Keep Me Out Of Your Family Drama, Please & Thank You!

MOOD: onigiri- all smiles (Derp)
Quote Of The Day: “Well this is awkward.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

So Bosslady has always had a very bad relationship with her in-law’s family. She thinks her sister and brother-in-laws are all moochers. They mooch off of Bossman and then show no appreciation whatsoever. Its like he owes it to them cuz they’re family and they also think that she should butt out of it. But being his wife of course she’s second in command when Bossman isn’t here, and she gets annoyed that they feel entitled.

So Bossman isn’t here and his brother stopped by to grab some free design samples and Bosslady happened to be here. At first she gave him the side eye but something just set her off today and she just lost it. She gave him her two cents, told him to stop mooching off of them and to either pay up or go get his shit elsewhere.

The whole thing was just awkward for me cuz I’m an outsider. First off its unprofessional to be having this conversation at work, then for me to be sitting here listening to it is even more unprofessional. Can u not call him into your office and have this convo in private?? I just smiled awkwardly and when she turned around and he started to whisper to me that he’ll “come back later” to get it, all I could do was just whisper back “ok” and go about my business. *FAILS*


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