Snobby Cashier + Sonicare For My Pearly Not So Whites

MOOD: onigiri- poker face(Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “”Is it like a pair of earrings or something?” -MK Rep

[Backtrack Post]

So I forgot to mention that when I went to Macy’s to pick up my Michael Kors bag at their counter, the cashier was snobby to me. Lol. Granted I walked in lookin’ like a bum, but you should know better than to judge someone by how they look. I said I was there to pick up a order, and she looked me up and down. Then she asked what I was picking up, her words “is it like a pair of earrings or something?” No bitch! Its a bag! No go fetch my shit! If it was some earrings I would have went to the jewelry counter! Duh! >_>

I also forgot to mention that I got 2 Sonicare toothbrushes during Black Friday. It was a pretty good deal. I’ve never used a Sonicare before and when I first used it I thought my teeth were gonna fall off cuz the vibration was so strong! Lol. There’s definitely a technique to it. Poor reason A. I bought her one but she doesn’t wanna use it. She said I should keep it as a back up, cuz her teeth are already bad so why even bother. It makes me feel bad when she says stuff like that, cuz it makes me think I’ve been a horrible daughter not being able to provide for her in her old age, but honestly its difficult running a whole household with all the setbacks accumulated from yrs ago that I’m trying desperately to swim out of. Its coming along slowly but surely.


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