Cyber Monday Haul + Jose Goes To China!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (ROFLMAO)
Quote Of The Day: “Please start saving up for the other $120 homie.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

Did u guys pick up any good deals for Cyber Monday? I love Black Friday, I love the deals I even love the chaos of it, but honestly as much of an internet nerd as I am, I am not that big of a fan of Cyber Monday. I never see what the fuss is about! However  I did need new foundation so I took advantage of the free shipping that everyone was offering, and placed an order on Sephora.

Ever since I’ve had Amazon Prime, I have been spoiled by this 2 day shipping thing. Now when I order things on other websites and it takes the usual 5-7 days I’m pulling hairs cuz its too long to wait!! #instantgratificationaddict I hope this doesn’t take too long. I ordered the Cover FX Custom Drops and I’m so excited to try them!!

So out of the blue today Jose messaged me on Facebook. I haven’t talked to him in forever although I see his life on Facebook all the time. Last time I saw him in person was at Marshalls. He worked there for a little while but apparently now works for Wells Fargo. Anyways, so he messaged me asking the weirdest thing! He wanted to know the process to get a travel visa to go visit China!! At first I thought he was joking! We use to tease him all the time in high school with a bunch of Mexican jokes and I don’t know why but I just thought he was playing with me when he said he’s going on vacation to China. Lol!!

But apparently he’s serious. He said tickets are cheap in March and so he’s legit looking into it. He said he wants to go see The Great Wall! Lol. Well I’m definitely excited for him. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. He said me and the hubs can go with his family and show him around since he has no clue of the language or anything there. Jose doesn’t know that Kenny is still IN China. *EPIC FAILS* Lol. I just said I probably won’t be able to. I told him we should go catch up sometime. Then it occurred to me that it would be perfect if we went and ate Chinese food. Lol!


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