Wish Me Luck Folks, I’m Going In!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Panicking)
Quote Of The Day: “So Kenny passed his interview and he’s coming soon.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

I thought about this long and hard, and when I do that I tend to actually come up with some good plans. After analyzing my situation, and running this idea by Lili, I think this is going to be my master plan.

I am going to tell reason A today. I figured its much better to give her as much advance notice as possible so she can have time to let this thought sink in. Kenny is really coming. I told Lili that my crutch in this situation is going to be money. reason A loves money. Not cuz she’s a gold digger or money hungry but because she feels insecure. I mean just imagine. You’re in your old age, you don’t have a retirement plan, you don’t have a spouse to lean on, you don’t own your own house or any assets, you don’t have medical insurance, and you only have one daughter that is your whole well being. So of course she feels threatened by Kenny’s presence. She thinks I’m going to be all about him and kick her to the side. I know she’s terrified of that. I can understand that.

One thing she doesn’t realize however is no matter how much she drives me crazy and how much sometimes I just wanna take my own life so I can relieve myself of her, in reality I love her more than she knows. I will never choose someone else over her, when it comes down to it, that is a fact. Now the cats, that’s another story. Lol.

The plan is I’ll tell reason A that Kenny sent money. I’ve been telling her this for yrs when in reality its always been my own money that I “say” he gave her or me. Its just to make her feel like he cares and that he is contributing to this household like a man should. She’ll ask me why he sent money and I’ll say well he passed his interview yesterday and he’ll be coming soon and so he sent money so we can spruce up the place, and add some household things. Then when she asks me how soon is “soon” I’ll say around May. That way she can be like oh ok, that’s still a while away. I think this is the best plan. The money can be a distraction and I can tell her we can use it to go buy furniture which should make her happy immediately. Hopefully this plan works. And if it doesn’t I just have to brace myself for this uphill battle. I mean I chose him and these are the consequences that come with him, so I have to deal with it.


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