Small Asian Woman Vs. Big Ghetto Woman

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Skurd)
Quote Of The Day: “I know you’re not complaining!” -Big Ghetto Lady

I went out running errands with reason A today. Mostly to places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s so she could finish getting all her art supplies. Well at the end of the day we were tired and she didn’t feel like cooking. So we stopped by Wally World to pick up the Sunday paper and since Sam’s Club is right across the street we figured we could go pick up a rotisserie chicken and call it a night. I checked the time and it was 7:45pm. Sam’s closes at 8:30. We had a little bit of time, but it was close. Since we only had like 3 items, I got in the line that only had two ladies checking out. They were together. Well cashier was an old grandpa and he was chattin’ it up with these women. I mean they were just taking their sweet time and then lady ended up paying for her stuff with one of those new credit cards with chips on them. Then they were talkin’ about the chip, and why they have the chip and blah blah. I was getting frustrated! U see u have a line forming, WTF. So reason A asks me what’s the hold up and I got kinda loud and said “I don’t know!” Mind u, this was all in Chinese. Well apparently the ghetto lady in front of me heard us, turned around and stared me down. Then she mumbled loudly under her breath, “I know you’re not complaining!” I thought to myself “hell yeah I’m complaining, ya’ll need to hurry the hell up!” but that was just hypothetical me. And hypothetical me is a badass and would have gave it to her straight up. But reality me is a very short 5’2″ Asian woman, half the size of the ghetto lady in front of me, and kept my mouth shut! Lol. I kept looking in reason A’s direction and pretended like I didn’t hear her, although I could see her giving me the stare down from the corner of my eyes. >_> *GULP* Well they ended up taking another 10 minutes or so and then finally left. I was like oh thank you Lawd!! Cashier being the damn racist he was, didn’t greet me. Now how the hell are u gonna chat it up with those ladies for that long and not even greet my ass?? Can I at least get a hello? Well anyways, I was fine with it cuz I was in a hurry and I just wanted to get up and out of there! Ugh.


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