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2015 A Year In Review

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Quote Of The Day: “Today is big chicken day.” -Kenny

Welp folks, its the last day of 2015. Wow!! I can’t believe how it just flew by! I feel like that’s so cliche to say but its so true!! Like tonight is the countdown! What the heck??

Honestly I have bad memory. I don’t really remember much of what happens earlier on in the year, but what I do remember is that it was a rough beginning, but compared to 2014, it was immensely better!! I do feel blessed for so many reasons this year and I’m very content cuz on this last day, when I look back at everything. Its wrapped up pretty well.

I feel the only new years resolution that I didn’t accomplish is getting a new job. But technically that one is not totally down the tube, cuz I did start looking and applying this year! Hey, that’s better than nothing. Lol.

When I look back at all the stuff that’s happened this year, there were 3 big things that happened. One, I adopted my cats!! This is huge! They are life saving and I’m super blessed to have them! Second is Kenny’s paperwork got approved! I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, but I am glad it went smoothly and didn’t drag on and on. And lastly, is I found peace with reason A. This one is definitely a long time coming. I’m glad the cats helped improve our relationship and since she still hasn’t flipped out since I told her Kenny is coming, maybe that means there is hope we can all live together in peace?? Can it be?? I might be dreaming but she’s given me hope and I do feel like things have improved a ton, so I feel encouraged. Thank you 2015!! You’ve given me lots of heartache and scares, but in the very end, I have to say this was a good year. Thank you. I can’t wait to meet 2016, there will be lots of changes and its both scary and exciting!

Bold Face Lying From A Bold Face Bitch

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Quote Of The Day: “Oh, well I’m out of town so I can’t get to a bank.” -Bosslady

I don’t even remember if I blogged about this incident back when it happened, but because of this incident, I started hating Bosslady. There are pros and cons to her and Bossman. Pros to her being here instead of Bossman is she doesn’t nag me to do work. Mainly cuz she doesn’t know what work I do. But I can’t stand her cuz she’s rude, selfish and completely clueless. She spends every minute here nagging about how she’s “poor” as if I’m gonna give her money or something if she keeps nagging. You’re the boss!! What does it look like to have a boss nagging to their employee??

Last yr or was it the yr before that, they had some cash on hand. I think it was around $2K I think? It was from a client paying off their invoice. Bossman wasn’t here so I gave the money to her. Since she’s the Bosslady I didn’t make her sign off on it or anything cuz she never had before. Well I gave it to her and then the next day when Bossman came back, he asked me how much I gave her I said $2K. Well he asked her and how about she said it was only $200!! I mean what the fuck?? Then to make a long story short she called, cursed me out and insisted that I stole her money and she wouldn’t lie about it because she’s a Christian. WTF. Just WTF. She said she’s gonna come to work and have a face to face with me. Then how about later I found the money stuck in one of her envelopes that she handed to me with a bunch of bills. Like WHAT??? I was SOOO pissed. For as long as my ass has been working here, how could u accuse me of that!! I was really disappointed and extremely upset, and the bitch didn’t even apologize.

Anyways, ever since then I’ve hated her guts. I wanna stab her in the eyeball with a dirty pen that I dropped in the toilet bowl. So fast forward to this week. Bossman isn’t here so she came. I had a client come in and pay in cash again. I knew this would be drama. She always takes the cash, but this time I needed it for payroll so I asked her “would u like me to keep this and deposit it for payroll or would u like to take this now and bring me back payroll on the day?” OF COURSE she said she’d take it now. She told me she’ll have the payroll money to me on Thursday. So I reminded her today about payroll tomorrow and guess what?? Her ass says she doesn’t have the money! She said she’s out of town and to just tell everyone they’ll get paid on Monday! Uh… Payday is the 1st of the month!! Monday is the 4th!! That’s not like one day late, that’s 4 freakin’ days!! Are u kidding me?? U know folks have bills due like rent and mortgage on the first WTF is wrong with u??

I was not even upset at the fact that she took the money, its her company, she can take it and do whatever she wants with it. I’m upset she lied to me!! Why did u lie to me like to my face? U told me you’ll have payroll taken care of but now u tell me you’re out of town and can’t get to a bank?? Are you for real right now?? U’re trying to tell me when I saw u on Mon. u didn’t know u were gonna be out of town this week?? U basically stole my money!! The company is yours but that also means the responsibility is yours too!! Then she’s gonna have the audacity to tell me to go tell everyone. Why doesn’t ur as do it?? That is not my job! So I told Bill that he can tell them if he wants to. Its just ridiculous. Like she be pulling some shit that I can’t even react to. SMH.

Reality Nightmare Last Night

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Quote Of The Day: “WTF is a balala?? U mean banana???” -Juse

So I had a nightmare last night. I call it a reality nightmare, because its not one with ghosts or monsters or serial killers chasing after u, but its one that is very real and can legitimately happen. Basically I think it brings into reality all the worries I have floating around in my head. Namely about my future with Kenny.

So in my dream, Kenny had came to the U.S. I think it started off with us having a dinner party with my friends. For some odd reason he was wearing a suit. I remember the party ending early and he was trying to go hangout with some of them. Was it Mike or some other friend? But they really didn’t wanna hang with him. That is one fear of mine, that my friends all hate him. But honestly how can they love him with all the bad talkin’ I do about him, and the fact that he has made no effort to learn English so he can communicate with my friends. Then I think it jumped to a scene where we had a store. Like I opened a store in the mall or something?? Across the hall from us was a video game store. He saw it and got excited. He told me he was going to spend all his time there. I told him we need to focus on watching over our store. But he wasn’t trying to have it. Then he said something about running, then learning how to crawl and lastly learning how to walk. I was like what?? You’re so backwards! I felt hopeless. I woke up pissed. I felt like I was married to a bum. I honestly didn’t wanna talk to Kenny at all today. I was still pissed about the dream. Mainly cuz I thought it could very well come true!! But isn’t that scary though?? To see ur future flash before your eyes and its a dead end! Auhh!!

Rain. WTF Is Your Problem?!

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Quote Of The Day: “This rain is depressing.” -reason A

I’m gonna complain about this damn rain. It has been raining for too many damn days! Now when I turn on the news all they talk about is flood and closed roads and accidents. Its crazy! Why did we have a hot and rainy Christmas?? Even if we didn’t have snow, couldn’t we have a nice chilly one with clear skies?? So I’m driving home today and its still raining! Its raining every morning and night! Its driving me crazy. And its depressing.

I talked to Kenny on the phone and the first thing out my mouth is always “its raining”. But its true!! I was going to wash my car, cuz it is SO dirty, but I can’t even cuz it won’t damn stop raining! Arg…

The Hot Pot Madness Continues!

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Quote Of The Day: “I like the balls with the stuff inside.” -reason A

I think this is our third time ever having hot pot. The first time we had it, like earlier this yr, we bought a shit ton of stuff. I mean it was just way too much. I bought like 4lbs of fish balls!! We were eating fish balls for days! Lol. I also bought a ton of meat and stuff, and it was overwhelming. Second time around, I did like half of everything and it was ok. This time I bought even less, but it’s still taking us forever to finish it!

I don’t know if its cuz the process is tedious or cuz its so hot u can’t eat that much but it always seems like we’re stuffing our faces for 2 hours but then there’s still a ton of food on the table. Well we can’t waste any of it so we just end up having hot pot for dinner for like 3 days in a row. Lol. Poor cats, that means they’ve been shoved into the bedroom on confinement for 3 nights.

So after trying really hard, we finally finished all the veggies, meat and balls from hot pot. Lol. Guess we won’t be having that for a while. I wonder what we’re gonna have for New Yrs? O_o

La Madeleine W/ Runa & Ranjiba

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Quote Of The Day: “We’re gonna go see Chip N’ Dales for my birthday.” -Ranjiba

At first I was a little scared to tell reason A that we’re planning to go out. She hates it when I go out during holidays. As if we have a strong family bond or something, she thinks those days are reserved for family. But I totally understand so I try not to make plans for those days, but considering I haven’t seen Ranjiba in a hot minute, and she didn’t get to come out last time me and Runa went out I thought I’d have to tough it up so I could see her!

Good thing La Madeleine was very close to me. I meet Runa and Ranjiba there, and its similar to a cafeteria style. U go up and order and depending on the dish u can either take it with u to sit down or they will bring it to your table. I got some side dishes, soup and the Shrimp Crepe Florentine. But of course my luck, they forgot about me! I had already finished all my side dishes, and Runa and Ranjiba had already finished their dessert and my entree hadn’t come yet! I stopped a waiter and asked for him to go check on it for me, but he never got back to me.

Ranjiba said she was in the mood to start some shit so she took my receipt and went up to the register to talk to the manager. How about she got a refund for me and my dish came out in no time! Lol!! Go Ranjiba!! So I got a free entree! I was happy cuz the damn thing was $12. Lol.

shrimp crepe florentine

The infamous free Shrimp Crepe Florentine. Lol.

Merry Christmas!

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Quote Of The Day: “It feels awesome eating on a dining table!” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

Merry Christmas everyone!! I’m so happy this yr Christmas landed on a Friday. I think most people I know get it off so we all get to have a 3.5 or at least 3 day weekend!! Today reason A and I finally got to use our new dining table to eat hot pot on!! Woohoo!! I have to say its awesome. You’re probably thinking where the hell were u eating at before if it wasn’t a dining table? O_o Well since its just reason A and me, we usually eat in the living room on the coffee table cuz we wanna watch TV. But one, hot pot requires a big table cuz there’s so much you have to set up and spread out and two is the hot pot itself is kinda loud so you can’t watch TV anyways.

We didn’t do anything today, but I did get up early and I purged some stuff in my room. A good 2 bags full to be exact. Then we ended the night with legit hot pot. It was a rainy, hot Christmas. Definitely odd weather and way too hot for hot pot! But I had my little fan blowing so I was ok. Unfortunately we had to lock the cats inĀ  my room cuz they like jumping on the dining table and that is just WAY too dangerous to have them jump on the table when we have a boiling pot going on. We might end up with cat stew and that would not be good. @_@ I know they were thinking why the hell are ya’ll locking us in here when you’re home!! Lol.

They were kicking the door and scratching my carpet. OMG. Poor carpet. Its got like 3 bald spots already. *FAILS* Hope everyone had a great Christmas cuz I did! XD

Why Did My Ass Have To Go To Work? + Side Swipe + Wet Duck

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Quote Of The Day: “That is a family sized cookie tin! U cannot give them one tin per kid, that’s not even kid sized, that’s 5lbs of cookies!” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

It was sprinkling outside when I left the house for work this morning. The abandoned streets told me that I’m one of the few lucky ones that got to take my ass to work today. Why!! Halfway driving it started pouring! It was really dark and I couldn’t see shit with the rain. It was good there weren’t many cars on the road so I felt safer but at the same time, I wish there was a car in front of me so I could follow their tail lights.

The worst part wasn’t even the rain, it was the thunder and lightening that scared the shit out of me!! Its really scary to see lightening when you’re driving. When I was close to being at work I came across a street that had a fork in the road. It was kinda in the shape of a Y and you either had to turn slightly left or slightly right. I was going right. There was a car in front of me who had the left blinker on, and then he turned left. So I sped up. But right when I got to the fork part, he suddenly changed his mind and went right! I was like oh shit! I quickly swerved and went up the grass on the right hand side. That was someone’s yard! Such a close call! I was soooo pissed! Who the fuck does that?? Do u not know where the hell you’re going! That is so dangerous! I was even more pissed at this point that my ass had to come to work! All for what?? Driving in this shit for 1.5 hrs only to work a 4 hour shift and then drive another 1.5 hrs home in the rain!! Ugh.

But surprisingly the 4 hours passed really quickly. I was so damn busy and I barely got shit done and payroll processed before it was time to go. When it hit 12, I was out of there!

The rain was driving me crazy. I hated that I had to run errands in it, but what can u do? I went to Walmart to pick up another tin of cookies for the neighbors since reason A said one wasn’t enough, but they ran out so I just grabbed some chocolate. Then I had to go pick up stuff for Christmas dinner. We decided so last minute what we were having that I didn’t really have time to go grab anything. Apparently we are having hot pot. Lol. And my Christmas holiday officially begins!! Woohoo!!

Work Kicked My Arse

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Quote Of The Day: “U need to watch out cuz I won’t be here next week.” -Bossman

[Backtrack Post]

Bossman definitely got his money’s worth out of me today! Work whooped my ass!! So many things to take care of today. Mainly because Bossman said he wasn’t going to be here next week?? Um, hell yeah!! Don’t get me excited now! Lol. I think he’s going on another business trip.

So there are a lot of things he had to tell me about, things to watch out for when he’s gone, and then honestly I have backed up paperwork again. I need to do my monthly balance sheet and calculations for Nov. And Dec. is ending soon. Then I need to get my annuals together for the accountant. Ugh! I’m trying not to think about it too much cuz Christmas is right around the corner and I wanna enjoy it. We’ll see how it goes.

Sephora Haul + Trying Out New Foundations

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Quote Of The Day: “I have no idea if we carry that or not, you might try the back of the store.” -Sephora Rep

[Backtrack Post]

So after a lot of research and swatching, I finally settled on a few new foundations I wanted to try. I got the MakeUp Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick. I’ve always wanted another good foundation stick. Ever since they stopped selling the Max Factor Panstick, I haven’t found a good foundation stick. It really comes in handy when u have days that u are in a hurry and don’t have time to deal with liquid foundations. Just use it to draw on ur face, and blend that shit out and you’re good to go!

I also got the Sephora brand airbrush foundation. I heard this was AWESOME. I will report back. This one was $26 vs. the $62 price tag of the Dior one. That’s just too damn expensive for a foundation, I don’t care how great it is. >_>

Then I got the MakeUp Forever HD Concealer which everyone has been raving about, but now that I’ve tried it I think that one is gonna go back. Its really not all that. I like my Tarte one better.