Last Of Hub’s Paperwork?! + Busy Bee

MOOD: onigiri- dillusional(Busy)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t believe I gotta spend that much to send 5 sheets of paper.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

The one damn day I need to focus and do some personal stuff it gets busy at work. Go figure. I mean it was really busy! We had client back to back and I had paperwork to process one after the other and I barely got my lunch down. Bossman was running around giving me a shit ton of tasks and I was trying to sneak a little time to organize the stuff I had to mail Kenny.

His interview is about 2 weeks away and this should be the last of any paperwork I have to provide him on my end, which are my 3 yrs worth of tax return info. And they wanna be all official about it and won’t take a copy of my tax return they want the official transcript of my taxes from the IRS. So I had to put in for a request for them, and I’m going to mail Kenny the originals.

I barely got everything together right before 5pm! Talk about cutting it close! I was going to mail it tomorrow morning at the Post Office cuz its a little cheaper to go USPS, but honestly I didn’t wanna risk having reason A drama so I decided, u know what? I’ll just suck it up and mail it at UPS. I pass by a UPS store on my way home when I go through Buckhead and I’ll just mail it tonight. Please tell me why that shit was $86!! OMG. That’s like freakin’ robbery. There were only 5 sheets of paper in there! *DIES* Can Kenny’s ass pay this?? That’s ridiculous. -__-;; Alas I sucked it up and paid it cuz u gotta what u gotta do. Too late to turn back now. @__@;; He should get it by Monday which is pretty damn fast for halfway around the world.


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