Hubs Paperwork Update + Job Update

MOOD: onigiri- googlie eyes (Oh Boy)
Quote Of The Day: “I don’t care you better take it!” -Katie

So two major things to report. One, Katie texted me yesterday afternoon and told me she had good news. I was excited. So she told me that her boss is going to be contacting me soon for an interview. I was like woohoo!! She didn’t however discuss the pay with her. She said she’ll leave that up to me which I do agree is more appropriate. So there is that hurdle that we don’t know if they’ll be able to match my pay, but even in the instance that they can’t I can still use this as practice because I am so rusty. Last time I went to a job interview as 7.5 yrs ago!! Oh boy. So I’m nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. Lol. Lili mentioned that she really didn’t want me trading in one lower paying job for another one. But if this job is at all anything I can deal with then I’ll take it cuz I can always take my time and look for yet another job. The point is I have to get out of the hell hole that I am in now because it could go out of business any minute now, and that’s dangerous.

Second thing to report is this morning I got a letter from immigration. I got scared at first. Did hubs get an interview date already? I’m not sure I’m ready for that. O__O;; Are they missing paperwork? I hesitated before I opened up the document. Come to find out it was just a letter saying that they aren’t missing any paperwork, and things are proceeding fine. The letter also warned that hubs can’t travel, change jobs or sell property from now until he gets his visa. Ahaha. I laughed to myself a little because Kenny had just mentioned that he wanted to change jobs. Of course, he doesn’t like this one. He said he likes the job itself, but doesn’t like the people. And all this time I thought I was the anti-social one. But I’ve never let my dislike of a co-worker or boss keep me from going to work. So the wait game continues I guess.


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