Back On Solid Foods! + Cat Food Switch

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Gosh)
Quote Of The Day: “I got to eat rice today!” -Juse

3rd day of powering through this swollen lymph nodes thing and its gotten better! I can eat real food now instead of just congee like a damn baby. It still hurts to swallow but its gotten way better. I went to Great Wall last night after work and got another antibiotic so I’m doubling it up!! I gotta make sure I get better asap.

I also stopped by PetSmart cuz we ran out of dry food for the cats and since they just had their birthday, all 3 are adults now! I can’t believe I have full grown cats and not kittens anymore. Kinda makes me sad. Lol. So since they’re all adults, I have to switch them over to adult food. Its good to eat food that is correct to their stage in life because it proves them with the necessary nutrients.

Muffin and Donut I’m not too much worried about but Bagel is a pain. He LOVES the dry food he’s on now. Like he swears by it. I’ve never met a cat that prefers dry over wet food. I mean this boy doesn’t let his dry food out of sight. He will meow until the cows come home until u give it to him. We try and encourage him to eat some wet cuz its better for their teeth, digestion, helps with water intake and everything but he refuses!! Sometimes he’ll lick it a little but he’s 95% on dry food. Ugh. So we were worried that he’d go on strike from eating if we changed his food up! I ended up sticking to the same brand, just the “adult” version in his current favorite flavor which is turkey and chicken. Hopefully he’ll like it.


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