Last Ikea Run + Fried Chicken From The Ghetto Part Of Town Taste Better

MOOD: onigiri- beat up(Beat Up)
Quote Of The Day: “This place is way too scary. Thank God we only eat fried chicken twice a yr.” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

So after many trial and errors we finally go it down to a science. Today we got up early to head to Ikea for the last time. We thought we had to make 3 trips to get everything, but after careful  measurements of the car and calculations, we figured we could get everything to fit in the car like a puzzle. This way we would just load up the car, go back in to buy the next transaction so we could use another coupon. So essentially we split everything we needed to buy in to 3 trans so we could use 3 coupons, but only drive home once. Mission accomplished. #smartcookie

reason A didn’t feel like cooking so we decided to get fried chicken for dinner. We only have it once in a blue moon, but sometimes reason A craves it. For those of you who don’t know, fried chicken always tastes best from the ghetto part of town. I knew one that was next to this ghetto Korean market on the other side of Norcross. Let me tell u. They have awesome fried chicken, but the place is kinda scary, and when I get out the car to go in to buy it, there are so many loiters outside eyeing you, I felt like I was gonna pee my pants. Lol.

I grabbed my chicken and made a run for it! reason A was scared. Lol. But the chicken was sooo good. Lol!! So glad we’re finally done! Whew… Now I gotta assemble all this shit. @__@;; FML.


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