Results Of The “Reveal” +5 Year Plan

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Quote Of The Day: “Oh its good to plan but not that far ahead.” -Kenny

[Backtrack Post]

So last night as I was about to walk into the house and tell reason A about Kenny coming I could feel the butterflies doing cartwheels in my stomach. I literally felt like I was going to throw up. My drive home was horrible and I had to keep making sure I was breathing. I was terrified.

When I walked in I casually greeted her and the cats and then we talked about what the cats did all day. Then I decided to just jump on in!! I told her Kenny sent money and just like I had imagined we went through the process of her asking why and I told her then I told her he’s coming soon and then she’s like how soon is soon. The only thing that was outside of my prediction is that after I told her May I thought she’d feel relieved because that’s still some months away but instead she was like “May?? That’s too soon!!” *FAILS* I told her well we’ve been married for 2 yrs already! Its not too soon!! She was like “oh…” *FAILS AGAIN* But she was excited about the money. She told me that I should put money aside for a car cuz my car is about to die any day now which I do know.

I told her that I asked him to bring $10K cash with him and she just laughed!! She was like no way he can come up with that!! I told her but he promised he would. I will use that money for a new car and other expense we accumulate while he’s trying to get on his feet. She said she was proud of me for knowing to ask him for money and that he should contribute to this household. She said I’ve “matured”. I told her its not about me being mature overnight is about responsibilities and I am a responsible person when it comes to taking care of this house and I’m also realistic about expenses. So I told him like it is and I do expect him to pull his weight this time. So far it seems like she’s taking it ok. But like I told Lili, sometimes it takes her a few days to get crazy and flip out so I gotta observe her for a couple of more days.

Today I had an “adult” conversation with Kenny. I hate having these. No, correction; he hates having these!! So it makes me dread it too. Its like when you have to sit ur kid down for “the talk”. Everyone dreads it! He’s always running away from the subject but time is limited and its really time we get down to the nitty gritty! So I discussed with him about our 5 yr plan which of course he has none. But I told him mine. In these 5 yrs, he has to get established in his career, I will definitely need another car in this time and he will need one too. We will need to save up for a house and I’d like to have one by then. Also if he wants a kid he’s gonna have to be able to support our whole family on his income. Cuz u don’t know what kind of pregnancy I’m going to have, and if I end up having a crazy one and have to take time off from work or be on bed rest then he definitely needs to be able to support us plus the baby on the way. So I told him if he can’t do that then we’re not having a baby. And because I ain’t getting any younger, this all needs to happen simultaneously.

His reaction to all of this? “Oh, its good to plan but not that far ahead.” I was like WTF. Just WTF. I mean really?? 5 years will roll by in no time! How is that “too far ahead”? You just can’t win with this man. Oh well. I tried, and I gave great explanations and everything. He did say that everything I said made sense. Well in that case why are we not agreeing?? *EPIC FAILS*


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