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Cyber Monday Haul + Jose Goes To China!

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Did u guys pick up any good deals for Cyber Monday? I love Black Friday, I love the deals I even love the chaos of it, but honestly as much of an internet nerd as I am, I am not that big of a fan of Cyber Monday. I never see what the fuss is about! However  I did need new foundation so I took advantage of the free shipping that everyone was offering, and placed an order on Sephora.

Ever since I’ve had Amazon Prime, I have been spoiled by this 2 day shipping thing. Now when I order things on other websites and it takes the usual 5-7 days I’m pulling hairs cuz its too long to wait!! #instantgratificationaddict I hope this doesn’t take too long. I ordered the Cover FX Custom Drops and I’m so excited to try them!!

So out of the blue today Jose messaged me on Facebook. I haven’t talked to him in forever although I see his life on Facebook all the time. Last time I saw him in person was at Marshalls. He worked there for a little while but apparently now works for Wells Fargo. Anyways, so he messaged me asking the weirdest thing! He wanted to know the process to get a travel visa to go visit China!! At first I thought he was joking! We use to tease him all the time in high school with a bunch of Mexican jokes and I don’t know why but I just thought he was playing with me when he said he’s going on vacation to China. Lol!!

But apparently he’s serious. He said tickets are cheap in March and so he’s legit looking into it. He said he wants to go see The Great Wall! Lol. Well I’m definitely excited for him. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. He said me and the hubs can go with his family and show him around since he has no clue of the language or anything there. Jose doesn’t know that Kenny is still IN China. *EPIC FAILS* Lol. I just said I probably won’t be able to. I told him we should go catch up sometime. Then it occurred to me that it would be perfect if we went and ate Chinese food. Lol!

Ikea 2.0: We Got This + Salmon Round 2 & 3

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We got up early today. I usually hate running errands on a Sunday cuz I have work on Monday so I like reserving this day for resting up, but since we couldn’t get everything from Ikea in one trip yesterday we had to go back today and get the rest of the stuff. #smallcarproblems

So we needed to get the bookcase and Mom’s mattress. Pointless to have the bed frame if we don’t have a mattress. This time we were more prepared. After careful measuring we thought we had this. We were also gonna do round two of eating at the cafe so we could get our money’s worth! Asians are so greedy I tell u. Lol. We made sure we went hungry! But I was really disappointed they didn’t have the smoked salmon (raw technically) because I like raw salmon MUCH better than cooked. But alas we just ate up what they did have which was the salmon with lemon sauce again and this time they had a smoked fillet but it was cooked. I grabbed lots of drinks. Why not?? Its like free drinks! We racked up $67 in food this time! OMG. For two small Asian women. That’s ridiculous. Lol. #thegreedylife

So after we got the mattress in, we couldn’t get the bookcase in. We were like arg!! Gotta make another trip. But good news is we did end up using the coupon again! So we didn’t care we were making 3 trips in 2 days cuz I got $20 off each time, so that’s $60 savings right there, and we also save don shipping costs for all this furniture which according to website is $144. That’s a lot!

We didn’t have time to waste, so right after we dropped off mattress we immediately turned around and went back to get the bookcase. It was going on 5pm by this time. Problem was we ate less than 4 hrs ago? And we were stuffed! But we figured why not eat dinner there?? So we walked around to work off some of the food and we went back for round 3!! How greedy is that? Lol. Our gut was busted after that and honestly eating 15 plates of salmon in 2 days has officially made us not wanna see salmon ever again! Lol.

So after 2 days, 3 trips and 15 plates of salmon, we got everything home! Total success and we are EXHAUSTED! Lol. Very eventful Thanksgiving break. XD


Ikea 1.0: The Ordeal + reason A In The Trunk

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So today’s goal was to go to Ikea and get our dining table! Since our current dining table broke, we had to replace it and Ikea is running a crazy good deal now so we thought we’d hop to it! We were also in search of a large painting to go onto the wall in the dining room. reason A has been wanting to find some art for that wall for a while. Our dining room is small, and needs some life to it.

So Ikea had 2 deals going on for the Black Friday weekend. One, there was a $20 off $150 coupon. They rarely offer coupons so we thought that was a good deal. Second, they were running a special where they reimburse ur whole meal ticket from their cafe as long as u make a $100 purchase. When buying furniture $100 is nothing. That’s like barely one piece of furniture. And they didn’t have a limit to how much u could eat! Literally if u ate like $100, then they’d reimburse u for that and u could just get free furniture! It was pretty insane.

We shopped around and found a table we liked. We didn’t get the chairs though, we’ll do that later. We were on a budget. We also ended up picking reason A a bed! Finally the woman has a bed. Lol. We got the frame and mattress there.¬† (At least that was the plan) and a bookcase for her.

After picking out everything we went to go eat and when I tell u I become a greedy ass Asian when it comes to food, I’m not joking. At times like this where everyone is taking one entree per person, my ass had a push cart with 5 entrees on it. Lol!! They don’t do it buffet style. Its actually served as u order and I just looked like a greedy hog or someone who came in with a family of 5. I was trying to get my money’s worth! So we had 2.5 plates of food each.



We had smoked salmon and then salmon with lemon sauce and we also had an order of their famous Swedish meat balls, plus drinks and dessert. But for the most part we stuck to salmon because its more expensive. Lol. #asianthinking Anyways, so afterwards, our damage was like $56!! Oh man we just ate $56 worth of free food! Score!

So problem came when we had to take the stuff home. After a lot of discussion and measuring we decided that we would take home 2 paintings and the bed frame. Well bed frame was so damn long that we had to let down all the seats but mine. And the two paintings we got (ended up getting two vertical because we couldn’t find one horizontal one we liked) wouldn’t fit either! It was off by like an inch! Noooo!!! So since it wouldn’t fit in the trunk we decided to try fitting it through the back seat. Well the problem was it did go in but you couldn’t close the door on the other side of the car! Ugh! Me and reason A were struggling for half an hour! Finally smart cookie me was like, why don’t we roll down the windows and let it stick out! So we did on both sides diagonally and so the two corners of the painting were sticking out either side. Hell yeah!! We got it in the car! I was so relieved. It was late, and after all that I really didn’t wanna go back and return the painting cuz it wouldn’t fit in the damn car. A gentleman came over and saw us struggling and asked if we needed help which we obviously did. Dude got the second painting in the car in about 5 minutes. We were like WTF. Lol. reason A said sometimes, u just need a man. Lol. XD

So here comes the part where I stick reason A in the trunk. >_> But its not like how you guys are thinking where she’s in the trunk like a kidnapping. We let down the back seats so stuff would fit, but we also let down the front seat cuz the rails were long for the bed. So reason A had nowhere to sit! I asked her if she could lie down on the back seat under the paintings and slide her body into the trunk. Her head would be on the back seat. (Sorry there’s no diagram for this. Lol.) But she’s so tiny, she fit just fine! There was no other way to get her home with all the stuff. And I couldn’t let cops see we had another person in the car, cuz she didn’t have her seat belt on.

So of course I took the local route home and every 15 minutes I’d yell back there to make sure reason A was still alive. Lol!! But in the very end we finally got the stuff home. Now tomorrow we have to make another trip to get the rest of it. I’m wondering if I can use the $20 off $150 coupon again? We’ll have to see.

Black Friday Madness Only Amounts To Slippers

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Quote Of The Day: “Why are there so many people?? What are you guys buying?” -reason A

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I know reason A was not thrilled about having to get up early and brave the crowds. At one point she didn’t wanna go to Mall of GA with me and said she was too sleepy and wanted to sleep in. I was ok with that, but then later she was like “Eh, I’ll go with u, cuz shopping alone must be boring”. *FAILS* I was lucky enough to find parking within 15 minutes by following a family who was coming out of the mall. They were nice and signaled to me where they parked so I could get their spot.

The mall was freakin’ packed like sardines! I go to Mall of GA every year for Black Friday and this yr has got to be the most crowded! I’m assuming that means economy is better and folks have more money to spend? Not even sure. reason A was very overwhelmed. U know she doesn’t get out the house much so she goes from just 2 people to a shit load of folks and she starts to get dizzy.

We had saw a few things that were good deals but we weren’t really looking to purchase anything in particular. We did need some new furry slippers for the winter season but the lines were crazy! Every time we got in line to pay, reason A would back out cuz she said it is not worth standing in that long ass line to buy 2 pairs of slippers. Lol. In the very end, we did just stick with it at Forever 21, and finally got our 2 pairs of slippers. That was the only thing we bought! OMG. reason A wasn’t too happy about it. She was complaining on the way back that it was such a waste of a day to be just squeezing among folk and she was so exhausted. Super uneventful Black Friday. Whomp whomp. But tomorrow should be exciting, we’re going to Ikea! Lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Quote Of The Day: “Should the cats get a good dinner for Thanksgiving?” -Juse

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you’re all spending this day with family and friends that you love and stuffing your face with lots of turkey or whatever bird of choice. Lol. reason A and I are actually doing hot pot. Actually its more like Korean stone pot. Hot pot is like shabu shabu and we might end up doing that for Christmas. Not sure yet.

This year has been over all very smooth. And for that I’d like to thank my cats. They came into my life in March and have brought reason A and I so much joy and happiness and love! We can’t even imagine life without them now and they are our babies. The love u can feel for a small animal is just amazing. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, even if they are assholes sometimes. Lol.

Next thing I’m thankful for are my friends. I’ve needed lots of support during my hard times which can seem like all the damn time, but I have great friends and they are always there to listen to me vent, and complain and offer me comfort and advice. I don’t have many if any relatives, but I’ve always had great friends and co-workers. I’m very thankful for that.

Third thing I’m thankful for has got to be some peace and quiet with reason A! Ever since we got the cats, we haven’t had drama. We haven’t even had bickering but maybe once! Its amazing! I kept telling everyone that had I known that the cats would solve all my drama my ass would have gotten cats a long time ago! Its just crazy how much wonders they’ve done! So I’ve actually gone almost 8 months now with no reason A drama. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT??? I am SOOO thankful for that!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks for your blessings!

Hour Freebie, Hell Yeah!

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Quote Of The Day: “Why are you jealous that I get tomorrow off? U get off 10 days for new years!” -Juse

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Best thing about salary is if u get off early or don’t have to come into work, that shit is paid! Woohoo!!! It was so slow that Bossman said we could leave at 4 instead of our usual 5! I think he’s always let us go a little early on Wed. What’s the point? U know there’s not going to be any business, and most people are out of town anyways. Our damn phone wasn’t even ringing!

Traffic unfortunately wasn’t that smooth. U would think I’d have an easy ride cuz of Thanksgiving and me beating rush hour, but no. Booo!! I am excited about Thanksgiving and this long ass weekend though! The schedule for the next 4 days is going to be stuff face, shop, shop some more, and then die in bed on Sun from exhaustion. Lol!

Nobody Is Trying To Freeze To Death Over A TV

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Quote Of The Day: “Are you serious? For a TV?” -reason A

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Lawd have mercy. Please tell me why I saw on the news that people are already camping out in front of Best Buy stores! Folks we are like a week away from Black Friday! How does that even work? Its gotta at least be a two person job cuz you can’t possibly not have to leave ur place in line to go pee or eat or other shit. Don’t u have to go home and shower? Feed the pets? Check on your kids? Report to work?? Lol.

Unless they are just straight up giving the stuff away for free, I don’t even understand why its necessary to do that. I mean everyone is going to have computers and TVs on sale. What the hell are you trying to buy that only Best Buy sells and u have to camp out a week for?? They have a 24K TV on clearance I don’t know about?? And you know I’ve worked retail before and honestly we never have enough stock to sell on Black Friday, so if you’re like anywhere pass the 5th person in line, its highly unlikely you’ll get the shit you’re about to get frostbite waiting for. I guess if you bring the kids with u to freeze in the cold, ya’ll can play a board game and make it family time. Lol.

This Job Hunting Thing Is Depressing

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Quote Of The Day: “This job hunting shit is for the birds!” -Juse

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So I’ve been job hunting for a few weeks now. I honestly just didn’t know what I had coming at all. I know I’ve been out of the job market for 7+ yrs now and that I’d be rusty but damn! I feel absolutely useless and talentless! I can’t compare to the new graduates who have the freshly minted diplomas and filled with ambition and new ideas, and I can’t compare to the older folks who have the 10+ yrs experience in their fields and have slowly climbed up the corporate ladder! I feel like I’m stuck in the middle where I have too much work and life experience to take on just an “entry level” job with entry level pay yet I don’t have enough experience to get the kinda of “pay” that I think I deserve?? What kind of shit is that? Lol.

I just have always been confident in my work ethics and ability but I do suck in all aspects of socialization and networking which is definitely my handicap when it comes to job hunting. I don’t know someone who knows someone who can hook me up with a good opportunity and I feel like I’m the type of worker who shows value most after you’ve seen me do my thing. That in itself is a fail! That means they have to take a chance on you and hire you and THEN see your skills. Like they don’t speak for themselves on paper. I’ve never had so much doubt and felt so unconfident in general. Ugh. -__-;;

Preparing For Black Friday?

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So are any of you going to go brave this coming Black Friday? I’ve been wondering if we’ll get it off. I think we always do, but you just never know with Bossman. Nothing he does is predictable. Including if we’re gonna get paid or not but that’s a story for a different day. >_> Point is, I always try to prepare myself and look at the “sneak peek” ads very early to see if there’s anything I’m willing to risk my life for and there isn’t. Lol. Now’s a great time to buy very large ticket items, like cars, or appliances and I can’t afford any of that at the moment, so I don’t know if we’ll end up getting anything. I’m just excited about the 4 day weekend!! Oh man! I only get one of these a yr and I’m always looking forward to it.

Typical Saturday

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I always feel like there’s not enough time on the weekends. Like maybe I get to hang out with one friend or do one significant thing and time just flies by! Then when I get home I am so damn exhausted as if I’ve done a ton of stuff!! Am I just getting old? I technically always have the same routine on the weekend. Sat is errand day, which I’ve mentioned a billion times before. I head to Wally World and get my Sunday paper. I usually also have to hit up Great Wall to pick up Chinese shit, and then I might go to Costco or whatever and by the time I get home its like 6-7pm ish, its dark outside and I’m pooped. A day in the life of Juse. Lol.