This Rain Though…

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off (Highly Upset)
Quote Of The Day: “I think the mushrooms have mushrooms growing on them.” -reason A

I am a creature who is strongly affected by the weather. It is not the sole determining factor of my mood, but it plays a big part. I tend to be in a more depressed and somber mood when its gloomy, raining and just plain yucky outside. I’m ok with having it every once in a while but I can’t deal with our current situation. Its been raining like 9 days nonstop! Com’on now!! Its super depressing, super annoying and its diving me crazy! I feel like I’m getting cabin fever without actually having cabin fever cuz I get out everyday. I still run my errands after work, I just don’t like having to run errands in the rain and have wet clothing and juggling bags of groceries. Ugh.

I heard the weather man say that we are up by a foot of rain this yr! What?? That’s how u know we’ve been raining way too much. Thank goodness I don’t have any leaks at home, but everything feels damp and I hate that. reason A keeps the windows cracked all the damn time after I told her not to do that on rainy days cuz I have too many electronics in my room and paperwork and documents and they’re all damageable by water or dampness. The woman refuses to listen. SMH.


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