and said “You do it, you do it”. WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO IT??? I wasn’t the one that did the upgrade against everyone’s suggestion!!

See what I mean? U screw up shit and then I have to wipe your ass!! So here I am all frustrated, hoping a client doesn’t come in, scrambling to Google how to downgrade. I texted Bosslady and complained about it. Cuz u just wasted 2 hours of my time doing the damn downgrade when we shouldn’t have had the upgrade to being with!! If you don’t know anything about computers then stay the fuck away from them! Why are you wasting my time??? Ugh!! I was so damn livid!





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