The Undercover MUA Inside?

MOOD: onigiri- googlie eyes (Glossed)
Quote Of The Day: “I was like, we don’t sell Urban Decay” -Sally’s Cashier

I am by no means good at makeup. I mean I’m not hideous, but I’m not good at it. But I’ve always loved makeup as a kid and I’ve always been the first to jump on a new makeup item. 80% of the videos I spend my time watching on YouTube are makeup related. Lots of them are reviews, swatches and tutorials on doing eye shadow looks which cracks me up cuz I don’t even wear eye shadow! Lol. But I still love watching them!

I’ve actually thought about doing more makeup reviews but I feel like I don’t represent the masses very well?? I just can’t dedicate thousands of dollars on buying all that makeup and swatching it all and this and that. I have no idea how they do it. Its pretty crazy. I do have to admit over the yrs I’ve probably spent a few thousand on makeup. Maybe I can just haul what I have. Lol.

Secretly I would love to just swim in a sea of makeup. I often ask myself if I had perfect skin with no dark spots, no blemishes, acne or stuff, would I still be this obsessed over makeup? Probably not right cuz I wouldn’t need to wear any? *FAILS*



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