2015 A Year In Review

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Content)
Quote Of The Day: “Today is big chicken day.” -Kenny

Welp folks, its the last day of 2015. Wow!! I can’t believe how it just flew by! I feel like that’s so cliche to say but its so true!! Like tonight is the countdown! What the heck??

Honestly I have bad memory. I don’t really remember much of what happens earlier on in the year, but what I do remember is that it was a rough beginning, but compared to 2014, it was immensely better!! I do feel blessed for so many reasons this year and I’m very content cuz on this last day, when I look back at everything. Its wrapped up pretty well.

I feel the only new years resolution that I didn’t accomplish is getting a new job. But technically that one is not totally down the tube, cuz I did start looking and applying this year! Hey, that’s better than nothing. Lol.

When I look back at all the stuff that’s happened this year, there were 3 big things that happened. One, I adopted my cats!! This is huge! They are life saving and I’m super blessed to have them! Second is Kenny’s paperwork got approved! I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, but I am glad it went smoothly and didn’t drag on and on. And lastly, is I found peace with reason A. This one is definitely a long time coming. I’m glad the cats helped improve our relationship and since she still hasn’t flipped out since I told her Kenny is coming, maybe that means there is hope we can all live together in peace?? Can it be?? I might be dreaming but she’s given me hope and I do feel like things have improved a ton, so I feel encouraged. Thank you 2015!! You’ve given me lots of heartache and scares, but in the very end, I have to say this was a good year. Thank you. I can’t wait to meet 2016, there will be lots of changes and its both scary and exciting!


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