What Is Up With Opposite Sex Roommates?

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Ya’ll don’t get excited. No one is posting about sex here. Lol. Today’s topic is random but since I’ve been watching a lot of random crime shows, this popped up a few times so I thought I’d talk about it.

So how many of ya’ll have had a roommate of the opposite sex? To me that is just odd. Call me old fashion but I think you should room with the same sex?? Especially if you’re a woman. Unless you are desperate for the money it is just SOOO inconvenient to be rooming with a dude!! You can’t walk around in your undies and bra like u know you want to. Don’t even lie, all women do it. You have that time of the month and other things that are just unavoidable?? If you don’t have to share a bathroom then that’s great but what if you do?? Do you let your panties just hang out in the bathroom??

Some of us girls don’t sleep in much clothing (TMI) so what if you wanted to get up and get a drink of water at night?? Do have to throw on a rob or clothes each time? That’s such a hassle. But the biggest concern has got to be safety. True not everyone who ends up rooming with the opposite sex will end up with a serial killer, but you just never know in this society. In the past couple of days I’ve watched 3 shows where a woman rooms with a dude, and dude ends up killing her. In two cases, the guy falls for her but she’s not interested so he kills her!

I do technically believe in platonic relationships, cuz I have some very close guy friends, but I think its few and far between. I’ve never roomed with anyone before cuz I like my personal space. And ironic I mention that cuz I’ve always lived with reason A and she gives me NO personal space. Lol. But she’s family so it doesn’t count. But if I did, you’d never catch my ass rooming with a dude!!


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