Why U No Use Your Brain!!?

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Fuming)
Quote Of The Day: “Why the hell am I having a problem with u reading a damn date???” -Juse

Over the weekend, Kenny was suppose to get his expenses together along with some other paperwork and we were suppose to go over them today. Did that happen? No. However, I did feel like I wanted to knock his teeth out by the end of our conversation. When I first started dating him, I always boasted about how smart he was. But after we got married, its like he threw his damn brain cells in the trash or something. He is so retarded sometimes I can’t deal with it!! I find myself having to repeat myself over and over and over again. His biggest problem is he only talks but doesn’t listen. Even if he’d really stop and listen to me one good time, I swear it would make both our lives much easier.

But today I felt like I wanted to stab my own eyeballs out because apparently he can’t read either! I told him, read this line, and he just doesn’t. Why are you asking me the same questions over and over again? I told u to read the directions, why are u not listening?? I feel like pulling all my hair out! Ugh!!! I can’t even describe the frustration. -__-;;


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