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The Purge Must Continue!

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Quote Of The Day: “Well we can’t throw away these videos, they helped us through some really hard times.” -reason A

I told reason A we have to do something today. We can’t let another perfectly good day go by without doing any cleaning. At this rate, we’ll never get everything done! By the time we finished eating, and were ready to work, it was already 3pm. Ugh. We locked the cats in my bedroom and started tossing shit again.

See, this is why we can’t have a washer and dryer. The damn laundry room is FILLED up to the brim with boxes! We went through some of them today. Many of the boxes were filled with old VHS tapes. Yes! The good ol’fashion video tapes! We have a shit ton of them cuz I use to record Korean shows.

Then we had a shit ton of DVDs. I’m the queen of bootleg, so I have a pretty extensive collection. I’m considering getting a media center later on and putting everything in there. But that will be the “organization” part of this cleaning. We’re still very much in the purge phase. I thought we could get a lot accomplished, but it looks like we didn’t even make a dent. But eventually all this will add up. We finally gave up around 7pm cuz it was getting dark so we couldn’t just keep the doors open. I guess we won’t tackle this again for another 2 weeks, cuz next weekend is Chinese New Years so I know we won’t be cleaning then.

Out Of Bed, I Do Not Want To Get…

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Quote Of The Day: “Muffin is protesting the fact that you’re napping.” -reason A

I didn’t sleep particularly late last night, why am I so tired today? I have so much shit I needed to get done, I honestly didn’t have time to be struggling in bed. I dragged myself up at noon to have lunch with reason A and then attempted to get my day started. I had to start shopping for Chinese New Yrs stuff. We decided that we’re gonna bust out with hot pot again. I sure hope its not hot that weekend. Ugh.

Then we’re suppose to do fish and some side veggies another night. I have to go searching for a really large fish. Something substantial, because the word “fish” and the word “prosper” share the same sound in Chinese so to have an abundance of fish means to prosper for the new year. Then I need to get some random groceries and then Wally World for my Sunday paper.

But after lunch I was so sleepy that I couldn’t get my ass up! I fell asleep on the sofa with the cats and I napped til almost 4pm! Oh boy. I was behind schedule, so I had to haul ass and get out the door. I didn’t end up getting home til almost 8pm! Super late for running errands but I also left the house late.

I got about half the stuff, so for the next week I need to searching everyday after work for the rest of the stuff. U know we got a lot of Asians in Atlanta so stuff goes quick. Lol.

Warmer Weather + Weekend Plans

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg!)
Quote Of The Day: “What? Has it been 2 months already?” -reason A

What is up with this weather?? Did we not just have snow a few days ago? And now we’re back up into the 60’s and I heard that it was gonna be like 70 one day next week! Noooo!! Don’t do this to me! Ugh.

I don’t have any plans this weekend other than cleaning the house!! Why does the living room look like a hoarding situation again? We’ve been accumulating so much damn stuff and not putting it away and all that damn furniture is just sitting in the living room but we can’t assemble any of it until we get the other 3 bedrooms cleaned out. Its almost like its so overwhelming now that we can’t seem to get a grip on it. Auhhh!! The return policy is about expire on the furniture so I need to make sure I get everything assembled as soon as I can. Please kill me. X_X;;

Update On The Hubs

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Quote Of The Day: “Finally! I don’t have to get up early in the morning!” -Juse

So we finally have an update on Kenny’s paperwork. Ever since his interview and semi-approval he’s been running around trying to gather up his missing paperwork. Essentially he has a “blank” period in his background check that prevented him from being completely approved on the spot. Apparently over there you have to grab a background check for every city you’ve lived in, and during his moving process from leaving one city and registering for residency in the other, he had like a 15 day gap. Its similar to moving over here, and you have 30 days to get ur tag registered in the new county. Well this became an issue during his interview so they asked him to produce the paperwork that states he didn’t commit any crime during those 15 or so days.

Well since he hadn’t registered in the new city yet during that time, it was hard to get a hold of an office that was willing to go out on a limb and provide an official document stating he’s in the clear for those 15 days too. He went to multiple offices, police depts, city hall and no one was willing to do it. He was getting extremely frustrated, but at the same time I think it is totally necessary. Allowing a foreigner to come to your country and live permanently is a big deal so of course you wanna make sure you cross all your T’s and dot your I’s. No one is trying to bring over a serial killer and my ass is definitely not trying to live with one. Lol.

So he finally found a place that was willing to do it and they told him to come pick up his documents this morning. We still didn’t know for sure he would get them until he actually had them in his hands. Good thing is he did end up getting it successfully and he immediately went to the consulate and submitted it. They took his passport and told him to just wait for it to be mailed back to him with his visa. So the paperwork part is finally over! Now we play the waiting game. I think they told him it would take about 20 days, but considering its about to be Chinese New Yrs in a couple of weeks, we think it might get delayed. They’re usually off for 10 days for new years. Lucky bastards. >_>

Can I Make A Business Out Of This?

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Quote Of The Day: “You’ll just end up hoarding them.” -Lili

I’ve always wanted to have my own little business, but I’m so chicken about it, that I never did anything about it other than think. When you’re a product of a single parent household, sometimes you mature early and also have a knack for hustling. You can’t help it. Its really hard to support a family on a regular single income, much less in my situation where reason A didn’t work and I was supporting our whole family on a part time OMX income! I honestly have no idea how we made it past that stage in life.

When I was in middle school, I had a good business reselling Sanrio stationary. I’d buy random things like notepads or stationary sets and then split them up and sell them individually. My business was so good I even recruited a sales person! My friend Jenny. Lol. Then in high school I made good money selling laminated Shinhwa pictures and stuff.

Recently I’ve been trolling on Poshmark and I kinda wanna go into reselling name brand handbags. They are making a killing on there! I have two outlets just about an hour away from my house. I could go rack up some stuff at deep discounts and resell it. Problem is Poshmark has a crazy ass 20% fee!! That’s really steep. I’m not sure I’m ready to pay that. I’ll have to think about it some more.



Random Thought Tuesday…

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Quote Of The Day: “You don’t know nothing.” -Bill

Blogging is starting to get stressful #icantkeepupwithlife

Lack of responsibility at work is making me lazy #slackerproblems

I’m living in thermals all winter #notafashionista

The hoarding situation at home is getting out of hand #gottakeeppurging

I think I’ve gained 10lbs #coldweatherpig


Freebie Monday

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Quote Of The Day: “Guess what?? Bossman wasn’t here today!” -Juse

Bossman came in pretty early today but he didn’t have Phillip with him. At first I thought maybe it was too early for him, but then I found out he actually left Phillip in MS! I guess since all his inventory is there, it would make sense for him to stay there and work on that. So after staying just a few minutes, Bossman left. I thought he went to run an errand or something but then a couple of hrs later, Bosslady came and I was like oh yeah baby~! That means Bossman went to MS!! I felt so happy cuz I figured surely since he stayed so long there last week that he’d stay here this week, but nope. And to think I was dreading Phillip coming cuz I thought that I’d have to deal with him, but he’s been in MS this whole time! Muahahaha.

Its just gonna be me and Netflix today! Woot, woot!

Sundays Must Only Have 14 Hours

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Quote Of The Day: “The cats wondered where you went.” -reason A

The reason I don’t like running errands on Sundays is cuz I feel like the day is shorter. I know its like any other day, but in GA I feel like a lot of places close earlier on Sunday so it gives you less daylight hours to do things. Honestly I’m not an in and out person. So when I go to a store, I tend to spend AT LEAST 30 min. to an hour in there. I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing!! I could be in there just trying to get one thing! And I know some people that can run errands in like 5 places in an hour and I’m lucky if I get out of one store! *FAILS*

I think its because I feel the need to browse the whole store. As if its any different than it was the last time I went in there. I even do that for grocery stores. Its so stupid! The grocery store carries the same thing day in and day out! Lol. But anyways, so yeah. Today  I had to head to Wally World to get my Sunday paper, go to Great Wall to grab some groceries and Chinese shit for reason A, and then hit up a Korean store. By the time I got home it was almost 7pm. Ugh!

It was a real bummer we didn’t get any cleaning up done or assembling any furniture. We really gotta haul ass next weekend. >_<

Snowed In… Well Kinda…

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Freezing)
Quote Of The Day: “Look at the cats, I guess they don’t plan on moving.” -reason A

So how about a few hours after I got home last night, we checked outside and the snow was sticking!! We woke up to a white lawn! Granted it was only about a quarter inch or so of snow, I still got excited to see a sheet of white.

Although Sat. is always my errand day, I just couldn’t risk it cuz I didn’t know how the roads were lookin’ with the black ice. Ranjiba had to go into work so she texted me and told me that the roads were fine. We didn’t end up doing anything except for eat and watch TV. A perfectly good cleaning opportunity wasted. But reason A didn’t feel like doing anything cuz it was so cold! In order to clean we had to open up the side door, lock the cats in my bedroom and just keep that side door open so we could dump trash easier. But it is just too damn cold to keep the door open. We’ll end up letting all the heat out. So we just opted to bundle up as a family of 5 and be couch potatoes today. Lol!!

Brace Yourself For The Weather Atlanta!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Freezing)
Quote Of The Day: “Are we going home early today?? I don’t want to be stuck on the road overnight again!” -Saira

Oh man. Towards afternoon time I got a little scared, cuz¬† I went to my car and it was obvious the temperature had dropped dramatically. It had rained the night before so we were all scared that we’d have crazy black ice. I really can’t be driving this long ass distance in that.

All my co-workers came and asked me if we’re going to get let out early. I didn’t know!! I was waiting on the word from Bossman. He didn’t say anything. Then later on in the afternoon the property manager and his boss came in to “talk” to Bossman about our building situation, so I thought we’d end up leaving at regular time, but then after they left he came and told me that we could leave at 4pm! Hey, I’ll take that!!

There were tiny snow flurries when I was driving home but it wasn’t anything to panic about. I took the “scenic way” home just to be safe. Lol. In weather like this, u need comfort food! So I grabbed a pizza on the way home and that’s what reason A and I had for dinner. I’m SOOO glad that tomorrow is Sat. If shit freezes over tonight, I’m good cuz I don’t have to get up for work tomorrow. Woohoo!!