This Job Hunting Thing Is Depressing

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Disheartened)
Quote Of The Day: “This job hunting shit is for the birds!” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

So I’ve been job hunting for a few weeks now. I honestly just didn’t know what I had coming at all. I know I’ve been out of the job market for 7+ yrs now and that I’d be rusty but damn! I feel absolutely useless and talentless! I can’t compare to the new graduates who have the freshly minted diplomas and filled with ambition and new ideas, and I can’t compare to the older folks who have the 10+ yrs experience in their fields and have slowly climbed up the corporate ladder! I feel like I’m stuck in the middle where I have too much work and life experience to take on just an “entry level” job with entry level pay yet I don’t have enough experience to get the kinda of “pay” that I think I deserve?? What kind of shit is that? Lol.

I just have always been confident in my work ethics and ability but I do suck in all aspects of socialization and networking which is definitely my handicap when it comes to job hunting. I don’t know someone who knows someone who can hook me up with a good opportunity and I feel like I’m the type of worker who shows value most after you’ve seen me do my thing. That in itself is a fail! That means they have to take a chance on you and hire you and THEN see your skills. Like they don’t speak for themselves on paper. I’ve never had so much doubt and felt so unconfident in general. Ugh. -__-;;


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