Ikea 1.0: The Ordeal + reason A In The Trunk

MOOD: onigiri- dillusional (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you still alive back there?” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

So today’s goal was to go to Ikea and get our dining table! Since our current dining table broke, we had to replace it and Ikea is running a crazy good deal now so we thought we’d hop to it! We were also in search of a large painting to go onto the wall in the dining room. reason A has been wanting to find some art for that wall for a while. Our dining room is small, and needs some life to it.

So Ikea had 2 deals going on for the Black Friday weekend. One, there was a $20 off $150 coupon. They rarely offer coupons so we thought that was a good deal. Second, they were running a special where they reimburse ur whole meal ticket from their cafe as long as u make a $100 purchase. When buying furniture $100 is nothing. That’s like barely one piece of furniture. And they didn’t have a limit to how much u could eat! Literally if u ate like $100, then they’d reimburse u for that and u could just get free furniture! It was pretty insane.

We shopped around and found a table we liked. We didn’t get the chairs though, we’ll do that later. We were on a budget. We also ended up picking reason A a bed! Finally the woman has a bed. Lol. We got the frame and mattress there.  (At least that was the plan) and a bookcase for her.

After picking out everything we went to go eat and when I tell u I become a greedy ass Asian when it comes to food, I’m not joking. At times like this where everyone is taking one entree per person, my ass had a push cart with 5 entrees on it. Lol!! They don’t do it buffet style. Its actually served as u order and I just looked like a greedy hog or someone who came in with a family of 5. I was trying to get my money’s worth! So we had 2.5 plates of food each.



We had smoked salmon and then salmon with lemon sauce and we also had an order of their famous Swedish meat balls, plus drinks and dessert. But for the most part we stuck to salmon because its more expensive. Lol. #asianthinking Anyways, so afterwards, our damage was like $56!! Oh man we just ate $56 worth of free food! Score!

So problem came when we had to take the stuff home. After a lot of discussion and measuring we decided that we would take home 2 paintings and the bed frame. Well bed frame was so damn long that we had to let down all the seats but mine. And the two paintings we got (ended up getting two vertical because we couldn’t find one horizontal one we liked) wouldn’t fit either! It was off by like an inch! Noooo!!! So since it wouldn’t fit in the trunk we decided to try fitting it through the back seat. Well the problem was it did go in but you couldn’t close the door on the other side of the car! Ugh! Me and reason A were struggling for half an hour! Finally smart cookie me was like, why don’t we roll down the windows and let it stick out! So we did on both sides diagonally and so the two corners of the painting were sticking out either side. Hell yeah!! We got it in the car! I was so relieved. It was late, and after all that I really didn’t wanna go back and return the painting cuz it wouldn’t fit in the damn car. A gentleman came over and saw us struggling and asked if we needed help which we obviously did. Dude got the second painting in the car in about 5 minutes. We were like WTF. Lol. reason A said sometimes, u just need a man. Lol. XD

So here comes the part where I stick reason A in the trunk. >_> But its not like how you guys are thinking where she’s in the trunk like a kidnapping. We let down the back seats so stuff would fit, but we also let down the front seat cuz the rails were long for the bed. So reason A had nowhere to sit! I asked her if she could lie down on the back seat under the paintings and slide her body into the trunk. Her head would be on the back seat. (Sorry there’s no diagram for this. Lol.) But she’s so tiny, she fit just fine! There was no other way to get her home with all the stuff. And I couldn’t let cops see we had another person in the car, cuz she didn’t have her seat belt on.

So of course I took the local route home and every 15 minutes I’d yell back there to make sure reason A was still alive. Lol!! But in the very end we finally got the stuff home. Now tomorrow we have to make another trip to get the rest of it. I’m wondering if I can use the $20 off $150 coupon again? We’ll have to see.


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