Bossman Goes Bye Bye? + Busy Work Day

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Breakin’ A Sweat)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m telling you. Just get a cat Runa, then you won’t need a husband or kids.” -Juse

Its hard having a busy Friday. You’re anxious and want to hurry up and get off work but u have work piled up and you kind of want to get it done so that its not the first thing that greets you Monday morning. My payoff however is that I think Bossman is leaving tomorrow on a business trip. I got a glimpse of what seemed like an itinerary. I didn’t say anything of course but secretly I was jumping up and down in my head. XD That means another 2 weeks of freedom!!!

This weekend will be the first that I don’t have anything planned. I mean I have my usual errands but I’m not hanging out with anyone, I’m not obligated to get up early for anything, its just gonna be me and the bed. I’m gonna get some much needed sleep, hang out with the cats, catch up on some TV and hopefully eat good. Lol.

I tried to get as much work done today as I could. That way I can spend Monday relaxing since that’s my least motivated day anyways. reason A said its suppose to rain all next week? Nooo!! Why!! I do want the weather to get cooler, however the whole week of rain as a trade off is kinda like eh… >_>


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