Typical Saturday

MOOD: onigiri- staring (Staring)
Quote Of The Day: “I hate Chinese people.” -reason A

[Backtrack Post]

I always feel like there’s not enough time on the weekends. Like maybe I get to hang out with one friend or do one significant thing and time just flies by! Then when I get home I am so damn exhausted as if I’ve done a ton of stuff!! Am I just getting old? I technically always have the same routine on the weekend. Sat is errand day, which I’ve mentioned a billion times before. I head to Wally World and get my Sunday paper. I usually also have to hit up Great Wall to pick up Chinese shit, and then I might go to Costco or whatever and by the time I get home its like 6-7pm ish, its dark outside and I’m pooped. A day in the life of Juse. Lol.


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