Sephora Haul + Trying Out New Foundations

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “I have no idea if we carry that or not, you might try the back of the store.” -Sephora Rep

[Backtrack Post]

So after a lot of research and swatching, I finally settled on a few new foundations I wanted to try. I got the MakeUp Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick. I’ve always wanted another good foundation stick. Ever since they stopped selling the Max Factor Panstick, I haven’t found a good foundation stick. It really comes in handy when u have days that u are in a hurry and don’t have time to deal with liquid foundations. Just use it to draw on ur face, and blend that shit out and you’re good to go!

I also got the Sephora brand airbrush foundation. I heard this was AWESOME. I will report back. This one was $26 vs. the $62 price tag of the Dior one. That’s just too damn expensive for a foundation, I don’t care how great it is. >_>

Then I got the MakeUp Forever HD Concealer which everyone has been raving about, but now that I’ve tried it I think that one is gonna go back. Its really not all that. I like my Tarte one better.


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