Rain. WTF Is Your Problem?!

MOOD: onigiri- in disguise(Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “This rain is depressing.” -reason A

I’m gonna complain about this damn rain. It has been raining for too many damn days! Now when I turn on the news all they talk about is flood and closed roads and accidents. Its crazy! Why did we have a hot and rainy Christmas?? Even if we didn’t have snow, couldn’t we have a nice chilly one with clear skies?? So I’m driving home today and its still raining! Its raining every morning and night! Its driving me crazy. And its depressing.

I talked to Kenny on the phone and the first thing out my mouth is always “its raining”. But its true!! I was going to wash my car, cuz it is SO dirty, but I can’t even cuz it won’t damn stop raining! Arg…


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