Fireplace Screen + Wall Art Done

MOOD: onigiri- happy(Accomplished)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t tell if its crooked or not cuz I’m too short to see over the picture.” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

So the “decorating” process has been very slow. We are making progress though. So we finally got around to getting a fireplace screen. We’ve always wanted to do something about that because the fireplace was used a lot by the previous tenants apparently so its kinda dark and dingy in there. Its not something you can scrub clean cuz its years of soot basically. So we wanted to kinda cover it up so it didn’t look so ugly?? But we really had to get down and do it now cuz the cats kept on getting in there! And they’d come out dirty as shit cuz they’d get soot all over them!! So we had got one of those 3 panel science project poster boards and we covered up the fireplace with that as our makeshift cover. It was SOOO ghetto looking. I’m so glad we finally got a legit one this time! I looks great! We did try getting one not long after we got the cats, but Lowe’s said it was a seasonal thing and they only carried it in the winter, so we had to wait til now. Glad that’s done!

The two paintings that we almost busted our ass to buy from Ikea during Black Friday week finally got hung up today too. Let me tell u, I hate hanging shit. I’m short. Hanging things is difficult enough for me already cuz I really can’t see what I’m doing or reach high enough but I’m also terrified of heights!! And since I’m short I have to get on the highest step of the mini ladder we have and I’m freakin’ sweating liters of sweat from being scared! Lol. I was trying to hang it as fast as I could cuz reason A was holding up the pics from the bottom and they’re really heavy. Once again, shit u gotta do when there’s no man in the house. Ugh!! But I gotta say me and reason A did great! They look really nice in the dining room. Pics to come later! Lol.



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