Merry Christmas!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “It feels awesome eating on a dining table!” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

Merry Christmas everyone!! I’m so happy this yr Christmas landed on a Friday. I think most people I know get it off so we all get to have a 3.5 or at least 3 day weekend!! Today reason A and I finally got to use our new dining table to eat hot pot on!! Woohoo!! I have to say its awesome. You’re probably thinking where the hell were u eating at before if it wasn’t a dining table? O_o Well since its just reason A and me, we usually eat in the living room on the coffee table cuz we wanna watch TV. But one, hot pot requires a big table cuz there’s so much you have to set up and spread out and two is the hot pot itself is kinda loud so you can’t watch TV anyways.

We didn’t do anything today, but I did get up early and I purged some stuff in my room. A good 2 bags full to be exact. Then we ended the night with legit hot pot. It was a rainy, hot Christmas. Definitely odd weather and way too hot for hot pot! But I had my little fan blowing so I was ok. Unfortunately we had to lock the cats in  my room cuz they like jumping on the dining table and that is just WAY too dangerous to have them jump on the table when we have a boiling pot going on. We might end up with cat stew and that would not be good. @_@ I know they were thinking why the hell are ya’ll locking us in here when you’re home!! Lol.

They were kicking the door and scratching my carpet. OMG. Poor carpet. Its got like 3 bald spots already. *FAILS* Hope everyone had a great Christmas cuz I did! XD


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