Holy Sh!t!!! We Have A Date!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “Auhhhhhhh!!” -Juse

So today I get another letter from immigration. I’m like damn what is it this time. Then I opened it up and how about Kenny’s been assigned an interview date! Auhhhhhh!!! I was literally about to shit my pants! How the hell do u send me one letter one day telling me that the process is started and to just wait on it then the next day tell me bam, its done; here goes ur interview date!! Welp. Its right around the corner in Dec. It gives me all kinds of anxiety. I’ve already been arguing with Kenny a lot cuz I feel like he’s not taking initiative. And this was before I even knew the interview date would be this close. I felt like he wasn’t studying, wasn’t saving up money, wasn’t motivated. U name it! Now its only 1.5 months away and there are so many things to do. If he wants to pass this interview he has to make sure that he hauls ass and gets this done, cuz they don’t play around. If you go in there unprepared, they kick u out and move on. There are just too many people in line for them to be waiting on you.


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