Juse Gets Paid + Muffin’s Anxiety

MOOD: onigiri- all smiles (Derp)
Quote Of The Day: “I know, Mexicans get a discount.” -Jose

[Backtrack Post]

Well lookie lookie. Today is payday and Bossman actually came through for us. Its the little things in life that make us happy u know? Its also pathetic as hell that I have to play the guessing game. Hum, wonder if we’ll get PAID on PAYDAY?!?? *EPIC FAILS*

So we were completely out of rice, since we got paid I had to take my happy ass to the store and pick up some. Too bad the good kind wasn’t on sale this week so I just picked up whatever was on sale. Asian folks go into panic mode when there’s no rice in the house. We store that shit like its grains of gold. U know how milk and bread are the first to go in stores in case of a emergency? Go ahead, see if a Chinese person grabs milk or bread. Lol.

When I got home today, reason A told me Muffin was meowing her head off. She was pacing back and forth in my room and this is the second day she’s done that. But when I get home she doesn’t do it? So today when I walked in, she jumped into my arms and was giving me lots of love!! I was like aww. So when I went into my room reason A was telling me about how she was driving her crazy with all the meowing and I turned around and Muffin was watching me so intently. When I switched rooms she’d be right behind me, like my body guard. Lol! That’s when it occurred to us that Muffin is having separation anxiety! When I was off for 4 days for Thanksgiving it threw her off. She’s been meowing nonstop for 2 days and it stops right when I get home. Poor girl is use to seeing me home these past few days and now that I have to go back to work, she’s confused! Poor thing must think I’m abandoning her. Awwww.

The way she was looking at me honestly brought me to tears. I felt so bad for her. Like I said before its obvious she’s had emotional trauma before we got her because she’s had 3 owners before the age of 1. So for once she actually feels safe and thinks I’m her permanent owner, but then I disappear! No wonder she’s freakin’ out! I made sure I gave her lots of love back and let her know that we’re back to our regularly scheduled program and I’m here for the long haul. I’m sure she’ll be fine by the end of the week when she knows I will definitely come home every night. My poor baby.


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