D-Day: Le Interview!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “So she LOVED u.” -Katie

Today was the big day! It was drizzling outside. I gave myself 1hr to drive a 35 minute route. I thought I was good to go. But I’ve never left the house around 7-8am so I didn’t know the traffic flow. Apparently there are a shit ton of school buses around this time! Nooo!!! I was pushing for time. It was an easy drive cuz its just a straight shot up Buford Hwy but traffic was really bad. How about I didn’t get there til 5 minutes before interview time! U talk about pushing it! OMG. It made me nervous. I quickly looked over my notes, and jumped out. I rang the door bell and to my relief, Katie answered! Whew!

She showed me to the meeting room while I waited for Jodi. Everyone came over to introduce themselves and offer me water and other things. They were super friendly. It was a very intimate group of people. I had worked with Jodi last yr. I designed some things for her but never met her in person. I was relieved she was the one doing the interview because we had spoke on the phone and via email back and forth last yr. The interview lasted about half and hour which for me was a super long time! Lol. But Lili was like, how did it end so fast? *FAILS* Overall I had a good feeling about it. Other than the fact that my voice was trembling the WHOLE DAMN TIME! Lol. I sounded like I was on the verge of tears. If I were Jodi I would have handed me a tissue. Lol. I was just SOOO nervous. I am confident in my work ability but not in my social ability so anything where I have to interact with strangers, I get super nervous. But I’m glad I had this experience! It was very professional, and I learned a lot. I think I won’t be as nervous for the next one.

Jodi’s concerns for me were basically the compensation and how I would feel about doing something in a totally different field. She knew I did design and loved it and she didn’t know if their industry would bore me to death and cause me to want to leave. I assured her that this job would be fulfilling for me in many ways and I don’t think the adjustment would be a problem.

After the interview, Katie told me that Jodi LOVED me! I was so happy. Now we just play the waiting game. I know I asked for a lot as far as salary and that’s gonna be the only determining factor at this point. I’ll just hope for the best.


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