Bold Face Lying From A Bold Face Bitch

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Livid)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh, well I’m out of town so I can’t get to a bank.” -Bosslady

I don’t even remember if I blogged about this incident back when it happened, but because of this incident, I started hating Bosslady. There are pros and cons to her and Bossman. Pros to her being here instead of Bossman is she doesn’t nag me to do work. Mainly cuz she doesn’t know what work I do. But I can’t stand her cuz she’s rude, selfish and completely clueless. She spends every minute here nagging about how she’s “poor” as if I’m gonna give her money or something if she keeps nagging. You’re the boss!! What does it look like to have a boss nagging to their employee??

Last yr or was it the yr before that, they had some cash on hand. I think it was around $2K I think? It was from a client paying off their invoice. Bossman wasn’t here so I gave the money to her. Since she’s the Bosslady I didn’t make her sign off on it or anything cuz she never had before. Well I gave it to her and then the next day when Bossman came back, he asked me how much I gave her I said $2K. Well he asked her and how about she said it was only $200!! I mean what the fuck?? Then to make a long story short she called, cursed me out and insisted that I stole her money and she wouldn’t lie about it because she’s a Christian. WTF. Just WTF. She said she’s gonna come to work and have a face to face with me. Then how about later I found the money stuck in one of her envelopes that she handed to me with a bunch of bills. Like WHAT??? I was SOOO pissed. For as long as my ass has been working here, how could u accuse me of that!! I was really disappointed and extremely upset, and the bitch didn’t even apologize.

Anyways, ever since then I’ve hated her guts. I wanna stab her in the eyeball with a dirty pen that I dropped in the toilet bowl. So fast forward to this week. Bossman isn’t here so she came. I had a client come in and pay in cash again. I knew this would be drama. She always takes the cash, but this time I needed it for payroll so I asked her “would u like me to keep this and deposit it for payroll or would u like to take this now and bring me back payroll on the day?” OF COURSE she said she’d take it now. She told me she’ll have the payroll money to me on Thursday. So I reminded her today about payroll tomorrow and guess what?? Her ass says she doesn’t have the money! She said she’s out of town and to just tell everyone they’ll get paid on Monday! Uh… Payday is the 1st of the month!! Monday is the 4th!! That’s not like one day late, that’s 4 freakin’ days!! Are u kidding me?? U know folks have bills due like rent and mortgage on the first WTF is wrong with u??

I was not even upset at the fact that she took the money, its her company, she can take it and do whatever she wants with it. I’m upset she lied to me!! Why did u lie to me like to my face? U told me you’ll have payroll taken care of but now u tell me you’re out of town and can’t get to a bank?? Are you for real right now?? U’re trying to tell me when I saw u on Mon. u didn’t know u were gonna be out of town this week?? U basically stole my money!! The company is yours but that also means the responsibility is yours too!! Then she’s gonna have the audacity to tell me to go tell everyone. Why doesn’t ur as do it?? That is not my job! So I told Bill that he can tell them if he wants to. Its just ridiculous. Like she be pulling some shit that I can’t even react to. SMH.


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