You’re Really Not Helping + Should Have Brushed Up On The Korean

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, this? Ok… Ok…” -Korean Lady

Ok, here’s a tip about doing something good. Your intentions might be good but u might just be giving the other person more shit than they originally had to do. So since Bossman is in a financial bind right now, this old client of his decides to bring us over a new friend of his who is looking to open up a new business and might need our services. So its this old Korean couple. Boy do I wish I studied harder in Korean class in college. Lol.

So how about the husband doesn’t speak a lick of English, the wife only speaks a couple of words, and here I am trying to explain these very complicated ideas to them and how much they cost. The whole communication part was just a fail. I even used broken English to try and tell her but it only half worked. Lol!! Can you just imagine if they had to work with someone else? Like an American? Nobody has patience for that! What very little English she spoke she had to translate that to her husband. I was like aww. So as if that wasn’t a big enough headache. After all that back and forth, I finally figured out she was telling me that their company isn’t even established yet! Like literally they don’t even have an office building rented out! So honestly we can’t be of any service to her yet! This is what I mean about trying to help but just end up being a fail! Why did u bring this couple here if they’re not even at the stage in their business where we can work together??? That’s like u just giving birth to a baby and I’m coming to show u brochures about college for your kid. You’re not there yet!!

I can’t lie, I was pretty frustrated. Everyone thinks I have patience for old folks but I really don’t. I just mumble under my breath and let it brew. Lol. U can tell I don’t have patience for old folks cuz I can’t deal with Bill. -__-;;


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