Nobody Is Trying To Freeze To Death Over A TV

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you serious? For a TV?” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

Lawd have mercy. Please tell me why I saw on the news that people are already camping out in front of Best Buy stores! Folks we are like a week away from Black Friday! How does that even work? Its gotta at least be a two person job cuz you can’t possibly not have to leave ur place in line to go pee or eat or other shit. Don’t u have to go home and shower? Feed the pets? Check on your kids? Report to work?? Lol.

Unless they are just straight up giving the stuff away for free, I don’t even understand why its necessary to do that. I mean everyone is going to have computers and TVs on sale. What the hell are you trying to buy that only Best Buy sells and u have to camp out a week for?? They have a 24K TV on clearance I don’t know about?? And you know I’ve worked retail before and honestly we never have enough stock to sell on Black Friday, so if you’re like anywhere pass the 5th person in line, its highly unlikely you’ll get the shit you’re about to get frostbite waiting for. I guess if you bring the kids with u to freeze in the cold, ya’ll can play a board game and make it family time. Lol.


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