Major Purge + Bad Memories + Golden Globes

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “You cuss every time you see those! Then why the hell do u keep them around??” -Juse

Today after lunch, I told reason A we really have to get to purging. Time is limited and I have to get all my furniture assembled before the return policy is up. It will probably take me a whole month to assemble everything myself!! If I don’t get everything assembled before the return date then what if I get a damaged product?? I can’t exchange or return it.

reason A said she wants the bedroom right next to mine. Not the one across the hall. Problem is, that room has a lot of crap and I told her I just don’t know if all that crap will fit into the small room. She told me most of it is stuff we can throw away, so today we decided to do that. We dug up some stuff we can put in the shack in the backyard, threw away like 5 bags of trash and went through some other stuff. It seemed like a lot of trash outside, but honestly it looks like we haven’t even put a dent in the room. Ugh!

At one point, she pulled out some old antiques that my step dad had given her a long time ago. He told her they were real antiques but in reality they were fake. She had kept them all this time thinking they were worth something until one time we took them to an appraiser and they laughed in our face basically and told us they were worth nothing cuz they were all fake. We felt so humiliated. Ever since then she stored them away but every time she saw them she’d cuss about it. I told her so many times to throw them away and I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t!

In Marie Kondo’s book about The Magic of Tidying Up, she talked about things bringing you joy. And if it doesn’t bring u joy then u should get rid of it. These things only brought her pain!! That’s why I didn’t understand why she insisted on keeping them when she only got pissed lookin’ at them! I totally flipped out today and busted out crying cuz I was so frustrated! Honestly that is a part of my past that I don’t want to remember ever again either. I don’t want those things in my house. I don’t want to go back to that dark part of my childhood. I just want to forget all about it. I think I caught her off guard. I hadn’t been so emotional in so long, she didn’t know what to say or think. But in the end she FINALLY agreed to get rid of them so I felt relieved. At least she won’t be bitching about them anymore. Out of sight out of mind. Hopefully that subject will never come back up again.

After we did all that purging we were exhausted. That’s when we realized this would take way longer than we anticipated. I sure hope it doesn’t takes us a month to just purge! *GULPS*

We ended the night with watching the Golden Globes. I love Ricky Gervais. Sometimes u just have to laugh at British humor. Its so abrasive, rude and offensive and I find it funny as hell. He’s the best host they’ve ever had if u ask me. I was glad to see him back this yr. And after all these yrs, Leo finally took home some sort of award!! Lol. I was pulling for him cuz he went from cute guy to middle aged chubby man and still hadn’t gotten his Oscar yet with as many roles as he’s played. Poor dude. Since he got best actor at the Globes, I think he might be a good contender at the Oscars and the movie won for best director and best film, so I think it’ll do good at the Oscars. Maybe this yr is finally his year. Lol.


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