Errands With Reason A + Halloween Pet Peeve

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off (Annoyance)
Quote Of The Day: “Those little brats are annoying.” -reason A

First off, Happy Halloween folks! reason A hasn’t been out running errands with me for a hot minute. The cats have been spoiled by always having company. Today they were not happy campers considering they had to be locked in my bedroom again while we went out. The day is getting dark way too fast, and before we knew it, it was night time. reason A wanted to run errands later in the day so we could escape the trick-o-treaters. It freaks her out when someone knocks on the door and she hates kids so its a double whammy. So every year we usually go somewhere and and avoid all the kids or just stay home with lights out. We usually get a lot of kids, not just the ones from our neighborhood but also from who knows where! Like heaps and heaps of them. Ugh.

Let me talk about a pet peeve of mine when it comes to trick-o-treaters. I CANNOT stand it when kids come to the door asking for candy with no costume on and just a candy bucket. Look here little entitled brat, just cuz you’re a kid and just cuz its Halloween does not mean I am obligated to give u candy. I don’t care what the hell u come dressed up as but I need see u make some kind of damn effort! U cannot come to my door dressed like ur usual self, and stick out your hand like a self-entitled booger face and expect me to give u candy. Oh no you don’t! This is handing candy out to trick-o-treaters, not handing random stuff to hobos! Even if you have to put on your grandma’s old dress, u better put that shit on!! If u don’t have a costume on, I will slam the door in your face. That’s how I roll. Lol.


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